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KENRA Hair Products are produced by the KENRA PROFESSIONAL brand.

The main passion of KENRA is providing the best innovations, superior, and reliable results.

The main aim of KENRA is to improve the stylist's crafts and artistry.

KENRA have three main brands ( KENRA, KENRA platinum, and KENRA color ) 

Which cover the daily need of stylists with high performance that satisfy the stylist and the client too.
Now let's see the new KENRA Hair Products that every professional hairstylist should try 


1-Sugar Beach Shampoo:

One of KENRA Hair  Products that has a lightweight formula that is made of highly purified sugar cane gives hair extra volume and touchable texture, it also provides moisture and creates an amazing soft wavy look.



The KENRA sugar beach shampoo is produced with 100% ocean-bound plastic (OBP)  that helps save our oceans from pollution by recycling the plastic and preventing it from entering them.

How To Use Sugar Beach Shampoo?

-Massage the shampoo into wet hair

-To lather add water 

-Rinse well with water

-For best result follow with KENRA Sugar Beach Conditioner


2-Sugar Beach Conditioner:

Like the sugar beach shampoo, the sugar beach conditioner is made from a purified sugar cane with a lightweight formula that gives hair an extra volume and texture. It also gives a  beautiful wavy look while providing moisture.

The sugar beach conditioner as many KENRA hair products is produced with 100% ocean-bound plastic that helps save the oceans and environment from pollution.

How To Use Sugar Beach Conditioner?

-Massage into wet hair after using shampoo 

-To lather add water 

-Then rinse well

-For the best result use after sugar beach shampoo


3-Sugar Beach Sun Cream 12:

One of KENRA hair products is also made of purified sugar cane which gives hair a soft, touchable, and natural texture.

This sun cream protects hair against color fading and prevents hair damage by moisturizing it.

How to use sugar beach sun cream?

 For texture, sugar beach sun cream can be applied on damp hair and air dry.

For sun protection against color, fading apply sugar beach sun cream on dry hair. 


4- Sugar Beach Spray 7:

This is an amazing KENRA hair product. This sugar beach spray is made of purified sugar cane extract that gives hair an Ocean sexy look without stickiness or crunch it also protects against dryness and damage.

How to use sugar beach spray 7? 

-Spray on dry or damp hair

-Scrunch or dry with a diffuser

-Style for texture


5-Pearl Detangler:

One of KENRA hair products is a lightweight milk conditioner that is enriched with luminescent pearls that give hair shine, softness, and add moisture.

This milky conditioner also protects hair against thermal damage.

How to use pearl detangler?

-Apply on towel-dried hair

-Comb hair before styling

It can be used as a style refresher ( apply it as needed for extra shine and moisture )


6- Smoothing Spray:

One of KENRA hair products that can apply on damp hair to give it up to three days of frizz-free look.

It is an ultra-fine blow-out spray that makes it to be applied easily.


How To Use KENRA Smoothing Spray?

Kenra hair products

-Shake the can well

-Hold 8-10 inches

-Apply on damp hair from the middle to end 

-Brush through

-Style with heat if you want 

You can use it as a finisher by spraying from mid-length to end to have a shiny look 

7-Luxe Shine Oil:

One of KENRA hair products that enriched with gold which gives hair shine and nourishment and it also can be used to protect hair against thermal damage.

As it is a viscous oil it helps to seal in moisture to give hair deep nourishment.


How to Use KENRA Luxe Shine Oil?

-After cleaning and conditioning hair with luxe shine shampoo and conditioner dry hair with a towel

- Apply 3-5 pumps of luxe shine oil 

-Blow-dry or let dry naturally

- It can be used as a finisher to give a silky result


8- Volumizing Powder 14:

Do you want to have beautiful hair with volume, texture, and style longevity of up to 72 hours?

So the KENRA  volumizing powder 14 is an ideal styling tool for you.

This product can give you hair with 3x volume with no residue.


How To Use KENRA Volumizing Powder 14?

-Section your hair

- Apply two pumps at the root 

- Massage well until absorbed

-Apply additional pumps to achieve that result you want.


9-Volumizing Spray Clay 15:

This product provides you many benefits at the same time, it gives you a 3x hair volume, medium hold, texture, and long-lasting finish.

It also has an ultra-dry formula which gives a pliable finish.

How To Use KENRA Volumizing Spray Clay 15?

-Shake the bottle well 

-Hold 8-10 inches away

-Spray between layers if you want to build a moldable body

-Spray over mid-length to end if you want a square textured finish


10-Moisturizing Oil:

This oil is one of KENRA hair products that has multi-function for all hair types including 

-Thermal protection up to 450°F

-Absorbs into all hair types that keep moisture inside

-It can treat damaged hair

-It is used for both styling and finishing.

How To Use KENRA Moisturizing Oil?

For Treatment: 

Add few drops to your favorite conditioner and live for 5-20 minutes

For Styling and Thermal Protection

Apply a few drops on towel-dried hair from mid-shaft to end then blow-dry.

For Finishing And Frizz Control 

Apply mid-length to ends of a finished style.


KENRA hair products provide a wide range of products for styling and nourishing all hair types. It makes hair styling easier and gives you the result that you need.

You can find shampoos, conditioners, sprays, lotions, and oils that help you to get beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair KENRA also cares about the environment and oceans as they use ocean-bound plastic that helps to keep oceans clean and prevent it against pollution.

Hair Products  

Hair Products

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Written by Dr. Shimaa Makki

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