Top 9 Easy | Effective Male Yeast Infection Home Remedy

Male yeast infection home remedy is the best method besides the drugs to accelerate the healing process and reduce the irritation of male yeast infection ASAP.

When we talk about yeast infection, you will think that it's related to a vaginal yeast infection of women only, but the right that the yeast infection can affect men too, it is more common in women than men, up to 75% of women have an experience of vaginal yeast infection, also men may have a yeast infection but the percentage of men who have a yeast infection is unclear.

In this article, I will talk about male yeast infection home remedy. First, let's get some information about yeast infection, symptoms and how do you prevent the yeast infection?

What is yeast infection?

Yeast infection is a fungal infection, candida is the most common fungus that causes yeast infection, there are many different species of candida, especially candida Albicans are The most common species which causes yeast infection.

Normally, we have a small amount of Candida Albicans in our bodies as normal flora and our immune system can keep the candida growth rate in balance, if the growth rate increases, in this case, Candida Albicans can cause a yeast infection.

Yeast infection can affect different areas in our bodies like the mouth, skin and genitals.

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What are the symptoms of male yeast infection?

Many men don't have obvious symptoms, but we collected the most common symptoms  include:

1- Itching and inflammation on the head of the penis

2- Burning sensation during urination and sexual intercourse

3- unpleasant odour

4- Irritation and redness on the penis and groin 

Yeast infection without treatment can lead to balanitis, symptoms of balanitis include:

1- Sever irritation and itching in the penis

2- White and shiny patches 

3- Painful penis

4- White discharge look like cottage cheese

5- A white substance with a thick consistency collect in the foreskin

What are the risk factors of yeast infection?

1- Taking antibiotics for a long time may kill the beneficial bacteria and make a chance to fungal infection 

2- Being immunocompromised patient 

3- Obesity

4- Poor hygiene

5- Taking medications that suppress immunity ( chemotherapy)

6- Studies proved that uncircumcised men get yeast infections more than circumcised men

7- When your partner has a vaginal yeast infection 

8- Have HIV


How do you prevent a yeast infection?

1- Loss weight if you are overweight

2- controlling the diabetes 

3- Keep the penis and groin clean and dry

4- Good hygiene prevent recurrence of male yeast infection

5- Using a condom if your partner has a yeast infection


Some notes for good hygiene:

1- Wash the penis gently with water

2- Don't clean the penis with soap or shower gel

3- Keep the penis dry after washing

4- Not use perfumes because they can cause irritation

5- Wear loose cotton underwear 


9 the most effective Male yeast infection home remedy :

The home remedies for male yeast infection are an additional method that helps kill yeast, accelerate the recovery and relieve the irritation, redness and itching, male yeast infection home remedy include:

1- Honey :

That is an amazing liquid, honey has vitamins, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antifungal factors that make it effective against yeast infection, it can decrease the growth of yeast as antifungal and relieve the redness and itching as an anti-inflammatory, some researches indicate that the honey which has the best effects to diminish the yeast infection are agastache, tea tree and manuka honey.

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2- Tea tree oil:

It is an essential oil that is known to have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects, tea tree oil has beneficial effects against male yeast infection, it may make adverse results if it is applied concentrated, so you shall dilute tea tree oil with the carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil, just add 3 to 6 drops of oil to 2 tablespoons of carrier oil, and apply it on your penis.

Research indicates the active constituents of tea tree oil can increase the activity of antifungal drugs for quick healing.

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3- Yogurt:

Yogurt is a natural probiotic because it contains beneficial bacteria that combat yeast to remove the yeast infection, adding the yogurt to your diet is important to resist fungal infections and keep the bacterial balance, but take care, yogurt isn't suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

Some studies advise the patients to apply yogurt on the penis that is effective as a moisturizer and antifungal, but other researches indicate that it doesn't give any benefits, on the contrary, that may cause other infections due to the presence of sugar in yogurt.

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4- Coconut Oil:

This oil is one of the cheap and effective male yeast infection home remedies, coconut oil is used as :

1- Antifungal agent 

2- Soothing agent to reduce the irritation 

3-  Moisturizer to accelerate the healing

4- Carrier for the essential oil to give a double effect as male yeast home remedy.

Just warm the oil and apply a thin layer of oil to the infective area will help destroy yeast.

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5- Garlic:

Garlic acts as an antifungal and antibacterial agent, using a cream that has garlic as the main active ingredient is very effective against yeast infection.

 Add garlic to your diet because it has a lot of benefits, but don't apply the paste of garlic directly to your penis.

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6- Apple cider vinegar:

It has an antifungal effect and can return a natural pH that helps relieve the itching and irritation and kill fungi, the concentrated apple cider vinegar may be harsh, you should dilute it with water before applying it to the skin 


7- Oregano oil :

It is an essential oil like tea tree oil, it has an antifungal effect to decrease the growth of yeast and reduce the itching, redness and information, we talk about an oil that is extracted from wild oregano because it contains an effective antifungal: thymol and carvacrol

you shall dilute it with olive oil or coconut oil before using it.

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8- Aloe vera gel :

Aloe vera gel mainly contains water, vitamins, antifungal and anti-inflammatory agents, the fresh gel has amazing soothing and moisturizing effects, applying the gel to infection areas to reduce the irritation and produce a cooling sensation, this gel is one of the cheapest male yeast infection home remedy.

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9- Olive Oil :

This oil has many benefits as a male yeast infection home remedy because it contains vitamins especially vitamin E that reduces itching and pain, you can use it alone or in a combination of tea tree oil.


Over the counter medications (OTC):

Some topical creams and ointments don't need a prescription, you can get them from the drugstore or pharmacy.

Antifungal creams are recommended to treat yeast infections like:

1- Imidazole

2- Clotrimazole

3- Miconazole

4- Fluconazole 

Antifungal cream is applied up to three times per day.

Hydrocortisone cream is used as an anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and irritation.

Apply the cream directly to the penis and you will start to feel good after 4 to 6 days.

In serious cases, you may need oral antifungal drugs that need a prescription from a doctor for example fluconazole or ketoconazole, they are used for up to 14 days.

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When should you see the doctor?

1- If you take the immunosuppressant drugs

2- Have HIV 

3- In case of recurrent yeast infection 

4- You aren't sure if this is s yeast infection or not 


In this article, we talked about yeast infection, the most effective male yeast infection home remedy, how to prevent the infection and when you should see the doctor?

Yeast infection home remedies are suitable for men and women.


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By: Dr. Aya Osama

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