The Most Effective Home Remedies For Degenerative Disc Disease

Before talking about home remedies for degenerative disc disease, let's take some information about spinal discs and how does degeneration happen?

Home Remedies For Degenerative Disc Disease

What are the spinal discs?

Spinal discs are found between the vertebrae of your spine. They have an elastic and rubbery structure, the discs are like a capsule made from a hard wall and gelatinous inner Core, making your back more flexible enough to bend, twist and absorb aggressive activity or shocks.


How does the degenerative disc occur?

That is an abnormal condition when one or more spinal disc are torn or damaged, It may cause by :

-Loss of softening material in the disc, usually occurs in old people, the discs become thin, so losing flexibility.

-Damage in the outer layer, the soft material leaks out through the tears.


Risk factors:


-Bad habits like smoking, unhealthy lifestyle 

-Continuous stress physical activity 

-An acute injury like an accident 


The degenerative disc causes pain and numbness which occurs according to the injury area. If the injury is in the lower back, the pain will expand to the buttocks and upper thigh. But if the problem is in the neck, the pain may spread to the shoulder, arms, and hands.


Treatment of degenerative disc disease:

There are many methods to relieve the pain and decrease inflammation, for example:




-Using prescription medications 

-Home remedies for degenerative disc disease 

Home Remedies For Degenerative Disc Disease

6 Ways of Home remedies for degenerative disc disease:

Home remedies for degenerative disc disease can help to improve the quality of life of patients. The main target of home remedies is to relieve the pain. 



Physical Activity is an effective way of home remedies for degenerative disc disease to reduce the pain, take care you shouldn't do a hard workout because this will increase the pain. 

Gentle regular activity is perfect like walking, swimming, stretching and yoga classes. That will keep back muscles strong that are effective in the slow progress of the degenerative discs, reduce the pain and support the spine.

It is better to follow up with a coach to don't harm yourself. 



The patient can apply an ice pack on the injured area, it is very effective to relieve The pain, just a few minutes is effective to decrease the pain, it can reduce inflammation of muscles which are around the degenerative disc.


3-Heat towels:

A warm or heating towel can relax the muscles that are located around the injured area, so it decreases the compression on the degenerated disc, which relieves the pain.


4-Weight loss:

If the patient is overweight, he should keep on the diet to decrease this weight gain. It's one of the most effective methods of home remedies for degenerative disc disease.

By doing healthy planned meals that help them to become fit, that decrease the load on their joints and spines. 

Home Remedies For Degenerative Disc Disease

5- Eating healthy food 

Many foods have minerals, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory agents, which are very important as home remedies for degenerative disc disease.


Are good sources of many vitamins and anti-inflammatory agents, especially green and leafy vegetables. 


Are very important, like vegetables, that contain many vitamins and antioxidant agents.


For example, Ginger and capsicum contain a lot of nutrients that act as healing injuries and anti-inflammatory agents.



Is a good source to obtain fatty acids, it is found especially in salmon, mackerel, and tuna. Omega 3 fatty acid maintains your health, improves mental skills, and keeps your bones, joints, and spine healthy, you can take nuts as an additional source of omega3.


-Diary protect

You can find calcium, fatty acids, and probiotics that are good for health, that are found in milk, yogurt, and cheese. Calcium is very important for strong bones.

6- Nonprescription drugs or over the counter medication ( OTC):

-Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( ibuprofen) can reduce the inflammation around the degenerative disc.

-Collagen capsules.

-Fish oil capsules are a good choice for people who don't eat fish.

-Analgesic spray and cream ( lidocaine) 

-Muscle relaxant cream 



After knowing much information about degenerative disc, symptoms, risk factors, and how to decrease the pain by Home remedies for the degenerative disc disease, you can protect yourself from degenerative disc diseases by a healthy lifestyle ex:

-Regular physical activity

-Stop smoking and alcohol 

-Eating healthy


By: Dr. Aya Osama


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