The Best Stomach Pain Treatment Home Used These Days 

Do you suffer from stomach pain? It is really painful so what about stomach pain treatment home?

Stomach pain means that you feel uncomfortable because you have a problem in your belly area.

Reasons Of Stomach Pain:

Stomach pain possess various reasons for example, indigestion, menstrual cramp if a woman has stomach ache, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation stomach virus, food allergy, food poisoning, abdominal muscle, strain, gas, appendicitis, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, diverticulitis, inflammation of pancreas, low blood flow to your intestine, swelling in the belly's major artery as well cancer of stomach or liver and bile duct or immune cell, acid reflux, reasons of heart pain in addition to lower urinary tract problem.

Symptoms Of Stomach Pain:

1-Pain in the center of your stomach burning pain 

2-Sudden onset or slow onset pain

3-Twisting pain


Stomach Pain Treatment Home

Many people who have mild symptoms can recover without seeing a doctor and this is called stomach pain treatment home.

Some examples of things that used in stomach pain treatment home:


Stomach Pain Treatment Home


 1- Drinking Water 

Water is very important in stomach pain home treatment . It eases digestion and absorption of nutrients from food.

Researchers approved that women need to drink 2,7 liters daily and men have to drink 3,7 litres daily.

Source of 20 percent of water is food which man eats and another source is from beverages.

People with vomiting and diarrhoea lose water so they must drink water frequently to replenish the amount of water

2- Avoid Food Which Is Difficult To Be Digested

It is too difficult to be digested and leads to stomach pain as salty, fatty, creamy and food which possesses preserved substances.

3- Don't Lie Down

When man lies and his body in horizontal position this makes gastric acid move upward and that makes man feeling heartburn so avoid lying down. You should sleep with your head, neck and your chest at 30 degree angle.

  4- Avoid Drinking Alcohol And Smoking

They irritate the throat and lead to increasing stomach pain. 
Alcohol acts as a toxic substance which damages the liver and tissues lining the stomach. 

You should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking till you become better.


Stomach Pain Treatment Home
5- Cinnamon 

Antioxidants such as eugenol, linalol, camphor and cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon make digestion more easier and reduce irritation of the digestive system so cinnamon is used in stomach pain treatment home. 

There are other substances in cinnamon that contribute to decreasing belching, cramp, bloating and gas as well they neutralize stomach acidity and limit heartburn in addition to indigestion. 

Stomach Pain Treatment Home

  6- Cumin 

It's active constituents decrease  indigestion and excess acid ,gas as well inflammation.

It's active substances work as antimicrobial. 

For stomach pain treatment home you can add cumin to your meals as it also reduces heartburn. 

It is available online or in supermarkets. 


Stomach Pain Treatment Home

7- Ginger

Example of a natural remedy which is used in stomach pain treatment home is ginger.

It's active constituents are gingerol and shogaols they contribute to relieving stomach upset.

Ginger transfers food which causes indigestion more quickly. 

It's active constituents decrease diarrhoea,nausea and vomiting. 

If you add ginger to your food or drinks it will relieve your stomach upset. 

 There are products which contain ginger such as ginger tea you can buy from supermarkets or online.


Stomach Pain Treatment Home

  8- Cloves

One of the most important methods used in stomach pain treatment home is clove. It contains constituents that improve stomach secretion and decrease gases leading to speeding up digestion and that result in decreasing pressure as well as cramp. 

For this recipe, if you have stomach pain, you should mix cloves with honey before going to your bed.

If you have nausea and heartburn, combine clove with boiling water. This is called clove tea and you should drink it once or twice daily. 


Stomach Pain Treatment Home

   9- Mint

It contains menthol which plays a role in preventing vomiting and diarrhoea, works as muscle relaxant and reduces pain and this is an effective thing in stomach pain treatment home.

Scientists found that menthol is used in treatment of diarrhoea and indigestion so it can be used in stomach pain treatment home. 

You can use mint to make tea. 

It also can be used to reduce heartburn.


10- BRAT Diet

People with diarrhoea can eat a BRAT diet .

Letters of BRAT word refer to types of food for example B refers to bananas, R refers to rice, A refers to applesauce and T refers to toast and these types of food containing starch makes stool of man more firmer and that ease diarrhoea because these foods don't include any subject which cause irritation to stomach or intestine.

BART food involves important elements as potassium and magnesium and this can replenish the amount of elements which are lost during vomiting or diarrhoea. 


 11- Warm Bath 

Heat helps in relaxing tens muscle and making indigestion easier In addition to warm baths reduces stomach pain.

You can apply a heat bag to the region of your stomach which disrupts you until the bag becomes cool.


Stomach Pain Treatment Home


12- Lemon Juice Or Lime And Baking Soda 

Scientists found that if you mix lemon juice with baking soda this will relieve stomach problems as it results in carbonic acid that plays an important role in decreasing gas and indigestion and provides secretion as liver secretion and improves intestinal mobility. 

Acid in lemon or lime improves digestion and absorption of fatty meals in addition to alcohol .

There is recipe advice mixing quantities of lemon juice and baking soda and clean water. This recipe is effective in stomach pain treatment home. 


 13- Aloe Juice 

Mechanism of action of its substances decrease excess acid of  the stomach ,help in protein digestion ,improve balance of bacteria that are found in the digestive tract ,remove toxins and promote bowel movement .

Scientists found that people who drink a large amount of aloe Juice have already felt better from some symptoms such as nausea,vomiting, belching, flatulence, heartburn, food and acid regulation.


Stomach Pain Treatment Home

14- Rice

Rice is useful for  stomach pain home treatment.

It acts as an important remedy for different types of stomach pain .

It removes toxins by absorbing fluid which involves toxins.

It relieves cramp due to magnesium and potassium which rice contains. 

If you are vomiting or have diarrhoea you can eat rice cooked well.


Stomach Pain Treatment Home

15- Bananas 

Bananas used in stomach pain treatment home  as it involves vitamin B6, folate and potassium these substances relieve cramp and work as muscle relaxants.



Finally, you know several examples used in stomach pain treatment home such as water, ginger, cumin,cinnamon, lemon Juice, bananas, rice, aloe Juice, warm bath, BRAT diet, mint, and avoiding drinking alcohol or smoking.

By:Dr. Naira Mousa Moawad 

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