The Easiest And Best 13 Phlegm Natural Remedies | in 2023

Phlegm is that thick, sticky stuff that hangs around in the back of your throat when you’re sick.

If phlegm makes you uncomfortable you can use phlegm natural remedies to reduce and get rid of it.

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Phlegm natural remedies

1-Humidify the air:

Dry air causes nose and throat irritation, causing more mucus to form as a lubricant.

So moisturizing the air could help in thinning phlegm and reduce the congestion.

You can use an air humidifier safely all day long, or use a wet warm water cloth on your face which helps in reducing pain and pressure.

2-Stay hydrated:

Hearing the phrase “drink a lot of water” may make you laugh.

But it is true that drinking water and other liquids, especially warm liquids, help in thinning phlegm and are easy to get rid of.

You can sipp juices, water, broth, soups, warm lemon and decaffeinated teas.

3-Stay warm:

Warming your body is one of the easy phlegm natural remedies.

Because it is easier to fight conditions making your body produce phlegm when your body is warm.

You can take warm showers, wear heavy clothes or thermal clothing and cover with a heavy blanket.

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4-Gargle salt water or use saline:

Research has approved that gargling with salt water for more than a week can thin phlegm and make it easy to get rid of. 

You can mix ½ teaspoonful of salt with a cup of warm water and use it as a gargle while tilting your head back.

If you don’t want to gargle salt water, you can use saline as a nasal spray or in a neti pot which helps in clearing out these sinuses. 

5-Try to improve your immunity:  

By adding some type of food to your daily diet.

Although there is no confirmed scientific evidence of the benefit of these types of foods.

Eating them does not harm them, so trying them is considered safe.

Chicken soup and other broth

One of the popular phlegm home remedies is broth (special mention for chicken soup).

Especially when accompanied with cold or other respiratory symptoms. 

Some beliefs and experiences say it improves the performance of the immune system.

Spicy food, berries, liquorice root, ginseng and pomegranate

Helps in increasing immunity which may prevent concomitant viral infection.


Over the years, honey has been used as an immune enhancer and sore throat reliever. 

So you can take honey as it is or adding it to your hot and cold drinks helps.

6-Use eucalyptus oil:

Eucalyptus oil is one of essential oils.

You can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a diffuser or warm bath.

And inhale the vapor or use a balm that contains this ingredient and you can use it directly to the chest and rub it.

Eucalyptus oil acts by making phlegm loose so you can get rid of it easily. 

7-Do not suppress a cough:

Because it is the body’s way of keeping secretions out of the lungs and throat.

So do not use cough suppressor as much as possible.

And use phlegm home remedies to make getting rid of phlegm easier.

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8-Keep your head elevated:

Especially when sleeping this is one of phlegm home remedies that may help in preventing phlegm from collecting in the back of your throat.   

9-Discreetly get rid of phlegm:

Because spitting it out is healthier than swallowing it.

10-Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke:

Smoke removes water from the body and hinders the process of hydration so your body produces more mucus as a reflex mechanism.

11-Avoid alcohol, caffeine and certain food:

Which may cause allergic reactions.

12-You can make natural hot drinks:

Which contain: expectorants, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and antiseptics.

Which help in reducing and getting rid of phlegm, increasing immunity and reducing coughing, like:    

Ginger syrup with cinnamon 

Shouldn't be used with people with a history of clotting problems, who take anticoagulants or pregnant women.

Peppermint tea

Thyme and honey infusion

Shouldn't be used by people with stomach or liver problems and those who take anticoagulants.       

Licorice tea

Should not be used by pregnant, or breastfeeding women or people with a history of cardiac or renal problems. 

Echinacea tea

13-Also you can make these juices:

Lemon juice and honey 

Honey has a soothing effect on the throat, decreases irritation and contains expectorant so helps in cough relief.

This juice contains expectorant, vitamin c and antioxidants that help in respiratory inflammation.

Orange, pineapple and watercress juice

This juice is full of vitamins, iron, potassium and bromelain.

Which have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and expectorant effect that helps greatly in getting rid of phlegm.

When to see a doctor?

However, mucus is naturally found in your body lining respiratory organs.

To keep these organs from drying and is a protective factor against viruses, bacteria and allergens. 

If you try these home remedies to get rid of phlegm but it still bothers you for a month or longer or you notice other symptoms like:

Coughing up blood.             

Shortness of breath.

Chest pain.                           


Then you must see your doctor, but if you are a patient with one of these diseases and notice the presence of phlegm.

You must book an appointment with the doctor from the beginning of: 

Acid reflux.                            



Cystic fibrosis.

Chronic bronchitis.

Other lung diseases.


Excessive secretion of mucus leads to bothering you.

This may be due to lack of hydration in the body or external influences like smoking.

So you can resort to using phlegm home remedies like staying hydrated and warm, gargling with salt water, using saline nasal spray, modifying your diet to enhance your immunity, drinking some hot drinks and some juices.

If other accompanying symptoms require doctor intervention, phlegm home remedies are helpful agents besides medicine and doctors' instructions.



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