The Trusted 11 Home Remedies To Say Bye-bye For Fishy Odour

Home Remedies for fishy odor are natural elements in your home very safe, less cost, and effective in the treatment of fishy odor. you will choose between multiple remedies.

First, let us learn about Normal mucous secretion of the vagina

Every woman has a normal vaginal discharge that's odorless or faint odor and its characteristics depending on where you are in your menstruation cycle as the color and consistency depend on that.

This normal discharge is important in making a healthy vagina and for lubrication.

Causes of Fishy odor Of vagina

Women shouldn't ignore fishy odor as it's a warning sign referring to bacterial infections or parasites infection. Fishy odor represents an annoying problem for any woman that may make her day and easily treated by home remedies for fishy odor.

1-Bacterial vaginosis

Be aware that bacterial vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection that affects women through reproductive age.

Characterized by thin milky discharge with a fishy odor that may be observed strongly after intercourse.

Itching and redness aren't common symptoms but may develop if vaginosis is accompanied by mixed infection with Candida species. Commonly treated with metronidazole tab or vaginal either cream or suppository. Also may use clindamycin vaginal cream or suppository.also home remedies for fishy odor considered a good choice for treatment.

2-Trichomonas vaginalis

Through a parasite transmitted sexually, you may be infected with trichomonas vaginalis. It produces a fishy odor.


It's one of the sexually transmitted diseases that leads to fishy odor.


-Women with multiple partners are more susceptible to fishy odor.

-Using vaginal douches regularly.

Home Remedies for fishy odor

Home Remedies for fishy odor

From your home, you can get rid of your fishy odor. There are multiple types of homes remedies for fishy odor.

1-Baking Soda

It's a component that you can find in all types of homes whether poor or rich.

Just half of a cup of baking soda is added to your bath and soaks the lower half of your body for 20-30 minutes then you can easily forget the fishy odor.

Home Remedies for fishy odor


Neem leaves help to get rid of the overgrowth of bacteria so it's used as one of the Home remedies for fishy odor.

Boil leaves in water and use it as a vaginal douche.

You may also use neem leaves paste without water and make small parts of this paste then refrigerate it to be taken as a small part in boiling water and drink it in the morning daily.

3-Tea Tree oil

The commercial vaginal douches kill the normal bacteria Of the vagina by changing PH so you should stop it.

Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties besides antifungal properties.

Put 4 drops to drops of water and rinse the vagina.

You may also mix drops of tea oil with olive oil and soaked tampon.


All women know it, garlic is one of the best home remedies for fishy odor.

Trust us, you need only garlic cloves to be peeled fresh and put in a small piece of cheesecloth with string added to it then insert the cheesecloth in the vagina at night to be removed in the morning through the ng.

You can make this again if your vagina needs that.


With the rest of your breakfast Of yogurt, you may get rid of the fishy odor.

Yogurt has a probiotic activity of its lactobacillus bacteria making it one of the trusted home remedies for fishy odor.

Also, the acidity in yogurt helps the vagina to restore its normal PH.

Soak a tampon in non-sweet yogurt and insert it in the vagina for two hours.

Eating 2cup of yogurt is also effective.

If severe infection, use a cotton piece soaked in yogurt and swipe vagina.

Home Remedies for fishy odor

6-Citrus fruit

Vitamin C is very important for immunity and fighting against bacterial and fungal infections. You can find it in citrus fruits such as lemon, grape, grapefruit, and orange so these fruits act as home remedies for fishy odor by increasing immunity.

Drink a cup daily of juice rich in these fruits to support your body with vitamin C that helps to get rid of fishy odor.

You may also soak a slice of these fruits in a liter of water and leave it overnight then sip your body.

7-Apple Cider vinegar

With antibacterial properties, apple cider vinegar is filled so that you can use it safely on your body.

Just put a cup in your bath and soaked the lower half of your body for 30 minutes.

Also, you can add it to water and drink a cup twice per day.

If the fishy odor doesn't disappear for the first bath you can repeat it daily.

8-Guava leaves

Leaves Of guava are rich in antibacterial properties besides their antioxidant properties.

Put leaves in water and boil it then drink it daily before breakfast for two weeks.

9-Lavender oil

The aroma of this oil gives you a sense of refreshment and a good smell so that it's one of the efficient home remedies for fishy odor.

Added drops of it to your bath and soaked your body for 10 minutes Day after day for two weeks.

10-Hydrogen peroxide

The ability of hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria is proved by multiple research, this makes it the best in Home remedies of fishy odor.

The disinfecting properties of hydrogen peroxide are very strong in getting rid of bacterial growth.

Make a mixture of an equal amount Of water and hydrogen peroxide and soaked tampon in it then insert it in the vagina for half an hour not more than that.

If you ask about repeating that, yes you may repeat that every 8hours until you get rid of the fishy odor.


Amla helps you to build your immunity by its vitamin c and fight against bacterial infections by its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Grind the gooseberries and add water, salt, and roasted cumin then strip well and drink that daily for two weeks.

Besides this previous method, you may dry a slice of gooseberries and eat it daily.

Habits help to prevent fishy odor

1-Get rid of your commercial vaginal douches

2-Use cotton piece

3-Good hygiene

4-Do Not use soap in the vaginal area

5- Using a good material tampon with regular change, don't forget it.

6-Avoid dousing with hot water

7-Good health means good food rich in vitamin C and others.

8-Wipe seat Of toilet

9-Drink a lot of water daily

10-Has Safe sex

But don't forget to use home remedies for fishy odor when you change this habits.


Home Remedies for fishy odor are very effective and safe besides it's in your home can be reached anytime time so you should trust them.


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Written By: Dr. Ferial Mo

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