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Women often take care of all their family members, so St Luke's Women's Center has the responsibility of improving women's health and wellness at every stage of their life. 

St Luke's Women's Center is a national organisation for providing health services for women and their families in the United States.


St Luke's Women's Center


1- Breast Health Services & Women's Center: 

St Luke's Women's Center provides the care to help women achieve their breast health and wellness in every life stage.  

A) Mammography: 

The best tool for fighting against breast cancer is early detection.  

Regular Mammograms is the best method that women can do to discover any breast cancer mass early even if it is small or hasn't spread and is easy to treat. 

St Luke's Women's Center has several locations for Mammogram, They use the best breast imaging technique including 3D digital mammography. 

An annual screening Mammogram for Women at 40 is recommended.

For more information, call St. Luke's at 314-205-6267.

B) Screening And Diagnostic Services: 

St Luke's Women's Center offers a wide range of highly specialised screening and diagnostic tool as: 

B.1) Mammography: 

Screening and Diagnostic are only by appointment, using 3D Mammography which is considered an advanced screening and diagnostic tool which discovers breast cancer mass in the early stages.

B.2) Breast Ultrasound:

St Luke's Women's Center uses breast Ultrasound as a supplementary examination to find any small mass that may be missed by mammography alone. 

Breast Ultrasound is very useful especially for women with breast implants or with dense breasts. 

This center is considered the only one offering this technique in the St. Louis area. 

B.3) Breast MRI: 

A breast MRI scan is a highly sensitive technique which can detect any certain change in the breast tissue. 

St Luke's Women's Center uses breast MRI in addition to Mammography to provide more accurate information about breast health.  

B.4) PET Scan: 

Breast Positron Emission Tomography (PET) has a role in identifying any cancerous mass that can be missed by MRI or CT scan. 

B.5) Risk Assessment: 

As St Luke's Women's Center wants to give Women all advantages in their battle against breast cancer, the risk assessment program is an essential part of a woman's annual mammogram appointment. 

Being aware of all risks that may occur will help women to discover cancer in the early stages when it's treatable and reduce the risk of breast cancer development. 

B.6) Bone Mineral Density Testing:  

This test is only required by physician order. 

C) High-Risk Breast Clinic/ Services:  

The main role of St Luke's Women's Center high-risk breast clinic and services is to make all women aware of all risks of breast cancer and how to deal with, manage and reduce them.

For women at 40 years or above, Annual Mammography is the best choice for early detection of any cancerous mass. 

For women with high risk, additional screening techniques may benefit. 

St Luke's Women's Center offers a high-risk program to help women learn their risk factors, then work with specialists to develop a customized plan either in her annual screening or her treatment program.

D) Surgical And Cancer Treatment Services:  

Breast surgery is done with a specialised board-certified surgeon.  

Genetic counselling and testing are available for women in need. 

Surgical And Cancer Treatment Services Offer Additional Services:

1- Medical Oncology.

2- Radiation Oncology.

3- Breast Reconstruction.

4- Cancer Rehabilitation program.


St Luke's Women's Center


2- Maternity & Childbirth Services: 

St Luke's Women's Center is one of  the best top places to have a baby for different reasons:  

1- Private Birth Care Suites allow mam to labour, deliver, recover, spend your postpartum stay and care for newborn all in the comfort room. 

2- St Luke's Maternity and Childbirth care is designed to meet Women's clinical expectations and satisfactory quality. 

3- St Luke's offers a wide range of birth options to match each individual's preferences.

4- Excellent nurse staff.

5- Specialised and Board-certified lactation consultants for breastfeeding moms during being in the hospital for instruction and support. 


St Luke's Women's Center

A) Pregnancy And Preparing For Birth: 

Baby birth is a special life event so Congratulations!

From the first moment a woman knows she will get a baby, St Luke's Women's Center will help her. 

According to each woman and her family's specific needs and wishes for her birth experience, St Luke's supports a wide range of labour and birth options for both normal and high-risk deliveries.

B) Labor & Delivery And Your Hospital Stay: 

For babies who need extra medical attention or arrive early, St Luke's Women's Center can provide advanced care. 

For moms who choose to breastfeed, St. Luke's offers support and resources.

St. Luke's Lactation Center is staffed by specialised and board-certified lactation consultants.

C) New Parent Guide: 

St. Luke's Baby give both parents information for many important issues as: 

C.1) Postpartum Depression: 

Many mothers may suffer from sadness others may cry, be irritable, impatient, lose their self-confidence or even be unable to manage their baby crying.

Emotional changes can participate in postpartum depression.

C.2) Breastfeeding Support.


St Luke's Women's Center


3- Fertility & Reproductive Services: 

St Luke's Women's Center seeks therapy for infertility and reproductive disorders. 

St. Luke's gynaecological care has a variety of reproductive health services including: 

1- Evaluation.

2- Diagnosis and treatment for reproductive disorders.

3- Treatment for pregnancy issues.

A) Female Fertility Services: 

1- Pelvic ultrasound. 

2- Systematic infertility evaluation.

3- Induce ovulation.

4- Prolactin disorder treatment.

5- Endometriosis treatment.

6- Intrauterine insemination.

7- Repair of surgical anomalies of the uterus.

8- Triple flap adenomyomectomy. 

B) Fertility Preservation:

1- Egg freezing.

2- Embryo freezing.

3- Ovarian tissue freezing. 

C) In Vitro Fertilization Services: 

1- Follicular aspiration. 

2- Embryo transfer. 

3- Embryo vitrification.

4- Mini-IVF. 

5- Embryo biopsy for genetic testing. 

D) Male Fertility Services:  

1- Testicular sperm extraction via microsurgical. 

2- Microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration.

3- Microsurgical vasectomy reversal (MVR) surgery.


4- Gynecology & Gynecologic Services: 

St Luke's Women's Center introduces customized care for each woman to diagnose and treat certain gynecologic conditions as: 

1- Heavy bleeding in menstruation. 

2- Premature labour. 

5- St Luke's Women's Center Additional Services: 

1- Pelvic and Bladder Health:

St Luke's introduces a wide range of treatments for certain issues as:  

1- Urinary incontinence.

2- Bladder control issues.

3- Pelvic organ prolapse. 

2- Bone Health ( Osteoporosis Centre): 

St Luke's Women's Center offers:  

1- Bone Mineral Density test.

2- Consult with an osteoporosis specialist. 

3- Spirit Of Women: 

St. Luke's seeks to provide health services and education to help inspire women and their families to maintain their best health and wellness.



St Luke's Women's Center introduces a wide range of clinical services, wellness programs, and educational opportunities for women. 


To maximise the benefits from the visit, you should prepare yourself as well as your inquiries. 


Don't feel shy to ask the health care provider for your condition, diagnosis and treatment strategies. 

Esraa Hassan Khamis

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