St Luke's Women's Clinic | All You Need To Know

Women need to find the best Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
Helps you to get all of your needs during your journey. It is very helpful for women during their healthcare journey. The specialists in it have an important role in supporting and following up during your journey.

Location and Communication 

100 E. Idaho St. Suite 400 Boise

ID 83712 (208) 345-5250

Fax: (208) 345-2364

Clinic Hours

Mon-Fri : 8:30 AM- 5PM

Preparing yourself to visit St luke's women's clinic.

→ Before visit 

1- Preparing for an appointment

• If you get the paperwork to fill out from a provider,  review it and fill out it first before a visit

• If you take any medication write it on paper or bring the drug itself with you.

• Bring your ID and insurance card.

• Write down any disturbing symptoms that you feel to help you to remember them when meeting your provider. 

•Prepare your questions or any information you need to know answers from your provider. 

•Bring what you have written down with you to the provider and make a copy of them to give to him. 

• Tell your provider about your questions and start with the most important one for you. Listen to the provider's answers carefully and note the answer. 

• Take someone else with you and give him or her a copy of your questions to remind you with your questions. Introduce him or her to your provider. 

• Ask for the provider's diagnosis of your condition,  treatment options,  his or her recommendation, and final prognosis.

• Make your decisions for treatment when you are ready. If you are confused with the diagnosis, treatment, or prognosis; then get the second option from your provider or even ask for other specialists.

2- Insurance

St luke's women's clinic accepts insurance plans such as Medicare, in-state Medicaid, Tricare, and others. Insurance plans have many health providers and lots of facilities to help you lower your pocket expenses.

3- Appointment procedures

St luke's women's clinic try to respect the time for your appreciation. Try to arrive early to avoid any delay. In case of emergencies, the delay may occur and they will inform you if it occurs. Please respect the time reserved for you and if you want to cancel or change the appointment, call them before 24 hours of your appointment.

St luk woman health

→Medication refills of current patients

At each visit of your provider, ask him to make sure that your prescriptions are up to date. You can use myChart account if you need to refill your prescription to request your provider directly. 

You can also request to refill your prescriptions by your pharmacy. He will ask your provider for approval. 

In case of narcotics, talk to your provider during office hours before your prescription runs out and allow 48 hours for refills. 

→Holidays, weekends, and evening

In st luke's women's clinic, there is a physician who is present to receive your problems and emergencies to handle and deliver them for the entire clinic so in this case, you should call (208) 345-5250.


Following with your doctor at st luke’s women's clinic is very important for your health. Prepare yourself as we show before and get your services from the best place.

By: Zeinab Abdelkader


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