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Women's Health Connecticut (CT), founded in 1997, has grown to be one of the largest and most successful women's health organizations in the country thanks to their dedication to women and commitment to excellence. 

They provide Connecticut women with access to the most skilled OBGYNs and the best care available by focusing solely on women's health. When you visit any of their clinic sites, you can expect the same high-quality care and customer service.

Over 200 women's health physicians, all board qualified or board eligible, are currently available to Women's Health Connecticut patients.

A total of more than 40 clinicians, including certified nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and advanced practice registered nurses are also available.

For patient convenience, there are over 80 office locations throughout Connecticut. 

At all practices, electronic medical records are used:

-Enhances the accuracy of data.

-Assists doctors in coordinating care.

-Reduces the amount of paperwork.

-Transferring records is made easier.

-Patients' accounts and payment issues will be handled through a centralized phone center.

Women’s Health CT

Women's Health Ct services:

Obstetric services

Women’s health ct provides a full spectrum of obstetrics treatments from puberty and maternity care through elder care. Its entire staff is committed to assisting you in maintaining a good quality of life through the use of best health practices.

All of your health needs are met by its holistic solutions, which include:

Pregnancy with a High Risk

Perinatology is a branch of obstetrics and gynecology that deals with pregnancies that are, or could be, high-risk due to a problem with either the mother or the fetus. Perinatologists are also known as maternal-fetal medicine specialists and have had specific training in addition to their Ob-Gyn training.

Accredited ultrasonographers, nurses, and genetic counselors are usually part of the perinatology team. These specialists are referred to them through their network. They presently have one practice that is a part of this service, and they are expanding it to fulfill the requirements of their patients.

Women’s Health CT

Long-Term Contraception

Their expert physicians and clinicians can help you decide if a long-term birth control technique is right for you if you want to move away from typical daily or monthly birth control. 

Only a few of their practices presently implant the contraceptive rod, even though all of their practices allow IUD insertion.
This single-rod progestin implant is put beneath the skin of the upper arm and provides up to three years of pregnancy prevention. This service is provided by their competent physicians in the office or at an allied out-patient facility. 

Women’s Health CT


Their certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) are registered nurses (RNs) who have finished an accredited graduate school program and passed a national certification exam. They provide all elements of prenatal care as well as routine gynecologic checks for women of all ages. 

Many of their midwives provide comprehensive obstetric care in the hospital setting, including labor, delivery, and postpartum services. They aim to assist ladies in having a natural birthing experience. If you're interested in a midwifery approach to your labor and delivery, Connecticut has eight excellent OB/GYN offices to choose from.

Women’s Health CT

Several Gestation

When two or more fetuses are conceived at the same time in the same woman, this is known as multiple gestation or multiple pregnancies. 


It differs from the word "multiple births" in that it refers to the conception of numerous fetuses, which may or may not result in multiple live births. The woman's body may naturally lower the number of fetuses present in some situations, or a woman may choose to reduce the number due to the health hazards connected with multiple gestations.


The fetuses are either monozygotic or dizygotic in multiple gestations. Monozygotic means that the sperm fertilizes only one egg during conception, which will subsequently split into two or more growing embryos. Siblings of this sort are genetically identical and almost invariably have the same gender.

Women's Routine Care

Certain tests and exams, both expected and unexpected, can help your doctor get the greatest picture of your health at any age. The health assessments based on age are recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. 

Ultrasound during pregnancy

Most pregnant women are provided with an ultrasound (sometimes known as a sonogram) as a prenatal test. It shows a picture of your kid in the uterus using sound waves (womb). Your health care provider can use ultrasound to check on your baby's health and development.

Women’s Health CT


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