6 Methods Of Home Remedy For Cat Vomiting and Diarrhea

Home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea is an important and easy topic, We will show you how to solve this problem in detail in an interesting journey. 

Cats are very nice animals, it adds joy to the home, But it is liable to diarrhea a lot, that is a common problem but also when mild form it is an easy problem.

Diarrhea is passing stool many times & frequently, If it is a mild form, it will take a little time & recover but if it is associated with blood, abdominal pain, or recurrent vomiting, you must consult your Vet immediately. 

Home remedy for cat vomiting  diarrhea

Causes of diarrhea and vomiting in cats:

Before we understand how to deal with diarrhea by using home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea, we should first discuss the causes of diarrhea as diarrhea is a symptom of disease, not a disease.

Sudden change in a cat diet

Cats are like humans who prefer certain food & eat it a lot.

If you change their preferable food suddenly this will lead to diarrhea due to upsetting the gut microbiome.

If you want to add a new food to your kitten, you can add it slowly over 5-7 days & inspect your cat during this period.


Ingestion of hairballs is a common problem in cats, especially long-haired cats.

Commonly it causes constipation but sometimes squeezing a lot for constipation leads to watery diarrhea.


A Lot of cats have an allergy to certain food so if you inspect any changes in your cat's habits after certain foods.  

Now you must discuss that with your Vet and he’ll tell you how to use a home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea. 


Infection may be due to parasites or viral infection.  

Common parasites that can affect cats & cause diarrhea are:

A) Giardia

B) Coccidia

C) Roundworm

It is transmitted from cat to cat or from the environment, mainly it affects unvaccinated cats & Sometimes cats reinfect themselves. 


Cats who take antibiotic or anti-inflammatory drugs for any reason can develop diarrhea.

Miscellaneous causes 

There are a lot of diseases that may cause diarrhea for cats like: 

A) Metabolic disease

B) Liver diseases

C) Inflammatory bowel diseases 

Now take a deep breath as we will discuss the most important part of our article.

What is the home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea?

Bland food

Cats are comfortable with their food, but sometimes it leads to diarrhea.

You can switch up to bland food until your cat's digestive system recovers or even 48 hours after the cat's stool returns to normal form.

What is bland food

It is one of the best methods of home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea, it is boiled white rice mixed with white meat like chicken or fish, White meat is cooked well.

Give your cat a little amount every time, only about 1 tablespoon every 3-4 hours, this gives a chance for the digestive system to have a rest & restore its normal gut flora.

Some studies say having a rest between meals for up to 12 hours gives more chances to restore normal gut flora, but that is not suitable for young kittens.

Be aware to put a lot of water on your cat as it will drink a lot of water.

Take care not to withhold food, just take a rest between meals, As preventing food completely will lead to serious liver problems like hepatic lipidosis.

Home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea

Check fiber intake

Cats are different in their fiber needs, some cats take a lot of fiber in their diet & other cats take little fiber.

Fiber is one of the most important items in home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea.

What is the role of fiber in the digestive system?

A) Regulate bowel movement 

B) Control water content

You can increase or decrease fiber content in your cat diet.

Use cat food with a crude fiber level of approximately 3% if you want to increase it or lower percentage if you want to decrease it.

Provide CBD

CBD is found in the hemp plant, and CBD is one of the home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea.

It has a lot of benefits mainly interacting with the ECS system so can relax the stomach & relieve the symptoms. 

Many tasty products contain CBD. These products may be capsules or even oil.

Increase water intake

Water is the secret of life for all live beings, When your kitten doesn’t drink a lot of water, especially in hot weather, This leads to dehydration which leads to diarrhea & electrolyte imbalance.

You must care about that & put many plates of water for your kitten in different places in your house.

Home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea


They are healthy bacterial populations in the digestive system of cats. They have a great role in digestion. When disturbed, diarrhea occurs.

A probiotic supplement is one of the most important home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea, It can restore normal gut flora.

Take a rest

Let your kitten take plenty of rest as it speeds up recovery & releases stress.

Put your cat in a comfortable room with a lot of plates for water, a blanket & a box to sleep in it.Home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea

Finally, antidiarrheal drugs are not one of the home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea as it is dangerous & must be taken under your Vet supervision. 

After doing every single home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea & your cat still has diarrhea for more than 24 hours or develops bloody diarrhea or abdominal pain, now it's the time to see the vet.

I hope you are interested in our journey in discussing each home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea.


If diarrhea is a mild form, you can use a home remedy for cat vomiting and diarrhea such as using bland food, checking the fiber content of your kitten food, providing CBD, Increasing water intake, Probiotic supplements & leaving your cat to take a lot of rest.

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