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Camelback women's health is a clinic that includes all obstetrics and gynecology.

Its mission is to supply the highest medical health care for all ages of women throughout their life from teenager to postmenopausal.

We help you while changes in your life.

Over the years people are proud of the development of 

Camelback Women's Health - and new branches are added that offer services to them such as ultras and mammography.


How was Camelback women's health established?

In the center of Arizona physicians Dr. Desanto, Nelson, O'Sullivan, and Schwartz worked in the department of obstetrics and gynecology then they resigned from the Arizona physicians center in the year 2000. Then Camelback women's health was established on the day 15 of September 2000.

Camelback women’s Health

What are the goals of Camelback women's health?

In Camelback women's health, you can get the highest medical care in obstetrics, gynecology, infertility, and surgery in the gynecology field.

Camelback women's health offers these services:

1-Share opinions of their patients in taking the decisions in their medical care by listening to patients about their fear and learning everything about their medical health.

2-Offer to their patients and their families a comfortable environment surrounding them.

3-Offer the highest private medical health care to their patients and keep their medical records in the highest privacy.

4-Offer the highest level of medical treatment for their patients by continuing education.

5-Offer highest medical care at a suitable price.


Where are the locations of Camelback women's health?

There are two locations of Camelback women's health as the Biltmore office which is found in 32nd Street in the north of Campbell. where found in its laboratory draw station and ultrasound.

Paradise Valley office which is found on Tatum blvd in the north of desert cove and south of chills. paradise valley office found inside the Anasazi Plaza. Which offer many services as laboratory draw station, ultrasound, and mammography.

Camelback women’s Health

When Biltmore and paradise valley locations are open for people?

Biltmore and paradise valley locations are open for people from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. taking into account that the appointments differ from one office to another. The physicians' staff are available at specific times in the two locations. The physicians' staff do their best to become available at their specific time as possible but please don't be late for your appointment because if you are late more than 20 minutes from your appointment. 

Your appointment will be canceled to achieve fairness to the patients who arrived on time at their appointments.

At some times suddenly the physicians may be called for emergencies and deliveries. they will do their best to call you if your appointment is canceled or delayed as soon as possible. They are sure that you understand these situations and the office will call you to make a new appointment for you to get the highest medical care.

Camelback women’s Health

Why do people choose Camelback women's health?

Because the Camelback women's health found in it experienced staff which provides highest level medical care for women from teenager to postmenopausal to make their life better.

What should you bring to your appointment with you?

When you come to your appointment you should bring your insurance card, driver's license, list of current medications, method of how to pay, and medical records for your health care as ultrasound reports, records from another physician.

What is the importance of the patient portal in Camelback women's health?

The patient portal is important for patients as it is a method for communication with the office 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. as you can through the web portal book an appointment, request prescription refills. and you can send questions to staff and providers, you can receive the result of your test, notify you of your appointment, and more.


The privacy in Camelback women's health:

They keep all your medical records at the highest level of privacy and they don't allow sharing your medical records with your wife or your other family members without a mandate from you to do that.


The laws of federal and Arizona state allow sharing your medical records without a written mandate from you for these reasons:

1-Medical records and information related to the treatment, hospitals, physicians staff, and surgical processes are important for achieving the highest care and treatment.

2-The medical records and information help you to get payment from companies of insurance or collection agencies.

3-Any medical information is important to assess and improve the quality and assessment of health care.


What are the methods of payment?

You can pay by many methods such as a check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express or you can pay in the office. you must know about your limitation in insurance and call your company of insurance to make sure that it will complete coverage of your treatment and the services you need. If your insurance company asked for a mandate and you have not it at your appointment, then your appointment will delay until you have it so make sure to have a mandate before you make an appointment.

Every visit at your appointment you must bring with you your new copy of your insurance card.

The office presents your bill to your insurance company as you are responsible for the payment.

Camelback women’s Health

How can you get your test results?

If your test results are normal you can receive them from the patient portal. but if your test results are abnormal the office staff will call you and the office staff may need you to return to the office to explain to you your abnormal tests and if you need other tests.

Some results may take 7 days or more to reach the office, such as x-rays and blood work, and Pap tests can take 10 to 14 days or more to reach the office.


Camelback women's health provides the highest health care for all women from teenager age to postmenopausal and it established on the day 15 of September the Camelback women's health locate experienced physician staff that makes your health life better.

By: Dr. Lamiaa 


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