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Women’s Health Partners LLC is a medical company based out of 6853 South West 18th Street Suite 301, Boca Raton, Florida, United States.

This wonderful company consists of one board-certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist, a Certified Nurse-Midwife, and one Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, supported by a team of experienced medical professionals. Our team is here to provide a compassionate, friendly environment to meet every woman's healthcare needs.


Women’s Health Partners LLC

What Women’s Health Partners LLC Offer?

1.A complete range of care for women, including high-risk obstetrical care and low-risk midwifery care.

2.Assess and treat infertility. All forms of contraceptive management including IUDs, implants, and rings.

3.Evaluate and treat urinary incontinence.

4.Annual well-woman visits, preventative care, STD screening, adolescent gynecology, and counseling.

5.Osteoporosis screening and treatment, an office ultrasound that is accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in medicine, and minimally invasive surgery including DaVinci Robotic surgery.

6.A treatment using radiofrequency energy to gently heat the vaginal tissue to help women restore feminine wellness.

7.ThermiSmooth, which is a facial treatment using a thermistor-regulated handpiece to stimulate collagen remodeling.


Services of Women’s Health Partners LLC


Women’s Health Partners LLC


1.The Best Obstetrical Care

As you know, there is nothing like welcoming a new baby into a family. Once you have a positive home pregnancy test, call the office and let them know the first day of your last menstrual period. they will schedule your first appointment at the appropriate time.


How do they provide this wonderful service?

1.Your first visit

At your first visit to Women’s Health Partners LLC, they will want to get a complete medical history and learn any personal issues that may impact your pregnancy. You will see a Certified Nurse-Midwife at this first visit who will review your complete medical and obstetric history and go over all the information that you need to get started in a healthy way.


After your first visit, they will schedule a follow-up appointment and direct you to the lab for your prenatal panel. A first-trimester ultrasound will be performed before you leave the office. Depending on time and insurance coverage, the first ultrasound may be performed at this visit. The office will do a complete physical exam and pap smear at your second visit.


2.Approved medications in pregnancy

Women’s Health Partners LLC provides a list containing medications that are over the counter and can safely be used during pregnancy for a number of ailments. Your provider may prescribe other safe medications for you that are not on the list. 



Women’s Health Partners LLC offers obstetrical and gynecologic ultrasound. Barbara is a registered nurse and a registered ultrasonographer specializing in OB-Gyn sonography. Ultrasound is routinely performed to establish an accurate due date in early pregnancy and to evaluate a baby's anatomic development at 20-22 weeks. Ultrasounds are performed as medically indicated.


Women’s Health Partners LLC

4.Childbirth classes

Women’s Health Partners LLC offers many free classes to help you prepare for birth and caring for your baby. They encourage you to educate yourself and your partner in order to have the best possible parenting experience you can. Call 688-5098 to register 


Classes offers:

1.Welcome To Pregnancy Open House (early pregnancy info and opportunity to learn about available classes)

2.Nutrition & Exercise Class

3.Prepared Pregnancy Class

4.Refresher Class

5.Sibling Class

6.Breastfeeding Class

7.Baby Care & Safety Class


2.Pelvic pain

There are many causes of pelvic pain and experienced providers are available in Women’s Health Partners LLC to help coordinate a complete evaluation and guide you through all possible treatment options.



For this case, treatment options vary according to your individual needs and may include medication, weight loss, treatment of chronic cough, physical therapy, and surgery. If you are experiencing these problems, make an appointment with a provider at Women’s Health Partners LLC today.


Women’s Health Partners LLC


4.Annual Exam

Your annual exam is your opportunity to check any problems you may have, discuss medications, and for your provider to offer preventative screenings. The annual exam includes the following:

1.Clinical Breast Exam

2.Pelvic Exam

3.Pap Smear

4.Contraceptive options

5.STD screening

6.Discussion of Menopausal Symptoms and management

7.Lab Work


They  May Also Order:

1. Mammogram


3.Bone Density screening

Feel free to make an appointment with any of these office providers for your annual exam.


How do contact them?


Women’s Health Partners LLC

Phone: 270-688-6035

Fax: 270-688-6056

2851 New Hartford Rd, Suite B Owensboro, KY 42303



Women’s Health Partners LLC is dedicated to providing women's health services to protect your health at any age. At Women's Healthcare Partners they provide treatment and follow-up care for many gynecological conditions and obstetrical care.


DR: Mahmoud Khaled Fadel

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