Colorproof Super Plump Mousse For Healthy Stylish Hair

Cosway Co., a maker of cosmetics, purchased Colorproof in June 2020 after it was created in 2012. 

Since its introduction, several brands have moved away from the use of sulfates and other color-robbing substances, making color-safe hair care both more common and more affordable. 

Colorproof is currently rebranding itself as a brand that amplifies and preserves color.

colorproof super plump mousse

What is a colorproof super plump mousse?

One of the amazing color-proof hair products is the color-proof super-plump mousse.

It is a mousse that is incredibly rich and creamy and instantly adds amazing volume for a full-bodied silhouette.

Boosts body, bounce, and gloss while adding color and heat protection to create all-over volume.

Coloproof super plump mousse is presented in 3 different aromas: nectarine, peony, and citrus.

colorproof super plump mousse

Benefits of colorproof super plump mousse to the hair:

Colorproof super plump mousse has an ultra-rich, super concentrated formula.

It provides heat protection up to 450°F (230°C) and gives hair complete form, flexibility, style memory, and gloss. 

It increases the longevity and brightness of hair color, and it contains a high-density cationic anti-static component.

That maintains style and full-bodied styles are offered by innovative shaping polymers.

It contains panthenol vitamin B5 which gives gloss and natural emollients which are derived from vegetables can keep hair silky. 

Ingredients of colorproof super plump mousse:

Advanced color-lasting system

The unique combination of strong proteins and potent antioxidants restores, maintains, and guards against fading and environmental influences.

Coconut oil

It aids in moisturizing and nourishing the hair and is rich in minerals and fatty acids. aids in protecting the hair from harm, making it look healthier and more lustrous.

Sea kelp

Rich in vitamins and minerals, provides hydration that boosts flexibility and aids in breakage prevention.

Volumizing polymers

To encourage thicker-looking, fuller-looking, and more voluminous hair, increase support and strength at the hair's base and throughout the hair shaft.

The suitable age for using coloproof super plump mousse:

Colorproof super plump mousse can be used from twenty years of age and also can be used for all skin types.


How to use colorproof super plump mousse?

Shake firmly, turn upside-down, and squeeze the nozzle. Apply to wet hair, then style.

The price of colorproof super plump mousse

Colorproof super plump whipped mousse costs 35 dollars for a 220ml / 7.5 fl oz.

Other colorproof hair products

All-around working hair spray

Is one of the colorproof great hair products, it can leave your hair feeling touchably smooth, shiny, and vivid while you layer, style, and restyle.

This spray offers enhanced color preservation together with flexible memory and hold.

 It can produce an immediate dry finish, and it also increases the longevity and brightness of hair color.

The spray is of mild mist that is uniform for simple application and ideal for daily use.

It is characterized by being sulfate-free, Gluten-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, and free of keratin.

Baobab recovery conditioner

Is another hair product from the colorproof brand, it revitalizes damaged, color-treated hair and aids in restoring its health and vitality.

The African superfruit baobab is blended in a rich conditioner that nourishes, cures, restores, and infuses vitality.

 It helps to strengthen, fortify, and make hair more resilient, and it provides unparalleled root-to-tip hydration.

You can easily and instantly get younger, more flexible, and resilient strands.

It also provides a defense against environmental deterioration and color fading.

It can be easily used by applying it on clean, wet hair, leaving it for 2 minutes then rinse. 

Biorepair thicken shampoo 

Is one of colorproof's best sellers, it exfoliates your scalp and hair thoroughly to promote new growth while preserving the color of your hair.

It removes harmful substances and dead skin cells that could obstruct hair growth, feeds the scalp, fortifies, and strengthens brittle hair.

It also has the advantage of increasing the volume of hair to make it appear bigger and fuller and increase the longevity and brightness of hair color. 

Clear it up shampoo

Another bestseller shampoo for colorproof is clear shampoo which clears away build-up that dulls the color and gently regenerates it.

wonderfully clean, soft, and colorful hair is left behind, and it can cleanse, clarify, and eliminate odors. 

It rejuvenates hair, leaving it smooth and touchable, so this shampoo is excellent for use before color services. 

It also helps hair color last longer and stays vibrant.

Biorepair thicken scalp serum

Is one of Colorproof’s bestsellers, it creates the ideal environment for thicker, fuller-looking hair by balancing and restoring the health of the scalp and follicles.

It stimulates, energizes, and exfoliates the scalp, and it has an easy-to-use dropper applicator. 

It absorbs quickly into the hair and scalp and removes dead skin cells and impurities that obstruct hair growth.

It also balances and restores follicle health, and helps extend the life of hair color. 

Biorepair thicken scalp serum is found in 3 aromas: fresh lime, eucalyptus, mint leaf, and rosemary.

Biorepair thicken blow dry spray

This spray is a revolutionary thickening spray that adds weightless volume to fine, thinning hair while increasing fullness. provides color and heat protection while leaving hair silky and significantly fuller.

It thickens and provides a long-lasting and soft hold, and reduces friction, fortifies, and helps in increasing tensile strength while guarding against breakage. 

The heat-activated blow dry spray grips individual hair fibers to boost density. 

Also up to 450°F (230°C) of heat protection is provided, this aids in extending the life and vibrancy of hair color.


Colorproof company is one of the leading companies in hair products.

Colorproof super plump mousse is one of the amazing products for this company.

It is advised by many experts to use it to have healthy soft hair with better volume.


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