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Herpes symptoms in woman may include sores in the genitals or mouth. Most of the time there are no symptoms, so a lot of women don't know they have herpes.

What are the types of the herpes virus that cause infection

There are 2 types of herpes simplex virus that cause infection:

- The first one causes the most genital herpes.

- The second virus can also cause genital herpes, but more often causes blisters of the lips and mouth.

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, the simplex virus caused it, and many women with herpes don't know they have it and have no sign of infection.

herpes symptoms in woman

What are the Herpes symptoms in woman

The woman who has herpes virus may have no sign of the infection or outbreak.

She doesn't know that she has a virus, when she is infected, the virus stays in her nerve cells forever.

A woman may not have an outbreak or may have only one break, but others may have multiple breaks. 

The first outbreak of herpes occurs within 2 weeks after contracting the virus from a person with the infection.

The Herpes symptoms in woman in the first outbreak

- Itching or burning feeling in the vaginal area.

- Fever, flu symptoms.

- Pain in the vaginal area, buttocks or in legs.

- Gland is swallowed.

- Change in vaginal secretion.

- Difficult, painful urination.

- Pressure in the area below the stomach.

After a few days, ulcers, blisters, or painful sores in the area in which the virus enters the body.

These areas include:

. Anal and the vaginal area.

. In the mouth.

. Inside the vagina

. In the urinary tract.

. In the buttocks.

. In any part of her body where the virus has entered.

After infection sometimes the first outbreak Will occur after a month or year. 

Other outbreaks

The woman may have more outbreaks, but after the first outbreak, these outbreaks become less over time.

Herpes symptoms in woman are usually less than The infection during the first outbreak, and go away faster.

Outbreaks can be Long lasting in a woman with a weak immune system. A woman should see her healthcare providers to be tested if she has signs of herpes.

How is herpes spread?

It's spread by contact skin to skin with a person infected with the herpes virus.

- Most often, from herpes blisters. 

- Less often, from normal skin where the virus entered the body for the first time.  

- During anal, vaginal, or oral sexual contact.

This may occur without visible sores.

herpes symptoms in woman

The herpes virus enters the body from

. Vagina

. Labia

. The lining of the mouth

. The skin that has cuts or cracks

Women with weak immune systems can get herpes infection easily, the herpes virus can still spread to others if a woman doesn't know that she has herpes.

How does the woman know that she has genital herpes

The only way to know if she has genital herpes is a medical exam, her healthcare providers can test for it, and lab samples are taken from blood, blisters, or sore.

herpes symptoms in woman

Can Herpes symptoms in woman be treated

Genital herpes can be treated, but Antiviral medicine makes outbreaks shorter, less severe, and less frequent.

The women who live with genital herpes feel ashamed or embarrassed and avoid sexual contact.

How Herpes symptoms in woman can be reduced

. Keep the infected area clean.

. After contact with the infected area, clean your hands.

. Avoid touching the blisters or sores.

herpes symptoms in woman

Herpes in a pregnant woman

If a pregnant woman has genital herpes, the virus can pass to the baby.

If the baby is born with herpes:

. May be born early.

. May have a problem in the skin, brain, or eye.

. Maybe not survive.

The pregnant woman should tell her healthcare providers if she has herpes.

If herpes symptoms in woman appear during pregnancy, she should tell her providers.

Oral herpes symptoms in woman

Oral herpes symptoms in woman are usually less painful than genital herpes and don't make the woman feel sick.

Oral herpes cause sores around her mouth and her lips called fever blisters or cold sores.

A woman can get sores inside her mouth, but that only happens the first few times she has symptoms.

Cold sores are usually harmless in adults and kids but are annoying and can be dangerous in babies and newborns.

What are the signs of genital herpes in a woman

There is only one way to be sure if she has genital herpes checked out by the doctor.

The most common genital herpes symptom in woman is a cluster of blister sores that show up in her cervix, anus, or vulva.

Symptoms may take several weeks and then go away but the infection may return after weeks, months, or years.

A doctor knows if the sores are caused by herpes by looking at them or by testing the fluid of the sores.

A woman with genital herpes has no symptoms or has very mild symptoms that are unnoticed.

Genital herpes symptoms in woman include

. Pain or itching around her genitals.

. Blistery sores.

. Burning if she has sores.

. Trouble peeing if she has sores covering her urethra.

During the woman's first outbreak symptoms may include

- Fever

- Headache

- Chills

- Swollen, tender glands in her pelvic area or under the arms

- Flu-like feeling


The woman's first outbreak can happen from 2-20 days after she is infected.

After that, she may never have another outbreak again or she may find that she gets one several weeks or months later.

The woman can't be sure how often she will get outbreaks.

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