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lf you have a cat you must know how to make home remedies for cat fleas as having fleas is a natural part of your pet's life.

You must also know how to make some home remedies for cat fleas from natural components in your home easily and not expensive, however  having fleas is easy to treat ,it's harmful to your pet and your family.

when you say that your cat has fleas?

1-Non stop itching, scratching especially in ears and neck.

2-Appearance of dirty dots on its skin and on its bedding.

3-Skin redness.

4-It may cause a secondary problem as it may transfer intestinal parasites for your pet.

You must refer to your pet's vet and ask for advice for using the natural way to get rid of fleas or it needs commercial products.

You also can use home remedies for cat fleas in combination with commercial products.

First brushing / grooming:

Use your cat fleas  tiny comb to remove dead or live fleas especially in parts that fleas can hide easily like neck , groin & base of tail.

 Natural components used to make home remedies for cat fleas are:

Home remedies for cat fleas


It's very effective as it contains citric acid (natural fleas killer).

How to use it ?

By boiling cut lemon then let it steep & drain the liquid then put it into a spray bottle and spray on your cat bedding.

Don't spray directly on your cat skin as it will be very upsetting to her.

2-Dish soap:

It's a very effective agent of home remedies for cat fleas and used easily.

You can use dish soap and warm water in a plate or a bowl then place it in rooms that your cat mostly found .

It can act as a glue that traps fleas depending on viscosity , repeating this step every day.


It has great effect and action when used as one of home remedies for cat fleas but when used in powder form.

Put it with fennel or wormwood or peppermint then grind them into powder, spread them on carpets and furniture in your home.

You can also mix rosemary with a small amount of cumin and try to put it in your cat's food.

It will be effective as it makes cat skin unappetizing for fleas.

4-Cedar chips:

One of most effective home remedies for cat fleas as it contains essential oils that fleas hate their smell.

Use them on your cat bedding and put it outdoors or in the garden.

5-Baking soda and salts:

Both of them have an effective role as home remedies for cat fleas.

Baking soda:

You can sprinkle them on carpets and furniture then use a hard brush and rub it into fabrics.

Then you must vacuum home and empty the vacuuming bag outside home.


It  likes baking soda but it has a much greater effect than salt as salt is a dehydrating agent that can get rid of adult fleas.

Sprinkle it on carpets and let it for 1 to 2 days then vacuum home and empty components of vacuums outside your home.

6-Apple cider vinegar:

It is also an effective one of home remedies for cat fleas although it doesn't kill them ,it causes fleas to jump from your cat's body.

Home remedies for cat fleas 2


It has a great role as fleas hate its odor when used as a spray.

For making this solution, get fresh lavender & soak them in water all night then put the strain into a spray bottle.

Use it directly on your cat then comb her by its comb to make lavender solution get deeper in your cat body.

8-Coconut oil:

It hasn't role in getting rid of fleas but it is considered one of important home remedies for cat fleas as it has great effect in  soothing allergy, dry skin and itching .

It  is also smoother for fleas , if you use it you must bathe your cat after putting coconut oil on it for two hours to remove the oil and smothered fleas.

9-Oregano oil:

It is one of effective home remedies for cat fleas as it contains a natural component called carvacrol.

It also gives a great result when it is used  in combination with olive oil ( use 1 teaspoonful oregano oil with 3 teaspoonful olive oil) then put it on your cat especially in parts where fleas congregate like ears , tail and neck.

Home remedies for cat fleas 3


Chamomile is used as one of home remedies for cat fleas as it is an effective deterrent but it must be used in small doses as it may cause detrimental side effects.

You can use it as a form of tea bags found in your home or you can use the flower to make the solution by soaking it in water for a few hours and taking the water into a spray bottle,use it around your cat bedding.

There is some advice, you must vacuum your home, chairs & carpets every day to remove fleas on the ground .

You must wash your cushions & beddings regularly.

 Sometimes home remedies for cat fleas may not be the sufficient solution,so you can ask your pet's vet.

Finally, you must know how to protect your pet against fleas:

1- To ensure that your cat doesn't get fleas, give it flea prevention medication every year.

2- Limit your cat exposure to infected pets .

3-Clean it regularly with shampoo.

4-Make special bedding for your cat , don't allow it to sleep in your bed to protect yourself and your family.




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