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Home remedies for gnats. The world is now moving towards eco-friendly solutions, so we must be more open and innovative in finding solutions to the problems we face on an ongoing basis, even if the cause of this problem is that little insect known as the gnats.

Fortunately, you are here now to learn about all the Home remedies for gnats.

You might be asking now! What's new? Electrical bug zappers are in every store around us, and there are more insect sprays and sticky traps in stores than you can shake a stick at.

But let’s pause for a moment, hasn't your child ever been hurt by that annoying spray that comes out of those metal cans? Didn't this spray cause severe coughing and shortness of breath?

How many times have you had to turn off the lights in the room so that the bug zappers would work better and in the end, you didn't get rid of those pesky gnats?

Try Home remedies for gnats before you reach for pesticides or insecticides that kill nature and harm humanity.

In this article, you’ll discover unconventional ideas, and home remedies for gnats safely without harming you or the environment.

Just as we love perfumes and are happy with the scents of flowers, we find that the little gnats are also more likely to be attracted and drawn to some scents too.

Let's be smarter in entering the game and set up traps to get rid of gnats, all with simple materials available in your kitchen and at the lowest cost.

But before we explore these home remedies for gnats, let’s first learn about this tiny insect.

home remedies for gnats

Facts and information about gnats we will need to know to prepare home remedies for gnats

Those small-winged insects are known as gnats. They are most often found in swarms and are known for their ability to fly anywhere they are, whether it's in the kitchen over recently watered houseplants, or in humid environments.

I know you're waiting now, and for us to successfully get rid of these gnats we delve into the details of some home remedies for gnats that can help in controlling these pests.

We must first identify the type that exists and that we see in our homes in large numbers. These annoying insect which are usually referred to as a gnat, has different types.

Types of gnats

Fungus gnats

 They are black and have long legs. You can usually find them near houseplants, especially if you have overwatered them.

Fruit flies

They are brown with red eyes and are usually more rounded. You often find them settling in kitchens, hovering over rotting or even fresh fruit or vegetables, wet organic matter, and liquids such as sodas, wine, and vinegar.

Drain flies

It has moth-like wings and is often found around sewers, sewers, and septic tanks.

Phorid flies

Similar to sewer flies, phorids roam around garbage, sewage, and rotting fruits and vegetables.

What is the reason for there being a lot of gnats in your home?

The factors that create the right environment for gnats are the same as for many insects and pests.

Gnats can sneak into your home from the outside, finding their way through almost any crack, they are attracted to moisture, so you are likely to find them in the bathroom sink or drain, and fruit, especially if they are no longer edible.

But before we get to know some home remedies for gnats, Let's find out what causes gnats to exist.

Causes of gnats infestation include

Moist Soil

Moist soil is an ideal habitat for fungus gnats.

Decomposition of organic matters

Waste and sewage from faulty pipes and drains cause waste to accumulate in the soil or drains, which forms an excellent breeding ground for gnats.

Moist organic matters

Fruit flies and moth flies are attracted to moist organic matter, fruits, and vegetables. We usually see them gathering around fruits and vegetables that are left exposed.

The question is, will these gnats disappear on their own?

Did you know that a single gnat can live for up to four months in your home? Therefore, the continued presence of environments that attract gnats in your home makes it impossible for them to disappear on their own.

Unless you remove unusable foods and drinks due to their expiration date, take out the garbage, and make sure to get rid of environments with high humidity, their spread may subside.

However, for a more permanent solution, you can explore some simple home remedies for gnats to eliminate them.

home remedies for gnats

Now here are some ideas and home remedies for gnats using environmentally friendly methods and materials

Apple Cider Vinegar

No kitchen is devoid of “apple cider vinegar,” a liquid that has a scent that attracts gnats just as humans are attracted to perfumes and flower scents. Home remedies for gnats often utilize this property.

You can trick these gnats by making a trap with this liquid, which is apple cider vinegar. When you mix it with water, a little sugar, and liquid dish soap, you are preparing a fragrance that kills them.

The smell of sugar and apple cider vinegar will attract gnats to the bowl. When they get close to the bowl, the soapy suds will trap them and pull them into the water.

Leave it overnight, clean it in the morning, and repeat as needed.

Cinnamon powder

Cinnamon powder: like apple cider vinegar, is widely found in our kitchens and adds more warmth when consumed as a hot drink on winter nights or added when baking pastries.

This fine powder is hated by gnats and repulsed by its strong smell.

Home remedies for gnats recommend sprinkling cinnamon powder in the trash, in plant soil, in drains, and sticking cinnamon sticks in the fruit bowl on your kitchen counter.

This powder will help prevent gnats and other pests from appearing according to experts with Mosquito Squad because it irritates this gnats’ mouth, nose, and lungs, which prompts it to search for a home. Another new one,”


These potato pieces are golden in color and have a magical effect on gnats, specifically fungus gnat larvae. Home remedies for gnats often utilize their attraction to certain scents and textures.

In this case, you can place raw potato pieces in the soil around pottery pots. This trick traps the larvae away from the plant roots.

After a few days in the pot, you can remove the affected potato pieces and replace them with fresh ones.


Did you know that candles are not only used in celebrations and adding romance to the home or when eating dinner?

You may be surprised that these candles have a magical effect in eliminating gnats, while you enjoy their light and fragrant smells with a trick so simple that it is difficult to believe.

you can place a long candle in a candlestick, with Place the candlestick in a small bowl filled with water. Then turn off all the lights, light the candle, and wait a while.

You will be amazed by the scene when the gnats flock to the flame, they collide with the flame itself, or fall into the water below.

The Fan

You may be surprised by this method and wonder what it relates to home remedies for gnats. Do you know that Vera Peterson, president of  Molly Maid, recommends using a small household fan to get rid of gnats?

She explains “When the fan is running at a low speed – the air in the room will move. This moving air will make it difficult for gnats to fly, creating a miserable environment for them.

Gnat-repellent plants

One eco-friendly option and one of the successful home remedies for gnats is strategically placing plants with natural repellent properties around your home.

Lavender, geraniums, lemon, and thyme are all examples of these helpful plants, which exude strong odors that are unappealing to gnats and other small insects while smelling great to us.  

You could also try spraying essential oils diluted in a spray bottle or creating a homemade bug spray.

Remember to be patient when using simple and natural home remedies for gnats so that you can effectively get rid of gnats in your home.

Now here are some future tips for preventing gnats outbreaks with home remedies for gnats

Avoid leaving dishes in the sink

Once you're done eating, load the dishwasher or wash the dishes immediately.

Wash your produce

As soon as you bring it home from the grocery store. This helps get rid of any eggs or larvae that may already be on the surfaces.

Store fruits and vegetables

In the refrigerator once they are washed, not on the counter or kitchen countertops. Wipe up spills immediately, especially if they are particularly sugary drinks like juice.

Close the litter box lid tightly

While gnats usually appear in kitchen areas, you should make sure to cover trash in bathrooms as well. If you also have an outdoor litter box, keep it close to the house, making sure it is tightly closed as well.

Last but not least, always look for everything that preserves the environment and achieves a healthy life for future generations, and the home remedies for gnats that we learned about are one of them.

Remember to be patient when using these home remedies for gnats, which rely on many of the safest natural materials so that you can effectively get rid of mosquitoes in your home.

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