How To Treat Foot Fungus | 8 High Risk People

Foot fungus has bad effects on the foot of the patient which can affect the quality of his life.

Foot fungus primarily has a local effect which may develop to be a systematic effect.

So we must take care of having rapid treatment for foot fungus. 

One of the famous fungal infections is food fungus which is caused by some organisms like tinea pedis.

We call foot fungus " athlete's foot" or ringworm. 

Food fungus is usually found between food toes.

Food fungus sometimes appears on nails which indicates onychomycosis which is also called tinea unguium.           

how to treat foot fungus

Symptoms of foot fungus and its appearance

Some symptoms observed refer to food fungus infection: 

Bad smell in some cases. 

Cracked nails that may be separated from the finger. 

The nails become thick.

Some skin crusts. 

Inflamed and hyper-pigmented areas. 

In severe cases, there is a bad smell discharge.

There is an old effective way used in treating foot fungus infections, this way is by using home remedies. 

how to treat foot fungus

How to treat foot fungus with home remedies?                           

There are the best and most effective home remedies to treat foot fungus:


Chop garlic cloves and apply them on the infected area for twenty to thirty minutes every 24 hours). 

Tea tree oil
Put some drops of tea tree on a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil and apply to the infected area.

It has an antifungal and antibacterial effect so it gives very good results.

Oregano oil           

Put oregano oil on an infected area with a cotton pad every 8 hours.

Iodine with hydrogen peroxide        

It is the fastest way to treat this infection by applying it on the infected area every 12 hours and rubbing it.        

Hot drying 

Talcum powder absorbs moisture from the foot which is the main cause of foot fungus.                                            

Listerine foot soak                         

It is known Listerine is used in mouth washing but it has a good effect in treating foot fungus by soaking feet in its solution 3 times daily. 

Ozonated oil          

It is an essential oil injected with ozone, its effect is better than antifungal drugs. 

Sodium bicarbonate and vinegar

This solution has moderate antifungal and antibacterial effects by soaking the infected foot in it two to three times daily.          

If home remedies don't give acceptable results.

We need to use chemicals or drugs to have a good and complete recovery. 

How to treat foot fungus with over-the-counter drugs?

Clean feet carefully and dry between toes 2 times daily. 

Applying antifungals like Terbinafine which are very useful in treating foot fungus, also Clotrimazole is effective. 

These products may be in different formulations like ointment, gel, cream, powder, lotion, or spray. 

Choose your suitable formula according to your skin type and the degree of infection. 

To have complete recovery it takes from 15 days to 30 days. 

If there is deterioration in the case or not developed you need to visit a specialist and this is the second way. 

When to see a dermatologist?

It's the first choice for a lot of patients but as we said.

If there is deterioration or recovery not completed by following the previous methods. we must see a dermatologist.

It will be as if observing that the area of the fungal infection increases, swelling and inflammation increase also, or its development be fixed.

The infection transferred from one toe to another one, the nail separated from the finger, secretions increased, and the bad odor was more offensive.

One or more of these symptoms are sufficient to see a dermatologist who is the person who knows how to treat foot fungus. 

You should know that the treatment of foot fungus may be systemic by oral drugs besides local products in moderate and severe cases. 

Medications described by the dermatologist

Terbinafine and Clotrimazole   

From 10 to 30 mg per kilogram after meals every 24 hours. 

Both of them used topical as cream or spray or systematic. 


Used in foot fungus infection but oral only, from 10 to 20 mg per kilogram after meals twice per day. 


Used in foot fungus infection oral, 10 mg kilogram after meals twice per day for 7 to 10 days. 


From 5 to 10 mg per kilogram after meals orally every 24 hours for 10 to 30 days. 


From 150 to 300 mg every 12 hours, also used in mixed infection cases when there is bacterial infection with fungal infection.

How to protect your feet from fungal infections?

Your feet should be dry and clean every time. 

Don't use socks all day your feet should be ventilated. 

Change your socks regularly at least two times daily. 

Keep your shoes always dry and clean. 

Don't exchange your shoes with anyone. 

If you observe any starting infection in your feet don't delay treatment. 

Another new way is using lasers for treating foot fungus but this way is costly. 

Some people ignore foot fungus infection until it becomes painful and has a bad smell.

But it is very harmful and causes difficulty in treatment. 

High-risk people to have food fungus

  1. People who have Weakness in the circulatory system.

  2. Old people aged above 65 years. 

  3. Women who put artificial nails. 

  4. Swimmer in public pools. 

  5. Exposing fingers and toes to moisture for a long period.

  6. People have poor immunity. 

  7. Injured nails.

  8. Wearing closed footwear for a long time.

Men highly risk food fungus infection more than women, adults risk food fungus more than children. 

Old-aged people highly risk it to have foot fungus due to weak circulation.

Severe fungal infection may lead to autoimmune diseases, also bad use of antibiotics leads to fungal infection.                 


How to treat foot fungus? foot fungus is an infectious disease and needs quick treatment.

Foot fungus needs to finish the course of treatment to avoid recurrence. 

Everyone should use his tools and towels to avoid infection transferring. 

Family doctors should advise families about foot fungus infections to be careful. 

Home remedies have a good effect in treating foot fungus in simple and moderate cases. 



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