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Pet dental health facts is about making a regular routine for cleaning your pet's teeth, how to keep them in good health and prevent oral diseases.

At the beginning I wanted to tell you the basics of pet dental health facts including that cats have a full set of teeth as human babies and will be exchanged for adult teeth( dogs have 42 permanent adult teeth but cats have 30 permanent adult teeth).

 Pets use their mouth for many activities like eating ,hunting ,and playing so they are more liable to oral diseases but fortunately the most common dental diseases can be preventable and treatable  easily by applying a correct  pet dental health routine.



Raising a pet requires responsibility, not just for fun:

1-You should do a regular check up for your pet at least once a year  which is one of the most important pet dental health facts you should know if you are interested in animals to remove yellow plaque and tartar as pet dental health leads to general health.


2- Homecare is a very effective pet dental health fact. You should brush your pet's teeth twice daily at least and regularly ,with help of your veterinarian, find the most suitable way of cleaning your pet and not oblige your pet with anything.

Start gradually and Choose suitable time when your pet is funny and relaxed and give him enough  time until it gets used to the toothpaste taste and you identify what his favourite flavor is ,there are many flavors like meat or chicken.

Use dogs dental wipes if you find cleaning process is impossible with your pet, they are designed for these cases 


3- Choose good products to help you in cleaning your pet's teeth and that will make time spent in cleaning more enjoyable to your pet 


4-Be a good supervisor for your pets to detect any dental problem early and call your vet dentist immediately if you notice something abnormal.

Pet Dental Health Facts

Why should you take your pet to the vet?

One of the most serious pet dental health facts is that Dental diseases start early in about 80% of dogs and 70% of cats at the age of 3 years and cannot be noticed by naked eye so require x rays because not all dental diseases become in the gum and teeth but can be also under gum lines.


Role of anaesthesia:

Cleaning under the effect of anaesthesia by a clever pet dentist is one of the most important Pet dental health facts and it helps in proper cleaning and that is contrary to what some people think that is a waste of time and money.


Using general anaesthesia helps the vet and your pet during examination as he uses sharp tools and it helps to get accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Veterinarians help you to know the best ways and products you need in the cleaning process and which fit your pet.

Pet Dental Health Facts

Signs of pet dental health problems;

1-Bad breath

2-Broken teeth or loose teeth

3-Refusal eating and drinking


5-Sneezing and nasal discharge

6-Change behavior

7-Pain but take care that pet can hide pain despite the presence of dental problems so regular check up is important

8-Bleeding gums

9-Swellings or redness in oral cavity



Benefits of caring for pet dental health facts;

1-applying pet dental health facts Improve overall health as dental diseases can lead to other systemic blood borne disease and progress to affect other organs as heart, liver and kidneys


2-Increase their age 2:4years


3-keeping your pet free of diseases is safe for you and your family


4-Help in discover diseases early and prevent its progress


Causes of pet dental health diseases

1-Broken teeth and roots


2-Infection and abscess


3-Tumors which are abnormal multiplication of cells duo to internal factors as genetics or external factors as repetitive irritation or radiation


4-Cleft palate or any palate defects


5-Fractures in jaw or any trauma



Factors help in developing pet dental diseasee:

1- Age and general health, as humans ,the older your pet is ,the more reliant it is on dental diseases.



Is one of the most effective pet dental health facts you should take into consideration, as Hard bones ,stones,and some chewable toys may cause your pet to get infected by bacteria and plaque and can break its teeth.


3-Accumulation of food particles, hair in between teeth and that encourage growth of bacteria.


4- Genetics play golden role in pet dental health facts as pet with past  family history of dental diseases become more suggested to be affected by this diseases as humans.

Pet Dental Health Facts

False thoughts about pet dental health facts:

1-Chewable toys and bone clean pets teeth:

Not all products are effective in the cleaning process ,they could break your pet teeth and make their mouth more liable to infection and plaques that accumulate and cause tartar.

The veterinary oral health council (VOHC) will help you how to choose the most effective products and foods  that are made to clean your pet teeth when they just eat them ,look for VOHC label on each products you buy.


2-Periodontal diseases occur only elderly:

The most important pet dental health facts is that there is no relation between age and dental diseases as periodontal disease(teeth and gums) starts at the age of 3.


3- I will know if my dog has dental problems when it stops eating. Stop eating is not a sure sign for dental diseases.


4-Human toothpaste can be used for pet, its untrue and harmful as human toothpaste contain materials unsafe for pets ,you should use toothpaste specific to pet and also toothbrush.


5-Pet can clean their teeth, but they still need brushing daily and definite cleaning by the vet.


6-Pets breathe normally bad and are not indicative of dental problems ,that is untrue, it shouldn't be bad to the degree that prevents you from gagging your pet.


February and pet dental health:

February is national pet dental health month and a good chance to inform people about the importance of pet dental health care and risks of its negligence. This is an advantage to take your pet and visit a veterinarian.



And finally animals like humans and have rights to live healthy, So it's important to care about pet dental health facts.


By: Dr. Fatma Ragab


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