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Abington women's health organization aims to help all women from the time of puppetry to adolescence. It provides services to women which include reproductive problems and cancer diagnosis. 

Abington Women's Health

Abington Women's health history:

Abington Women's Health Organization was established by George W.Elkins in Abington township. He took people injured in area car accidents to Philadelphia. When someone failed to reach the hospital alive this stimulates him to raise money through obtaining funds to establish a hospital in Abington. It was opened on May 15, 1914.


Abington women's health organization is a nonprofit, educating hospital that operates Dixon school of nursing.

They take care of you by scheduling appointments to suit you and also have an emergency department to accommodate your needs.

It has665 beds, 5501 employees, from them more than 1100 physicians who are mostly considerably clever clinically in their specialist.



Abington Women's Health along with Pennsylvania Route 611( Old York Road ) in Abington Township.

It has many branches in:





Abington Women's Health


1.Abington Women's Health Organization aids families prepare for pregnancy, childbirth, and normal milk feeding. On the journey of motherhood, they stand with you step by step.


2.It has 3D/4D Ultrasound and Mammogram.


3. Staff in Abington Women's Health Organization, give emotional support services to mommies during the pregnancy journey, postpartum time, for couples who lost pregnancy or child.


4.On-call services.


5.Telemedicine services.










10.Bonus lectures.


11.Hospital rounds and conferences.


12.Abington Women's Health Organization can deal with breast cancer caused by a certain genetic mutation, reproductive history, personal or family history of breast or ovarian cancer, or noncancerous breast disease.


13.Abington Women's Health Organization Staff provides awareness about breast cancer surveillance and the importance of early screening and detection by the way it is a free program.


14.They give an idea about the effect of Covid19 on pregnant women's physical, mental health, and behavior.


16.Abington Women's Health Organization has other services like Heart and Vascular Institute, Neurosciences Institute, Orthopedic, and Pine Institute, Diamond Stroke Center, and The Institute of Metabolic And Bariatric surgery.



Abington women's health organization has very qualified, certified physicians and nurses. They work together as a team. The staff in Abington Women's Health Organisation is very friendly, responsive, and helpful. It is a very trusted place. They can improve the quality of life.

Abington Women's Health


Abington Women's Health Foundation is a place that can improve life by altering healing, easy suffering, promoting wellness in an atmosphere of safety, learning, and respect.

By: Dr. Yasmeen Atta


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