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Amika Hair Products brand is an online brand that began as a hair tool brand and was established in 2007 in Brooklyn, Newyork. 

Amika produces hair products and tools, it's products free from harmful substances like parabens, aluminum starch, sulfate, phthalate, and DEA. 

Amika Hair productsare available for all hair like wavy, straight or curly, thick, thin whatever your hair.

It contains 10 collections for every hair concern no matter ethnicity, age, or gender. 

Amika contains a lot of hair products and tools like shampoo, masks, serum, conditioners, brushes, and everything about hair care you will find in their brand. 

It's always cruelty-free(have never conduct animal testing). 

Amika is a green brand as its line bottles are now made with 90% post-consumer recycled plastics to reduce Virgin plastic production and our team works hard to improve the packaging of their lines.


Ingredients of most of amika Hair Products 

We hunter down one of the most potent natural ingredients on the planet, sea Buckthorn berry, this super fruit is one of few plants which considers a source of the fatty acid omega 7 which is responsible for the increased synthesis of elastin and collagen (the main content of hair) making it the ultimate holy grail ingredient for hair and scalp.


Amika Hair products aim to : 

  • Available for all ages especially youth all over the world and all types of hair. 

  • It's for you and everyone for your beautiful being. 

  • Make you satisfied with your hair whatever its type.

Amika Hair products and tools

  1. Masks 

     1- The soul food nourishing mask :

  • It contains jojoba seed oil, and sea Buckthorn with antioxidant substances enriched with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. 

  • It's suitable for all hair types due to its rich and creamy lightweight formula. 

  • Its price is suitable according to its amount as :

2 Fl oz: 12$

8 Fl oz: 28$

16 Fl oz: 4mask


    2- Amika flash instant shine mask

  • If you want shiny and nourished hair you should use this mask.

  3- The Kure intense repair mask

  • It contains a mixture of shea butter, sea Buckthorn, and borage oil. 

  • It restores moisture and makes your hair look healthy.

  • It must be used before applying any heated styling tools such as Amika waver. 

  • It is considered an intensive weekly treatment.

  • It's price 

2 Fl Oz: 14 $

16 Fl Oz: 52$

        4- Amika  bust your brass cool blond mask

  • It's a salon service in a jar. 

  •  Intense repair hair mask. 

  •  Contain packed with bond care technology, plant butter, vegan protein, and ultraviolet pigments for your hair strength and brightness. 

  • Suitable for all types of hair especially colored hair. 

5- Amika flash instant shine mask

  • From dull to dazzling this flash-acting mask delivers brilliant moisture and shine in just 60 seconds.

  • Contain amino acids and Uv filters keep color vibrant. 

  • Suitable for all hair types.

  • Fine and oily hair types are used in place of conditioners. 

  • Thick and dry hair types use after conditioners. 

(2)Amika Hair shampoo


1-Perk up dry shampoo

  • The closest thing to washing your hair without water (holy grail) of dry shampoo.

  • This shampoo not only makes hair look clean but also feels clean. 

  • Invisible, if used correctly, gets a freshly washed look without white residue.

  • It contains rice starch which restores hair volume.

  • A super-fine mist: remains for days and days no itch, powdered look, or dry shampoo head here.

  • It works in all types of hair from curly to color-treated, it's safe and effective for all.

  • Price 

From 10$ to 25 $ differs according to its size.

   2- Amika normcore signature shampoo

  • Sulfate-free shampoo that's packed with vitamins and antioxidants for soft and shiny hair is called the signature. 

  • Contains also coconut acid for lathering and conditioning. 

  • It has a magic effect as It gently cleans all types of hair, resulting in refreshed and lustrous locks. 

  • Suitable for chemical color-treated hair, feel free to get all the Brasilia, keratin treatments. 

  • Price

60 ml: 9$ 

300 ml: 55$

3-The Kure bond repair shampoo

  • It's a great shampoo for repairing damage and preventing future damage. 

  • Contains mainly plant butter and vaginal proteins with its rich nutrients which contain omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. 

  • It's clinically proven to repair and strengthen hair-damaged strands due to everyday heat and chemical treatment. 

  • Bind a bond that lasts, working in repair, strengthening, and bringing dry damaged hair back from its breaking point. 

  • Claims 87% more repair,55% less breakage, and 2X stringer hair often one use. 

  • Made especially for those looking to strengthen hair and reduce breakage due to everyday heat damage and chemical treatments.

  • Price 

230ml : 18$

l: 64$

4-Bust your brass shampoo

  • Cool bond repair shampoo.

  • A blonde best-kept secret cleanses, tone brassy hue while strengthening strands.

  • It Contains quinoa protein, plant butter, and ultraviolet pigments, this purple shampoo keeps your blond looking cool and strong. 

  • This ultraviolet shampoo tones unwanted brassy hues, while resulting in 86 % repair, 55% less breakage, age, and stronger, healthier-looking hair. 

  • It's clinically proven to tone, hydrate, strengthen and repair hair. 

  • It's suitable for all blondes and gray hair. 

  • Price 

60 ml :12$

1l : 70$

5-Amika vault color lock shampoo

  • Remain a shade of your hair, super staying power with this color-preserving shampoo.

  • It Filled with Uv filters and antioxidants.

  • Works in all hair types, and ideal color-treated hair.

  • Price 

60ml :9$



  (3)Amika Hair conditioner 

1-Normcore signature conditioner

  • Packed with vitamins and antioxidants for moisturizing, soft, and shiny hair. 

  • It contains shea butter for nourishment and softness, plus it's full of vitamins, minerals, and five fatty acids.

  • It's suitable for all types of hair, resulting in hydrated, soft, and shiny strands.

  • It's weightlessly hydrating, never weighs you down. 

  • Price 

60ml :9$


(2)The Kure bond repair conditioner 

  • Corrective conditioner that hydrates damaged strands with vegan proteins. 

  • It contains plant butter, vegan protein, rich in nutrients like omega, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins, and can provide keratin-like benefits from a plant source. 

  • It claims 87% more repair, 55% less breakage, 2x stronger hair after one use. 

  • It was made especially for those looking to strengthen hair, reduce breakage. 

  • The effect appears after just one wash. 

  • Price 



(3)vault (color - lock conditioner)

  • keep your hair shade with its creamy, color-preserving conditioner. 

  • It's rich in Uv filters and antioxidants. 

  • It works well on all hair types, ideal for color-treated hair.

  • Price 

60 ml:9$


(4)velveteen dream conditioner (for smoothest hair of your dreams) 

  • Smoothing conditioner with time-released humidity protection for skill frizz-free hair. 

  • For all hair types especially for those looking to smooth and protect their hair against humidity. 

  • Also suitable for chemicals, colored treated hair. 

  • Price



(5) 3D volume and thickening conditioner 

  • Its lightweight conditioner provides the ultimate thickening boost for big results with a voluminous finish. 

  • It improves hair volume.

  • It promotes a healthy, balanced scalp for fuller and thicker hair. 

  • It's suitable for fine, limp, and flat hair. 

  • Price



How can I get Amika Hair products 

  • By contact with them by 

  • Website:

  • Customer service number: 1-866-833-3444 

Return policy of Amika Hair Products 

  • You can return your orders within 30 days from reception by filling the return form on their website. 


If you search for products that help your hair to be like celebrities you would try using Amika Hair products due to it's clean, natural ingredients, Amika hair products make your hair like your dream.

By: Dr. Esraa farhat

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