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Phyto Hair Products is a pioneer in both hair treatment and styling products. The company was developed to provide an ideal solution for all hair problems without any harmful effects on general health. This was accomplished using only botanical ingredients that embrace both efficacy and safety along with affordable prices.

The Co-founder: Patrick Ales 

Patrick Ales, a French pioneer hairdresser, created the brushing (le brushing) in 1964 and sold his patent to L’oreal in 1974. He was an icon of success when he became an international hairdresser and the hairstylist for celebrities such as Edith Piaf, Jacky Kennedy, and even Brigitte Bardot. He first introduced Phyto Hair Products for hair care routine, styling, and treatment into the market in 1968. 

Interestingly, it was the first leading corporation in this field introducing products based on plant origin and unquestionably free of chemicals contradicting the perception that dominated back at this time and that was the reason for the outstanding success that ensued later.

Here are some of Phyto Hair Products that revolutionized the industry:

1-Hair Thinning Therapy of Phyto hair products:


Hair thinning affects approximately 12% of females around 30 years old and 30-40% of the female population between 60 and 69 years old in the USA. This percentage is even greater in men, reaching almost 50 million in the USA. Genetics or other temporary conditions such as pregnancy, hormones, illness, fatigue, or stress might be the reason for such a condition.

PHYTONOVATHRIX Ultimate Densifying Treatment for Scalp and Hair

PHYTONOVATHRIX is one of Phyto Hair Products lines that offers the magical solution using celery seed extract in PHYTONOVATHRIX Ultimate Densifying Treatment for Scalp and Hair to prevent thinning of hair and stimulate healthy hair growth. It targets both temporary and chronic conditions by restoring the natural balance of the scalp. Fortunately, it is a non-greasy formulation and suitable for all hair types.


PHYTONOVATHRIX Fortifying Energizing Shampoo

Other botanicals like Guarana and Red algae extracts are the secret ingredients rejuvenating the scalp and strengthening hair fibers.

PHYTONOVATHRIX Energizing Hair Mass Lotion

It is a delicate lotion promoting healthy hair growth along with adding volume to it.


Working from the inside out, PHYTOPHANERE is a natural supplement used to support both hair and nails. Using two capsules daily is sufficient to maintain healthy hair and nails as well.

3- Combating the frizz using PHYTODEFRISANT line

Another miraculous promise offered by Phyto Hair Products that resolves one of the major hair concerns is The Ultimate Phyto Routine To Combat Frizzy Hair using PHYTODEFRISANT. A line designed specifically to tame frizz and make you always feel as if you waltzed out of the salon; it is appropriate for all hair types and has been one of the highly-rated Phyto Hair Products. 

PHYTODEFRISANT Anti-frizz Shampoo

Not only does it cleanse, but also nourishes promising you enough protection from humidity and frizz-free hair even while detangling.

PHYTODEFRISANT Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Balm

The lightweight, non-oily, and thermos-active incomparable product hydrates and acts as a shield from frizz. This all synchronizes absolute manageable hair and keeps a natural radiating look.

PHYTODEFRISANT Anti-frizz Touch Up Care

This implies the secret weapon Phyto Hair Products offers for the quick fix-up needed or a bad hair day resulted from humidity or even static electricity. In just a few minutes, your hair suddenly turns out to have flawless results and perfect hair strands.

Your best friend, Phytodefrisant, is always ready to help and guarantee you an unbelievable easy way out of this problem.


4- Top 5 Curly Phyto Hair Products

Did you know that an estimated 65% of the US population has wavy, curly, or kinky hair? This was a compelling need for Phyto Hair Products to fulfill the need of this vast majority of the population. 

Phyto Specific Curl Legend Cream-Gel

It is the magical answer to even the most unruly curls. It gives perfect definition to your curls with no crunch nor frizz added to the soft and bouncy texture.

Phyto Specific Curl Legend Energizing Spray

It is a lightweight and hydrating spray to help you keep the radiating hair appearance with no sticky residuals.

Phyto Specific Cleansing Care Cream

The ultimate curl replenishing formula contains mallow root extract and castor oil to hydrate, replace lipids, nourish, and protect hair fibers.

Phyto Specific Rich Hydrating Mask

This mask is the optimal choice for both curly and kinky hair as it locks in moisture and prevents dryness.  And most of all, you can use it every day to look as if your hair just got out of the shower looking both hydrated and shiny.

Phyto Specific Baobab Oil

It uses five hair-enhancing oils to strengthen hair. It is perfect to apply before shampooing to make your hair silky, soft, and shiny.

5- 8 Different Phyto Hair Masks

Choose the optimal hair mask among eight different formulations to match your hair type.


PHYTOKERATINE Extreme Exceptional Hair Mask

This mask is formulated for ultra-damaged hair. It provides both nutrition and a healthy appearance from the inside out as it penetrates hair fibers and repairs them over time.


Also for ultra-damaged hair, this mask contains Botanical Keratin, Rice Ceramides, and wild pansy extraction rebuilding hair structure.

Phyto Elixir Intensive Nutrition Mask

The mask is suitable for dry hair. The secret ingredient of this mask is Macadamia oil and Narcissus flower to nourish your hair, add shine, and prevent dryness.

PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Mask

Designed also for dry hair, the mask contains jojoba oil that somehow resembles hair sebum, so it hydrates, smoothens, and improves your hair texture.

PHYTODENSIA Fluid Pumping Mask

This mask is best suited for lifeless hair to provide vitality using the power of Vernonia and grape polyphenols along with hyaluronic acid to invigorate your hair while acacias collagen treats the hair cuticle.


The mask is appropriate for fine hair as the weightless volume coats the hair and helps it recover over time.

PHYTOCOLOR Color Protecting Mask

It is the lifesaving formula for color-treated hair as it embraces Karanja oil and Hibiscus extraction to smoothen, preserve the hair color and bring back shine and a healthy look.

Phyto Specific Rich Hydrating Mask


The botanical power of Phyto Hair Products is the absolute answer to all hair types and conditions. You will always find the best product that best fits your hair along without being exposed to harsh and harmful chemicals.

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Read about: Hair Products 

By: Dr. Hoda Elasmar


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