To Love Your Hair Use Verb Hair Products | Average Price $18

Verb hair products are one of the high-quality natural products at an affordable price. All these products are sulfate-free, cruelty-free with no paraben or gluten.


What is verb hair products

Verb hair brands are created by a team of professional stylists women, Who were inspired by Austin to create their brand. They choose "Verb"  as the name of a brand because their products are active ones, not passive ones.
The brand was launched in 2009 by Micheal Portman, Jayson Rapaport the owners of Birds barbershop, and their common friend Claire Moses. They form products that have high quality and can compete with other high-end hair care brands and drug store products and tighten the gap between them.


Advantages of verb hair products:

1- Natural products

2- Water-based products

3- Rich with vitamins

4- Colour safe, for dyed hair

5- No sulfates, no paraben, and no gluten

6- Their containers are recyclable

7- Affordable price

8- Priorate to vegan

9-No animals tests

10-Perfect for all hair types


How to choose verb hair products:

According to the kind of your hair, also the type of damage that happened to it you can choose the best product from the list of verb hair products.


There are four main types of damage: heat damage as a result of using straighter and curling tools and even exposure to the sun for long periods, color damage due to dyes that weaken hair, physical damage such as dryness and splitting, and chemical damage include color damage and using chemicals to straighten hair.

Verb hair products create categories for each type of damage you can get the one that fits your needs.


What you can buy with $18 from verb hair products?

The main reason for creating verb hair products is to provide brands with affordable prices for high quality. Verb hair products achieve this equation. The mean price is $18. It is considered low cost among hair care products.


There are examples of products you can buy and their price:

Verb volume spray:$18

Verb curl conditioner:$18

Verb styling cream:$18

Verb sculpting clay:$18

Verb hydrating shampoo:$18

Verb hydrating conditioner:$18

Verb hydrating mask:$18

Verb ghost hair mask:$18

Verb ghost hair spray:$18

Verb ghost oil:$18

Verb sea shampoo:$18

Verb purple mask:$18

And there are many offers to get discount when buying more than one products as Duo offers as:

Verb smooth and shine due by 36$ instead of 40$

Verbs replenish and hydrate due also for 36$.

You can check for all products prices from their website or others like Amazon

Verb hair products list and reviews :

Verb hair products have a variety to be suitable for all types of hair and recover from any kind of damage. They release many collections of brands like sea collection, curl collection, and ghost collection. You can choose from them according to your hair and needs. Let's explore some of verb hair products and their reviews, and we will start with best sellers products:


•Ghost prep:

It is one of the bestsellers in the verb hair products brand, its price is $18 in size of 4fl oz. It is weightless, moisturizer, heat protection, and frizz control formula. It can protect from heat up to 420 °F. To use it, put a small amount in your hand and blend then apply to your hair from root to end and style it as you want. The main key ingredients are:


It is a moisturizer in its nature and a softener to hair.


2-Moringa oil:

To moisturize the hair shaft, hydrate and smooth it as it is rich in fatty acids. When applying heat, moringa oil infuses and enters into the hair shaft causing shining and smooth hair.


3- Pro vitamin B5:

 It hydrates and provides smooth hair, adds vibrancy, and provides a natural look to hair.

The review of this product is excellent and it gets 5 stars.


•Moringa and jojoba treatment oil:

It is a serum with a multi-use formula. It comes in size 1fl oz with a price of $18. It can help reduce breakage of hair by 73% and splitting by 64%. So it helps to repair damaged hair and dry scalp. It can be used for all types of hair before washing, applying drops of oil into the root, and massaging them. If hair is damaged and splitting, use it overnight then wash in the morning. The main ingredients are:

1-Jojoba oil:

It captures moisture in hair to give a healthy appearance and decrease damage and splitting.


2-Moringa oil:

As explained above, it worked as hydrating oil.

This product has another use as it can be used for skin, just put a few drops and massage your body. It has good reviews and gets 4.4 stars.



•Curl cream:

It comes at size 5.3 fl oz and price $18. Its formula activates hair to curl and fix its shape by controlling its frizz. It matches all hair types. It is applied to dry hair to activate curls, start with a small amount then use more. This cream mainly consists of:


2-Patented co-polymer to give volume

3-Sunflower extract

Its fat acids give nutrition to the hair, increase manageability, and have UV protection. It takes a rank of 4.5


•Volume dry texture spray:

This spray builds touchable volume. It is 5 oz with a   price of $18. To use, shake well and spray to dry hair that needs volume then separate and create texture with fingers.

Consists mainly of:


2-Pro-vitamin B5

3-Aloe vera:

It has similar PH to hair, So it maintains the balance of PH. It also soothes the scalp and enhances the elasticity of hair. It has a rank of 4.6.



•Hydrating shampoo:

Extensive moisturizing shampoo and cleans hair gently. It is designed to leave hair softer and smoother. Applied into wet hair then rinses, to get perfect effect use a hydrating conditioner after it. Its main ingredients are:

1-Amino acid

To moisturize and preserve the color of hair


2-Argan oil

Enhance hair elasticity and give a shiny appearance. It also has an antioxidant effect that improves strength and decreases frizzing.


3-Sunflower seeds extract


4-Pro-vitamin B5, It takes the rank of 5 stars


Other verb hair products achieve bestsellers, you can find them on their website.


New arrival verb hair products:

•Sea spray

•Ghost trio

•Hydrate trio



Your beauty starts from hair, keep your hair healthy with natural verb hair products that have no paraben, no gluten, and no sulfates.


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By/ Dr. Hager khedr

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