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Animal Health Center of Wichita is a trusted place serving the highest level of veterinary medicine as they believe that monitoring animal health and preventing animal diseases is vital to the country’s economy and food supply. Also preventing diseases grows economies and improves the health of populations.

About animal health center of Wichita:

They are a group of qualified, highly trained, experienced animal lovers who are serving the best care possible of animals and treating every pet as if they were their own pet. They are serving Wichita, KS, and surrounding areas.

Animal Health Center of Wichita

Why is animal health important?

-Preventing and controlling diseases grows economies and local communities.

-Improving the health of the young and eldery populations.

-Reducing environmental impacts.

-Improving animal well-being.

-Safer food supplies.

Animal Health Center of Wichita

Animal health center of wichita services:

Physical examination and consultation 

First they will ask you about any problem with your pet,his diet,medicines and exercises.

Then they will do a physical examination on your pet.

Next monitor your pet’s weight and also look for any potential problems .Their goal to catch any problem before they become major ones.


Nutritional counseling

It is a great way to inform pet owners about a healthy diet for their pet according to your pet’s lifestyle,needs,health problems and’s dietary needs will depend on their size and activity.

Weight gain is the most common obvious sign that your pet is eating too much and this is a serious problem and can cause health problems.

If your pet is eating a healthy diet they shouldn’t be gaining weight and different pets need different kinds of foods depending on their shape and size. So if you aren't sure what to feed your pet, talk with your veterinarian.


Animal health center of Wichita believes in using the highest level of medical technology and they have experienced and highly trained surgeons to provide the best care possible.


If you suspect your pet has one of the following it may undergo surgery:

-Masses and tumours just beneath the skin and sometimes internally.

-Orthopaedic problems like hip displacement and knee injuries.

-Eye and dental problems.


Pet vaccination plays an important role in keeping your pet healthy,preventing the spread of certain diseases and can help you avoid costly treatment for preventable animal illnesses.

Very young puppies and kittens are highly susceptible to infectious diseases as the natural immunity in the mother's milk gradually wears off.


Which vaccine should your pet receive?

There are some factors that affect your pet’s risk of exposure to diseases like your pet’s lifestyle,access to other animals and travel to other locations so You can discuss this with your veterinarian.

Does vaccination ensure protection?

Vaccination is effective and will prevent future diseases however vaccinated pets may not develop proper immunity and it is possible to become ill but most vaccinated pets never show signs of disease making vaccination an essential part of your pet’s care.



It is a simple way to ensure your pet’s safety. A microchip is a small electronic chip enclosed in a glass cylinder activated by a scanner that is passed over the area injected under the skin using a hypodermic needle. It is a painless and fast procedure.

What should I do to maintain my pet's microchipping?

-Make sure the microchip is registered. 

-Ask your veterinarian to scan it at least once per year.

-Keep your registration information upto date.

Preventative medicine

Regular checkups are important even when your pet appears healthy, making the veterinarian aware of the pet’s health to avoid any future problems.



They have a fully stocked pharmacy. They have an on-site pharmacy to fill your pet’s needs.

Wellness exams 

At the animal health center of Wichita, they believe that wellness exams are important to your pet’s wellbeing and evaluating the overall health of your pet detecting any problems.

Dental health 

Dental problems can lead to health issues with the heart, liver, and kidneys. Many pet owners are not aware of the importance of dental care to their pets. So if your pet has brown or yellow teeth, bad breath, or difficulty eating these could all be signs of dental problems.

How could improve pet’s dental hygiene?

-Home brushing.

-Dental chews.

-Regular inspection.

At the animal health center of Wichita, they perform cleanings including the area beneath the gums that you can’t see at home.


In house diagnostics 

At the animal health center of Wichita they offer radiology, with an in-house laboratory to figure out quickly and efficiently what is wrong with your pets as they believe the sooner they figure out what the problem is the sooner your pet starts to feel better.



Animal Health Center of Wichita

2930 E Harry St

Wichita, KS 67211

Phone: (316) 267-4738

Fax: (316) 267-4739

Animal Health Center of Wichita


The Animal health center of Wichita believes in treating every patient as if they were their own pet providing the highest level of veterinary medicine.

By: Dr. Al Shaymaa Ahmed

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