Top 7 bee products more besides honey- Top healthy choices ever.

Did you imagine before any bee products except honey! Check our coming words to open the bee products mysterous box. 




You may get stunned when you hear there are additional bee products beneficial to your health. Let us enumerate what bees products are besides honey.

There are various products like:




-Bee bread.


-Royal jelly.

-Bee venom.

-Beehive air. 

All of these can improve your health greatly.




Firstly, we should know the meaning of a honeybee and its types.

Honey Bees are flying insects like hornets. Honey bees mainly live on nectar and pollen of flowers of different plants using their proboscis which is similar to straws to absorb its nectar.


The bee's body also has two wings, two antennas, and three-segmented bodies (the head, the thorax, and the abdomen).

Honey bees are highly organized; they always cooperate in colonies to form hives. Each hive mainly consists of a single queen, hundreds of drones, and thousands of worker bees.




How do bees organize their daily activities?

1-Worker bees.

Worker bees represent about 99% of the hive population even in numbers and functions. All of the worker bees are females and are aging for about 45 days.


They are the smallest members in the hive besides being developed females so can’t lay eggs. Each worker bee has a unique mission depending on its maturity.


Worker bees are the cornerstone for whole hive health by doing the followings:

1.Nest building.

2.Feeding the larva (the baby bees).

3.Brood rearing.

4.Cleaning the hive.

5.Collection of the food.

6.Guarding the colony.

7.Favoring the queen.


Worker bees should have specific features to maintain others healthy as;

1.Scent glands.

2.Pollen baskets.

3.Brood food glands.

4.Wax glands.




Let's explore the second creature in a beehive:

2-Drone bees.

Drone bees are the male bees in the beehive. They are the largest bees with large eyes and a bigger head than either worker bees or the queen. Drone bees are incapable of the queen fertilization but die instantly. If they aren't fertile they can live for 90 days. The only reason for your possible stinging is drone bees.




Now, let’s greet the QUEEN bees.

3-The queen bees.

Each hive holds just a single queen. She has distinct features away from other bees like the long abdomen and small wings.

The queen was mated from 15 or more drone bees to produce fertilized and unfertilized ones.

She can lay up to 1500 eggs daily, And about a million eggs in a lifetime parallel to 250,000 eggs annually.

While the colony requires a new queen, they pick out a healthy larva and feed it with royal jelly helping this larva to grow into the queen.




Imagine with us bees' life outside the colony.

Most bees spread to collect nectar and pollen from flowers to produce different types of honey and other products.

Honey is the nutritious food for the adult bees for growing larvae as a source of energy.

The bees also collect pollen to feed larvae as a source of protein.

Finally, strong young bees are yielded. On the other side, flowering plants get pollinated to produce different fruits.


Bees can prepare water for drinking and cooling the nest, they have the ability to use evaporated cooling and their wings to pump air into and out the hive.


I think you are interested to know the honey bee products for our health uses:

Honey bees can manufacture several products, you will be amazed when I mention the features and the benefits of the honey and other bee products for health as following;



Honey is a sweet slimy yellow substance made from the nectar of flowers. bees produce different forms of the honey from solids, in honeycomb, to sloppy and liquid.

It is more difficult than you imagined it, bees cut a distance of about 77,000 km to collect the nectar for just 1 liter of honey.

Honey is the most appreciated bee product to our health utilized for nutrition and some medical properties.

Some Health uses of bee honey product :

1.antioxidant activity.

2.antimicrobial effect.

3.anti-inflammatory performance.

4.antidiabetic efficacy.

5.wound healing

6.anticancer role.



Nectar is a sweet liquid high in sucrose yielded from plant glands named nectaries and also high in moisture which evaporates when bees produce the honey.

Nectar as one of the honey bee products has some health benefits:

1.Source of energy for honey bees.

2.Source of carbs in the bees' diet.

3.Action in foraging economics and eventually differentiation between various species.





Beeworkers bring bollworms in their pollen baskets to the hive. The mixture between pollen, nectar, and salivary secretions of bees yields the pollen-bee bread.

Pollen is an important source of protein and is consumed as dietary supplements for humans.

The collected pollen, to be healthy, has to be used rapidly not to lose its potency.


Some uses of pollen for your health;

1.pollen for antioxidant activity.

2.pollen for antimicrobial effect.

3.anti-inflammatory role.

4.pollen for Immunomodulatory activity.

5.anticancer role.





Foraging bees secrete bee wax from wax glands present in their abdomens.

Bee-wax substance is produced in large amounts to build the wall of honeycomb.

Beeswax is used in numerous health industries like the food industry, candles, lip balms, natural healthy creams, and polish.

Beeswax also has antimicrobial activity.




5.Bee bread.

In spite of its name as bee bread, it isn't made of bees, but by the bee.

Bee bread is a combination of nectar and pollen or honey, so it is considered to be the best nutritive source for the health of bee workers and larvae.

The synthesis of bee bread relies on many factors as types of flowers, the maturity of the bee, and the appropriate season.

Bee bread is a healthy source of amino acids, vitamins, protein, and fatty acids.


Additionally, bee bread has distinct benefits for human beings  health as;

1.Liver function refinement.

2.Stress and fatigue reduction.

3.Anti-aging effect.

4.Source of energy enhancing your health.

5.Antioxidant effect.

6.Anemia treatment.





Propolis is a substance produced from the sap on needle-leaved trees or evergreens.


propolis sap is scrambled with beeswax and pollen to produce a sticky green brownish substance as a sheath to build the hive leaving it sterilized.


We display here the propolis abundant uses for your health;

1.Antioxidant function.

2.Antimicrobial impact.

3.Antiviral consequence.

4.Immunomodulatory litigation. 

5.Anticancer activity.

6.Wound remedy and skin protection.

7.Antidiabetic activity.


7.Bee venom.

When a bee feels threatened, it stings producing a colorless clear acidic liquid filled with protein that causes the familiar inflammation harming temporarily your skin health.


Bee liquid is the bee venom also known as apitoxin acting as their first defense line against enemies.


Bee venom contains both anti-inflammatory and inflammatory components involving enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and sugar beside a healthy substance called Melittin that embraces about 50% of its dry weight bee venom acting for your health also as an:

  • Antiviral.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Antimicrobial.
  • Anticancer activity. 


Melittin is a substance that is responsible for the pain of the bee sting.

Otherwise, bee venom comprises amines toxins that act as anti-inflammatory agents for pain-relieving.




8.Royal jelly.

Royal jelly products are the magic white-yellowish gelatinous substance enhancing your health prominently.

Royal jelly produced in the bee saliva to feed the Queen bee and their larvae.

Royal jelly represents a rich dietary supplement utilized for the treatment of diverse diseases, It consists of many health essentials as fats, protein, carbohydrates, and water.

We consider royal jelly as a vitamin B complex substance.


It contains Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Pentatonic acid (5), Pyridoxine (B6), Biotin (B7), Inositol (B8), and Folic acid (B9).

Among all-natural bee products, royal jelly has superior benefits for human health.

1.Antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory action.

2.Immunomodulatory effect.

3.Neuromodulators activity.

4.Anti-aging role.

Beyond massive research and studies for human health, the world now can admit it.

Honey and other bee products can be the natural key to the proper health of many populations as mentioned before centuries in Muslims’ holy book” The Qur’an”.



Our dew treats for you today are expanding your imagination to reveal many healthy bee products more than honey. The bee products vary from royal jelly, bee venom, beeswax, bee pollen, bee nectar, bee bread, to propolis. Bee products benefits may augment treatment options in chronic diseases. Additionally, Bee products and their health uses, bee products as a functional food, bee products for health, bee products for allergy, bee products for infertility, and bee products for skin all are valuable and more beneficial than you supposed before our journey.


If you need to exapand your knowledge about research, studies and benefits of bees products. Hit links above. 











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