Top 7 tips to master your makeup looks.

Top tips make up looks

Join dewTreats, our lady, to the most top tips of a shiny Makeup jouney. Over years makeups can be the charming tool to bold women beauty and settle a glamorous look. Pick our ideas step by step to get your beauty goals. 

Makeup box

Makeup looks box 

Being a lady you are in pure love with beauty tricks like applying fresh ideas about makeup and following the new trends till your dreamy look comes true.

Here is below we mentioned tips to store your makeup tools right, so follow us. 

Using makeup box

Our recommended list of the best makeup box you can get:

  • Boxy charm (it includes sections for cosmetic pallets, lip colors, eyeliners, and beauty tools for skincare products.

  • Ipsy Glam Bag  

  • Glossy box

  • Birch box( stylish box for personal beauty items ). 
    The makeup box is a so-called cosmetic container.
    To achieve perfect storing routine for years, you have to discover these points; 

  • Bring your fave to the vanity kitchen tool.

  • Stick makeup products on lazy Susan as the spinning device allowing easy pick to your beauty tool. 

  • Use glass jars for your colors.

  • Use a glass case for your makeup brush.

  • File makeup like paper.

  • Use a cookie jar for your nail polish.

Never store your makeup in the bathroom as moisture increases bacterial spreading, so you should choose a dry place. 

Look for the best box, vanity, place organizer according to your budget.


make up best brands

Makeup best brands.

Make forever is a French cosmetic brand built-in 1984 by makeup artist Dany sanz.  It became a part of the makeup leading luxurious companies since 1999, owned by LVMH.

To know more about makeup forever nearby you, just visit their online site and crawl to our place to get more products. 

Makeup Forever shop offers a high-quality foundation, eye shadow, and makeup brushes.

The brand channel has its unique feature worldwide, the quality of channel products deserve the money you pay.  

  • Estée Kaiser is one of the most renowned companies.

  • Dior brand is a radiant beauty icon for many women for being creative and inspiring.

  • L'Oreal is one of the ton companies which offers lipsticks, eyeliners, foundation, and other cosmetic products.

  •  The Lancome brand was created by Armand Petitjean in 1935.

  • Clarins brand which delivers optimal beauty for women worldwide.

  • Maybelline New York gorgeous brand which becomes the top cosmetic company in America.

  • Guerlain is a radiant Parisian brand that offers the best beauty products.

  • MAC brand which presents ultimate coloring authority.

  • NARS brand is almost playing to clear your natural beauty.

  • Yves Saint Laurent.    

  • Givenchy makeup brand.       

  • Revlon, Laura Mercier,  Bobbi Brown, Cove girl, bare minerals, Elizabeth Arden, Burberry, Cover FX, and Sephora makeup brands.

Revolution makeup is a budget UK makeup brand that aims to apply easy makeup look by everyone.

Almost worthy of your glowy beauty to pay for getting the best makeup brands and keeping your skin healthy.

Just follow the correct tips of different makeup looks and good makeup removal ways.


makeup look types

Makeup looks

There are many different make up look to be applied according to your event and face shape. Find your favorite one now from; 

    • HD look.
    • Natural look.
    • Matte look.
    • Mineral looks. 
    • Airbrush looks. 
    • Shimmer looks. 
    • Smokey makeup look. 

Also if you are looking for special-event make ups

 Christmas makeup look, stunning beauty makeup looks, black swan inspired looks, vintage type, contemporary look, green smokey metal makeup looks, natural elegant makeup looks, mermaid chunky makeup looks, boho, dark eye makeup looks, alluring makeup looks, drunk brush makeup looks, cut crease makeup looks, orange makeup look, glassy makeup look, sultry makeup look, soft bridal makeup look, Halloween inspired makeup look, monochromatic nude makeup looks, dramatic glam makeup looks, heavy makeup looks, neon blue makeup looks, pretty in colors inspired makeup look, rosy cheek makeup looks, dramatic prom queen makeup look, mysterious makeup looks, poison-ivy inspired makeup looks, innocent beauty makeup look, winter-inspired makeup looks, dramatic night makeup look, fierce dramatic makeup looks, fall dramatic, dramatic everyday makeup looks, dramatic blue glitter,spring-inspired makeup looks, homecoming, and burgundy inspired makeup looks.

Back to E Girl makeup look.

Itdepends on winged eyeliners, highlighting your face's edges, faux freckles, glossy lips, and heavy blusher.

Whereas the nude makeup look; 

It is quite simple of neutral colors matching skin color with complete coverage to face imperfections. Barely called as (no-makeup look).

Delving into the classical look;

It is an updated nod focusing on eyeliners, lips, brows, and lashes. 

Take simple DewTreats tips below to appear more natural and shiny as; 

using aluminum foil increases the effect of creamy face masks.

Besides making up your face as; 

highlight with bronzer with a darker shade more than your skin.

    1. Draw the blusher according to your face profile.

    2. Draw an inverted triangle of concealer beneath the eye then blend it with a soft sponge.

    3. Add a lip balm over the lids after the eye-shadow so it will be glossy.

make up eyeliner

Draw a make up winged eyeliner, follow these tips:

Use the spoon (the handle is put at the outer corner of the eye), then follow the handle drawing a straight line of eyeliner, then use the round part of the spoon to cup the eyelids, then use the curved edge to draw the curvy tip of the wing, and finally fill the gaps between the two lines with eyeliner extension on the upper lash line.

Eye makeup signature looks vary to include a shimmery eye, cat eye, heavy eyeliner, cut crease, smokey eye, and gradient eye looks. 

Cat eyes can be rounded by a thicker wing of eyeliner which includes the top and the bottom of the lash line.

Hoody eyes can be rounded by projecting extra skin folding down from the brow bone hooding a part of the eyelid in a sexy appearance.


makeup kit

Makeup kit items;

See our makeup application steps on making up your face; either by yourself or if by your makeup artist like; 

  •  Perfect makeup starts with perfect skincare. So moisturizing and priming is a must before makeup.

  • Your initial makeup kit should include foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, blusher, highlighter, eye shadow pallet, nudes, and lipstick.
    The correct order of makeup application differs from makeup artist to another one, each one has his own features.

makeup brushes

Makeup looks brushes;

are the first tool of your kit, so you should choose the best type according to your budget.

 The best makeup brushes in 2020 are; 

    • Real techniques everyday essentials. 

    • Sigma brush.          

    • Eco tool brushes. 

    • Brushwork HD complete face. 

    • Morphe faces the best 5 piece face brush collection.

The cheapeast makeup brushes, you can afford; 

    • Best overall E.L.F cosmetic beautifully prices.

    • Best vegan.   

    • Best face set.

    • Best eye set (Sephora collection).

To sterilize your makeup brushes follow the latest tips:

Your makeup brushes should be changed every 2 or 3 months. You can clean them with hair shampoo especially the shampoo of colored hair.

Also, put a dab of soap in your palm and drip the bristles gently through it and rinse the brush with lukewarm water. Finally, put it on a towel to dry.

Change your makeup brushes directly if they begin to shed, discolor, or develop a smell.


makeup organizer set

Makeup organizer and vanity.

Every lady likes to have a special makeup organizer as an important accessory part of her makeup kit.

Best types of makeup organizer

    • I design a clarity vertical plastic pallet organizer.

    • Anthropologie faceted vanity makeup organizer.

    • M design divided the lazy Susan turntable storage container.

    • Clear stackable small shoe drawer.

    • Ikea acrylic makeup organizer.

    • Bamboo makeup organizer and travel makeup train case.
      Concerning the makeup vanity, it is a designed furniture piece special for makeup, perfume,  skin care products, and other women beauty tools 

Every girl wants to have a special makeup vanity with a lovely mirror. Some girls add light spots around the mirror.

Check the best makeup Vanity as; 

    • Torrance makeup vanity with a mirror.

    • Gloria makeup vanity.

    • Rebel pobby makeup vanity with mirror.

    • Uni home makeup vanity.

    • Tribesigns makeup vanity with round light mirror

    • Bewishome vanity set.

    • Glamstation makeup vanity.

    • Vasagle vanity with bulbs of light and touch switch.

    • Perdana, x base, and keygen makeup vanities.

You can design your makeup vanity by yourself and you will surely love hearing your friends saying wow it looks pretty ..good job.


makeup remover

How to remove makeup 

Make up removal can be effortless if you follow our removal rules. 

Always use moisture next to make up removal. Water and soap are better than wipes.

See some of the next tips as; 

  • Use your daily cleanser. 

  • Be gentle with your skin, makeup experts advice on using cleansing oil so keep your face moist

  • Steam with heat water as it widens your face pores and allows the cleanser to penetrate.

  • The hardest part is your eyes, the eye skin is sensitive so you can use Cotton pads, oil-based (for waterproof makeup and long-lasting lipstick too)

  • You should avoid baby wipes as they are not made for this purpose.

The original makeup eraser can remove eyeliner, foundation, lipstick and even the waterproof types using a low water volume fitting all skin types.

Finally, my exceptional lady, know your inner beauty reflects your outer shine. Your real beauty may be a passion core. A natural face is always a shiny one so keep your face natural and even if you make up, try the simple and natural look.

makeup power

Our dew treats for you today are about your beauty charm. Just assign your special time every day, wear your lovely clothing and make up your face with your favorite makeup look and always remember that the natural makeup look is always the best, so try many makeup looks till you get your inspiration yet. 

Our lady, you can read more about makeup tips, styling and scretes from here or shop here.






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