Best Of How Do You Stop Bed Bugs From Biting You Naturally

Bed bugs are not responsible for any disease transmission however it is considered a public health problem. How do you stop bed bugs from biting you naturally? 

Let's learn in this article easy steps to beat bed bugs and the wide variety of public health problems caused.

What are the public health problems caused by bed bugs

- Bed bugs are searching for their blood-feeding meal at night leading to strong mental health impacts like anxiety and insomnia.

- Their bites can cause local skin allergic reactions, which may lead to systemic health problems.

These bites range from no effect to a small local bite to, in rare cases, may cause anaphylaxis (airway obstruction, systemic hypotension, and whole-body reaction).

- Secondary infection (impetigo) by other organisms may complicate the local skin bites of the bed bugs. 

The local skin bites are not specific to the infestation of the bed bugs. These bites can resemble bites from other pests such as ants and mosquitoes.

Looking forward to how you stop bed bugs from biting you naturally is mandatory to get rid of all these issues. how-do-you-stop-bed-bugs-from-biting-you-naturally

What are the characteristics of bed bugs

Early identification of bed bug infestation will guide you to the best plan of control.

General characteristics

- Size: 5-7 mm or as size as an apple seed

- Colour: brown to reddish-brown

- Shape: flat, oval body elongated with fresh 

- Smell: sweetish musty and this smell by specific own glands


Where are bed bugs hiding

Bed bugs usually prefer to be in places that are in contact with the human body where people could be in rest or sleep. 

Finding these areas of infestation is the first step in how do you stop bed bugs from biting you naturally.

These areas could be

- Between the layers of bed sheets and the folds of curtains

- Between cushions

- In the folds of chairs, beds, and couches

- In drawer joints 

- Under the cover of loose wallpapers 

- In the head of screws

After explaining this basic information, you are now ready to find out how do you stop bed bugs from biting you naturally?


What are the best natural ways to prevent bed bugs from biting

Despite the availability of specific pesticides for bed bugs, natural methods to get rid are the best in terms of safety, effectiveness, and cost.

The best top 9 methods in how do you stop bed bugs from biting you naturally 

Petroleum jelly

Spread a layer of petroleum jelly product on different parts of your furniture in contact with bed bugs so bed bugs will get stuck with it during searching for the meal. You should know this method is not effective if the bugs are already found in your mattress.

Baking soda

Baking soda can cause its toxic effect by dehydrating the outer skeleton layer of the bed bugs. Spreading it on bed sheets and mattresses will help you to achieve its effect. Its effect appears after 5 to 7 days.

It is very effective to combine the first 2 ways to how do you stop bed bugs from biting you naturally.



From your kitchen, vinegar odor plays a toxic role in bed bugs' nervous system. It usually plays an adjuvant role with other natural ways, not the primary one.

Black walnut tea

Also from your kitchen, you can apply the black tea bags throughout your home to be near-bed and to close any crackles.

Black tea has repellent properties to get rid of bed bugs but is not supported by any studies.

Peppermint oil

How do you stop bed bugs from biting you naturally, the essential oils come on top, especially peppermint oil.

Peppermint oil’s odor gets bed bugs away so it also has a repellent property.

You can dilute about 20 -30 drops of peppermint oil with water in a spray bottle and apply it throughout your home.

Tea tree oil 

Tea tree oil is one of the essential oils that have antiseptic, antiparasitic, antibiotics, antiviral and antifungal effects.

Dilute 20 drops of tea tree oil in 50 ml water and spray it throughout your home.

Essential oils are not supported by some users as their application consumes time and is not practical.


Enhancing good hygiene throughout your home by using soap is one of the old harmless methods to decrease bed bug infestation.

Baby powder

By masking the musty bad smell of bed bugs, the baby powder is in the category of how do you stop bed bugs from biting you naturally with a weak dehydrating toxic effect.

Strong results support the use of baby powder as an adjuvant method with the next method to get rid of bed bug infestation.

Diatomaceous earth

Showing how do you stop bed bugs from biting you naturally, diatomaceous earth is considered the most powerful, effective, and safest method.

It destroys the outer waxy layer of bed bugs’ skeleton casing fatal dehydrating effect and is responsible for killing 90% of bed bugs.

Careful adding this powder to the bed mattresses and throughout the crackles, you will get a strong killing effect. 

Take care, bed bugs may evade the sites of sprinkled powder and easily avoid such traps.

It is necessary to note that, there are important steps while using how do you stop bed bugs from biting you naturally to get the best results in decreasing the bed bugs’ infestation, you should learn them. 

Don’t hesitate when the problem gets worse to contact an expert in pest control agencies. They will help you to get professionally rid of bed bugs.


Don’t panic when you are facing a bed bug problem and remember that it is not impossible to get rid of.

Firstly when you start to solve this problem, think about how do you stop bed bugs from biting you naturally. 

Always start with the easiest and safest method till reaching the best goal or contact an expert agency to help you professionally.

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