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Many people ask, does coconut oil repel bed bugs? You'll find the answer to this question in this article and many things related to bed bugs and their bite.

Bed bugs are annoying insects that many people are suffering from. It is present in many places all over the world but, when it attacks the place where you exist it will make you very annoyed and puzzled about how to get rid of it.

Does coconut oil keep bugs away

What are bed bugs?

First, we will discuss the shape of your tiny enemy.

It is an insect that feeds on your blood or animal's blood. It's nearly oval in the shape and flat its color is reddish-brown.

You can find them in clothes, furniture, and carpets, they are active at night.

So, if you ask.. when does coconut oil repel bed bugs mostly? The answer is at night. 

They can't fly, so they attach to humans and animals for moving to Other places.

What are the symptoms of bed bug bites

Will coconut oil keep bed bugs from biting?

Before I give you the answer to your main question "does coconut oil repel bed bugs", I'll inform you about bed bug bite symptoms…

Its bite isn't painful at the same time it bites you because it exerts a small amount of anesthetic on your skin, so you don't feel pain.

Maybe a few days will pass until you will feel its symptoms which include the following:

- The area affected becomes swollen and its color becomes red and also has a dark spot at its center. 

- They are in the shape of clusters and lines. Multiple bites are grouped together.

- Itching.

- Blisters filled with fluid.

- Blood in bedsheets as you may scratch it but, you shouldn't scratch them it will bleed 🩸 and be infected.

After you know some information about your small enemy, let's discuss the main purpose of the article.

Does coconut oil repel bed bugs

How does coconut oil repel bed bugs

Can coconut oil kill bed bugs?

In Fact, not coconut oil itself repels bed bugs, fatty acids that are derived from act as a long-lasting repellent against flies, mosquitos 🦟 and bed bugs. And its efficacy is very good.

Many people tend to use cheaper alternatives and natural products they can find in their houses instead of expensive chemical repellents.

According to the latest studies by the US agriculture department, compounds derived from coconut oil are more effective than DEET that people used during the second world war as a repellent to different insects.

In addition to the dangerous side effects of DEET which includes rashes, disorientation, and seizures.

Why does coconut oil repel bed bugs better than other natural oils

Despite the presence of a variety of many natural and herbal products, they don't achieve the desired progress as their effects don't last for a long time but the compounds that are derived from coconut oil don't.

Does coconut oil repel bed bugs better than DEET

Do coconut oil compounds repel insects better than DEET?

When coconut oil compounds are compared with DEET, it's found that its effect is about 95% bur, whereas DEET is about 50%. In addition to its effect lasting for 14 days, DEET and Other synthetic products are only 3 days.

Because of being non-toxic, coconut oil compounds are used in the industry of cosmetics and food. So it's safe, unlike chemical products.

How to use essential oils to deal with bed bugs and other insects

As people asked, does coconut oil repel bed bugs, they also asked for other essential oils.

There are many different ways to use and apply coconut oil. One of the most popular uses is to apply it to bed bug bites.

It helps to heal and relieve the pain that is produced from itching due to insect bites, not bed bugs only.

Coconut oil can be one of the main elements in your plan to get rid of bed bugs when you use it with a treatment that kills them.

It helps to repel them from places it hides into them. You can select certain places to start with such as the frame of your bed, crevices, and cracks.

does coconut oil repel bed bugs

What are oils that you can use with coconut oil

What oil keeps away bed bugs?

Lavender essential oil

As people ask" does coconut oil repel bed bugs", they also ask for lavender oil.

It helps to relieve the discomfort that is associated with the bites by using it without dilution or with carrier oil.

Frankincense oil

It has an additional advantage that improves your mood. If you are worried about bed bug bites and feel discomfort, it will be useful for you. Also, it cools down the pain of the bite.

Tea tree oil

Its antibacterial effect helps it to soothe the pain of the bites and other discomfortable effects.

You can use these oils alone or mixed with coconut oil and I think it will be useful when you ask… does coconut oil repel bed bugs πŸ˜‰πŸ‘.

What are the derivatives of Coconut oil and its usage

You may also ask an alternative question: Why does coconut oil repel bed bugs by its derivatives?

There are some of its derivatives

Citronella oil

Although it has a good smell, bed bugs stay away from it. It acts as a repellent but it's very potent so, its product has citronella oil more than 10% has been panned.

You can spray it over your bed and around it.

Does coconut oil repel bed bugs

Eucalyptus and peppermint oil

You can use it as a repellent by soaking cotton balls in these oils and then putting them in the areas where bed bugs may reach to bite you 

So, if you ask, does coconut oil repel bed bugs when it is used with eucalyptus and peppermint oil? The answer will be yes for sure.

Does the usage of coconut oil only prevent getting worse

Unfortunately, can't prevent the infestation of bed bugs from getting worse πŸ˜” so you should use bed bug products that help to get rid of them.

So when you ask, does coconut oil repel bed bugs and prevent getting worse the answer will be no for sorry.

Does coconut oil repel bed bugs

Nature of coconut oil and its types

It has sticky properties and a fragrant smell that will make the smell of your clothes like coconut oil odor.

Fortunately, there are types of coconut oil that solve that problem. They are coco and co which are non-sticky and their smell isn't strong enough to make the smell of your clothes like coconut.

Effect of coconut oil on repelling bed bug bites

Some people ask, how does coconut oil repel bed bugs if you apply it to your skin?

You can apply it topically to your skin. Bed bugs are irritated by the fatty acids of coconut oil so it will keep it away from your skin thus, avoid bites.

Although it's not comfortable for you to have an oily layer on your skin, it's a really good effective way. It also has an anti-pest tidal effect.

You should know that there aren't any studies that have approved this.

Does coconut oil repel bed bugs

What are the odors that bed bugs hate

It hates the smell of citrus πŸ‹πŸŠ, mint, cinnamon, and basil as they contain linalool. You can also spray lavender oil in cracks and other places where it is hidden.

How can you kill bed bugs instantly

When it is exposed to hot steam about 50°c and its egg at temp about 100°c. By applying the stream slowly to corners and cracks where it may be hidden.

In addition to immersing your clothes and sheets in hot water then dry them at a high temperature. 

Take care… you should put clothes in a plastic bag before you put them in the washing machine then throw the plastic bag away after you put the clothes in the washing machine.

After washing, store your clean clothes in a clean sealed bin that makes it difficult for bed bugs to penetrate.

You may ask, does coconut oil repel bed bugs instantly? For sorry no but you can apply that way I list it for you above.

What should you do after bed bugs bite you

As quickly as possible wash the affected area with soap and warm water.

You can put ice to reduce swelling.

You may ask, does coconut oil repel bed bugs and relieve the pain of its bite?

Yes, it has a good effect on the pain of bed bug bites.

Are there any signs to know the presence of bed bugs

Although you may not see it, you can infer its presence by:

- Orange or red stains were found on the mattress after it was crushed.

- Blurry dots when you see it's urine.

- You can see small eggs and eggshells.

Where can bed bugs bite you

Any part of your body can be bitten but it bites parts that aren't covered such as the face, neck, hands, and arms. 

Bed bugs don't bite every day, they can live without feeding for many weeks.

You may think πŸ€” it's better but in fact, it will make it difficult to notice it.

They can multiply very fast as they lay eggs every three to four days.

Does coconut oil repel bed bugs

What are the complications of bed bug bites

Its bite may lead to allergic reactions and infections. It causes asthma and anaphylaxis in rare conditions.

Scratching bed bug bites may lead to infections such as folliculitis and cellulitis. So avoid scratching it and wash it with water and soap.

You should contact your doctor when you feel that: 

- Difficult breathing

- Wheezing

- Hives

- Fever

- Confusion

Finally, you can find in this article the following:

- Does coconut oil repel bed bugs?

- Other effective essential oils repel bed bugs.

- What are bed bugs and their bite symptoms?

- How can you identify the presence of bed bugs?

- How can you treat bed bug bites at home?

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