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Embrace Pet Insurance is an insurance company founded in 2003 in Cleveland, USA. It is now owned by NSM Insurance Group, a leading group in the insurance business.

Embrace pet insurance had created the concept of pet insurance when it won the 2003 Wharton Business Plan Competition and since then it had changed this concept into a promising business.


Embrace Pet Insurance growth through year's:

  • October 10, 2006: Embrace sold its first pet insurance policy.

  • August 2012: Embrace partnered with American Modern Insurance Group.

  • September 2012: Healthy Pet Deductible started to reward pets with $50 credit for each healthy year.

  • November 2013: in association with American Modern Insurance Group, Embrace worked with Armed Forces Insurance to protect more dogs and cats.

  • April 2014: Embrace partnered with Helen Woodward Animal Center for pet protection in forever homes.

  • April 2019: Embrace Pet Insurance App was launched to allow policyholders to manage their policies anywhere and anytime

  • September 2019: Embrace Pet Insurance and PawSupport partnered to give policyholders 24/7 access to the pet helpline. Pet helpline is specific in pet-related issues as dietary and behavioral ones.

  • December 2019: Embrace won International Service Excellence Award Service Champion Award. 

  • August 2020: Embrace Pet Insurance won the Northcoast 99 Award for the 9th time as one of Northeast Ohio's best workplaces for top talents.

  • September 2020: Embrace launched raising over $200,000 for Cleveland-area Nonprofits.

Coverage Details for Accidents and Illnesses:

Embrace pet insurance policies cover the next conditions:

  • Dental illnesses as extraction, gum inflammation, and root canal treatment up to $1000 per year.

  • Congenital, genetic conditions, and breed-specific conditions such as hip dysplasia, allergies, and IVDD, and others.

  • Cancer treatment is covered along with all related tests.

  • Chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes with no pre-condition limits.

  • Preventable conditions such as Lyme disease and parasites.

  • Orthopedic conditions such as broken bones, torn ligaments, and osteosarcoma. These conditions are covered after a maximum of 6 months waiting period.


Coverage Details for Treatments and Diagnostic exams:

  • Alternative treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Behavioral treatments as marking, pica, and aggression.

  • Emergency care at any vet clinic even after hours.

  • Hospitalization either long, short stays, and overnight stays.

  • Specialist care as oncology, internal medicine, and behaviorists.

  • Diagnostic testing including biopsies, x-rays, MRIs, etc.

  • Surgeries; either scheduled or emergency including anesthesia, vet time, and rehab.

  • Prescription drugs.


What Is Not Covered by Embrace Pet Insurance Policies

 All preexisting conditions, cosmetic procedures, DNA testing, breeding and pregnancy are not covered by Embrace pet insurance policies.


Healthy Pet Deductible and Discount Plans:

Healthy pet deductible is included in all policies with no extra cost where your annual deductible automatically goes down by $50 each healthy year.

Discount plans are variable for many cases:

  • 10% multiple pet discounts for policies with two or more pets.

  • 5% military discount for active and former members for US Air Forces, Army, Marines, Navy, and Coast guards but it is not available in NY or TN.

  • 10% employee benefit discount if your company is partnered with Embrace Pet Insurance. This is not available in FI, NY, TN, or ND.

Waiting Periods for Embrace Pet Insurance Policies:

 The waiting period is a period before the insurance policy becomes active. The waiting period starts on the same date the policy is effective. Conditions that occur during the waiting period are considered pre-existing conditions.

All policies have 14 days waiting period for illnesses before they become active while the waiting period for accidents is 48 hours.

The waiting period for dogs' orthopedic conditions is 6 months but it can be reduced to 14 days by following the orthopedic exam and Waiver process.

To fulfill a pet insurance policy, the pet must be seen by a licensed veterinarian or visit your veterinarian within 14 days of your pet's policy date. 


Embrace Pet Insurance is a leader in the pet insurance business. It offers many insurance plans that fit all your pet's needs and conditions.


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