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Bed bugs and fleas are extremely annoying insects and sometimes they are dangerous. Using home remedies for bed bugs and fleas is the safest and quickest solution to get rid of them.

Bed bugs and fleas

They are home insects that may cause dangerous problems for people like rashing, itching, skin redness, etc…

Bed bugs

They are insects from the genus Cimex that feed on blood usually at night. common bedbugs are “C lectularius”.


They are tiny, reddish-brown insects.

They are external parasites that feed on the blood of birds and animals, but they can also feed on the blood of humans.

home remedies for bed bugs and fleas

Where they hide

When they fit into the smallest crack and crevices in areas where people are sleeping.

Home bed bugs and fleas favor warm weather, they decrease in cold weather, especially in the winter season. 

What attracts bed bugs and fleas?

When you have pets, dirt, or a baby playing on the grass outside. This may lead to the presence of bed bugs in your house.

Home remedies to get rid of bed bugs

Once you notice the presence of bed bugs and fleas, hurry up and search for the quickest home remedies for bed bugs and fleas.

Bed bug bites

When the insect runs from the carrier to you and bites you to feed on your blood, your body starts releasing histamine as a reaction to the insect's saliva.

The site of the bite is characterized by red spots surrounded by a red halo.


It's a chemical that is produced by the immune system as a reaction to some substances.

So when bed bugs bite you the reaction of the body is a red, itchy bump to form at the site of the bite, but be careful if you scratched the area, it will be worse.

In addition, there are symptoms like:

- Rash or pain

- Small raised skin lesions

- Dermatitis ( inflammation of the skin)

- Irritation

- Hives

- Confusion

- Fever

- Chilis

- Swelling around the bite

- Increased itching causes a wound

- It is possible to occur an infection as a reaction to scratching

- Allergic-type reactions in hypersensitive people with blistering

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How to get rid of bed bugs fast & permanently

If you don’t treat yourself, take medication or go to a doctor, you may have an allergic reaction called anaphylaxis, which occurs when your immune system discharges histamine in more amounts. 

The symptoms of anaphylaxis include:

- Intense itching

- Asthma

- Rashes or hives on various parts of the body

- Difficulty and shortness of breath or wheezing

- Swelling of the throat, face, hands, mouth, or libs

- Nausea and vomiting

- Impetigo

- Folliculitis

- Cellulitis

- Blister

In these cases, it is better to think about quick home remedies for bed bugs and fleas.

Home remedies for bed bugs and fleas

Home remedies for bed bugs that actually work

To decrease the signs of bite you can use home remedies for bed bugs and fleas.

You should follow these instructions:

- Go to a doctor if you have a secondary reaction to a bite.

- You can put on steroid cream to limit the increase of itching and skin inflammation.

- You can take an oral antihistamine to decrease the sensation of burning, dermatitis, and swelling that appears in the mouth.

- You can take pain killer or relievers to reduce any pain, irritation, or itching that the bed bugs and fleas are causing it.

- You may take a Benadryl before when you are going to sleep to decrease the burning sensation related to skin irritation to not feel wakefulness.

- In some cases, you must use things in addition to taking medication to become better in less time and recovering quick such as:

- Wash the location of the bite with water and soap continuously.

- You can be doing a cold compressor to reduce the itching. 

- You can wear cotton and cold clothes to prevent any irritation or itching.

- You can try to apply a thin paste of baking soda and water.

How to relieve the signs of bites in a baby?

For baby, you should follow these instructions:

- Apply steroid cream and any pain reliever ointment to decrease irritation that makes the baby cry without stopping. 

- Wearing cotton and cold clothes. 

- Put him in cold water

Effective home remedies for bed bugs and fleas

What kills fleas and bed bugs?

Home bed bugs are 5 millimeters, they present in large numbers because the female bed bug can lay 500 eggs in her life.

Using home remedies for bed bugs and fleas can help you to get rid of bed bugs, but you need to follow some steps to make sure that they disappear.

- Finding all infested areas and looking for them 

- Between couch cushions. 

- Inside electrical outlets. 

- In furniture and baseboards. 

- Under loose wallpaper. 

- Behind the television. 

- Underneath paintings and posters on the walls. 

- Maybe on carpets and clothes. 

There are several home remedies for bed bugs and fleas such as trapping them in their hiding sites with a Vacuum to quickly and easily get rid of them. 

Home remedies for bed bugs and fleas look like an operation that contains many steps to success in it. You should make sure that you clean all places with a vacuum that may be hiding in them like beds, furniture, carpets, clothing, drapes, etc…

Clean all books, clothes, and anything that can contain bed bugs as you like, but do not move anything from an infested site to other clean sites.

Without chemicals

How to get rid of bed bugs and fleas without chemicals?

They die from severe cold (0°C) or intense heat (46.11°C).

Home remedies for bed bugs and fleas

How to treat bed bugs and fleas with chemicals

- The most common chemicals that we use as home remedies for bed bugs and fleas are pyrethroids and Pyrethrins are

- Pyrroles

- Neonicotinoids

- Desiccants

- Foggers or bug bombs

- Plant oil-based products



Home remedies for bed bugs and fleas are a way to finish any disturbance.

You must be alert for any animal in or outside the home.

Clean cloth and shoes when walking in dirt grass.

Be oriented to occur any changes in skin for you and your baby.

Don't delegate going to a doctor.

When it is difficult to get rid of home bed bugs and fleas you could call a professional trustworthy person to spray your home with chemicals.

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