Home Remedies For Degenerative Disk Disease | 8 Prevention Methods

Home remedies for degenerative disk disease are rules and ways used to avoid and decrease signs of degenerative disc disease, in most cases home remedies for degenerative disc disease used in treatment protocols.

Home Remedies For Degenerative Disk Disease


What is degenerative disk disease?

Degenerative disc disease is a condition of the back spine, in which one or more of the discs between the vertebrae, cause neck and back pain. Intervertebral discs are the cushions between the vertebrae; they keep the back flexible and enable the body to twist, and carry weight.


Intervertebral discs are mainly composed of water affected by age, the discs dry out, lose their flexibility, elasticity, and the ability to absorb shock. When this causes pain, it is called a degenerative disc disease.

The best home remedies for degenerative disc disease:

We can say that home remedies for degenerative disc disease are one of the most important ways for the treatment of this case and reduce pain, including physical activity, good posture, some medications, temperature therapy,  relaxation techniques, and some herbal techniques. 


Physical activities:

During a degenerative disc disease pain, bed rest may help take pressure off the back; however, long-term bed rest is no longer advised. Movement is required to keep the back muscles strong and more flexible. We can't forget the effect of weight control on decreasing pain and pressure on the spine.

Home Remedies For Degenerative Disk Disease

Good posture:

Keeping proper posture decreases stress on the spine and so removes pain slowly in cases of degenerative disc disease eventing further damage.



Some drugs can help as home remedies for degenerative disc disease as:


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen are used to treat pain and inflammation, and pain relievers, such as acetaminophen are used to treat pain. Topical options, such as lidocaine cream or menthol rubs, are also available.


Temperature therapy:

The use of a cold compress can help reduce inflammation while the use of a hot compress can help relax muscles, ligaments, and joints.


Relaxation techniques:

Can decrease pain and also remove signs of depression.


Herbal Remedies: 

Before trying any herbal remedies, talk to your doctor. There may be side effects of it or interfere with some medication you are taking. 

Some herbal remedies you may want to consider for degenerative disc disease are: Devil's Claw, SAMe

(S-adenosylmethionine), White Willow Bark.


How to prevent degenerative disc disease?

Prevention is the most important way of home remedies for degenerative disc disease as we say prophylactic better than treatment.


No smoking:

Nicotine is one of the diuretics, and scientific studies show that smoking increases rates of degenerative disc disease cases.

Use good lifting techniques – Lift with proper body mechanics to protect you from stress on your spine and herniating your discs.


Avoid drinking alcohol:

Alcohol is also a diuretic like nicotine. Drinking increases the pain of degenerative disc disease and increases spinal disorders as well.

Home Remedies For Degenerative Disk Disease

Drink water:

Hydration is a vital part of a good diet, and drinking sufficient amounts of water allows nutrients to travel to your body’s organs. Water is also needed to maintain the function of the joints, organs, and spine.


No colas:

An osteoporosis study indicated that the phosphoric acid in colas binds to calcium and magnesium in the digestive tract leading to lower bone mass density. 

Home Remedies For Degenerative Disk Disease

Be an active person:

Regular exercise increases the flexibility and strength of muscles that support your spine. Be sure to tell your doctor or physical therapist about the most appropriate way to stretch if you have any health disorders.


Maintaining a healthy body weight:

Maintaining body weight is key to your overall health, also you can move easily, being overweight causes high BMI and so leads to stress on your back and spine so increases pain and progression of the case.


Take Supplements:

Taking vitamins and minerals maintains a healthy bone structure (after the doctor's advice).


Good Posture:

Good posture keeps your back and spine strong and stable.

To avoid Degenerative disc disease you 



Home remedies for degenerative disc disease highly important to keep your back, spine healthy and begin to do these ways of prevention early, also learn your children these rules to keep the health of them 

Finally, we hope you are always in good health.

By: Dr. Amira Mamdouh


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