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Home remedies for dog allergies, Having a dog in your home is a great enjoyment but you should know that dogs are naturally different from humans and you should take care of them and keep them safe. When humans get tired or feel bad about themselves they will be able to go to the doctor or simply have the ability to express what is inside them, but animals don’t. So if any symptoms they had you should treat them immediately, either go to the veterinarian or make home remedies for dog allergies.  

Home remedies for dog allergies

Causes Of Dog Allergies:

-First, we have to know that dog allergies are harmless and misguided substances by the body’s immune system that pets and humans can suffer from, resulting in symptoms such as sneezing and itchy eyes. 


-Dog allergies are not as simple as you think. If any unusual symptoms appear on your dog you should treat them perfectly either you take them to the veterinarian or make home remedies for the dog allergies. But you should know the reason for the allergies because there are many types of dog allergies.

Dog Allergies Types:

1-Skin allergies usually result in the fleabites that make the dog’s skin red and inflamed, which make dogs extremely itchy.  


2-Food allergies usually result in the dog’s immune system and lead to skin conditions and gastrointestinal signs so you should consult the veterinarian to know which ingredients cause these allergies. 


Home Remedies For Dog Allergies:

Some of the drugs the veterinarian wants the dogs to take are expensive and sometimes it doesn’t work effectively and it could make your dog bad over time and nobody wants to see his pet suffer. So here some home remedies for dog allergies that can give you the same results that drugs give you without any side effects and reasonable cost. If these home remedies for dog allergies couldn’t cure your dog which doesn’t happen at least it helps to calm the itch until you go to the veterinarian. 

1- Colostrum: 

Bovine colostrum is extremely effective in dog remedies, especially seasonal remedies because it supplies dogs with antibodies to fleas and allergies. Colostrum strengthens the immune system of your dogs and makes antibodies to many types of allergies and helps to calm the dogs. 

How to use colostrum: 

1-It is extremely effective when you give it to your dog on an empty stomach, it could be capsules or powder.

2-Use it daily for a month. 

3-Give small dogs 1 capsule twice daily, medium to large 2 capsules twice daily.  

2-Aloe vera: 

Aloe vera is very effective in curing skin allergies by reducing redness and inflammation that results in skin allergies. You can put aloe vera in your dog’s skin directly. You could buy natural aloe vera from drugstores or the grocery, but make sure that it doesn’t contain alcohol, or better harvest it from an aloe vera plant.  

3-Apple cider vinegar: 

Is one of the home remedies for dog allergies, apple cider vinegar is very effective when you use it as an antibacterial, antifungal treatment, and while warding off fleas. Just combine 50% water and 50% apple cider vinegar in a bottle spray and put it in your dog’s skin in the itchy spots directly and avoid spraying the fur. 

4-Chamomile Tea: 

Chamomile tea is a very effective home remedy for dog allergies, if your dog is suffering from hot itchy all over the time the chamomile has healing properties, just boil water,  put tea bags in it and wait for three minutes, take the mixture and put it in bottle spray, let it cool completely in refrigerator, and then spray it in the dog’s skin. Or you can fill your bathtub and put the same mixture and let your dog soak in it for 10 minutes. 

5-Coconut Oil: 

Coconut oil is also one of the home remedies for dog allergies that can be used as a topical aid to itchiness and bug bites. Gently massage the oil on your dog’s skin so it could calm the hot spots and soothe the inflammation and sore footpads. Make sure that the coconut oil is organic.  


Scientists have found that mushrooms help dogs with all types of allergies because mushrooms contain BETA-GLUCAN fiber that has immune-modulating properties that reduce inflammation. 

How to use it: never give raw mushrooms to your dog, you should cook them, then you can add them to the food. 

-you should know that not all mushrooms contain beta-glucan. 


Oatmeals is a good home remedy for dog allergies that can reduce inflammation and itchy skin, blend some oatmeal in the blender to make it powder, fill your bathtub with water, add the powder, and let your dog soak in it for 10 minutes. 

Home remedies for dog allergies

You committed to keep your dog safe, healthy, and take care of them, And if any symptoms appear on them you should take them to the veterinarian. Dog allergies are one of the diseases that disturb your dog, and there are home remedies for dog allergies that are highly effective, not expensive, and easy to prepare.  

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