Home Remedies For Dog Allergies| The Best 7 Natural Remedies

When your dog suffers, you have to learn about home remedies for dog allergies to keep suffering away. Dogs are lovely and cute pets. many times they feel so bad because of allergies. You note that your dog is licking and scraping his feet, limbs, and tail. These symptoms are related to canine atopic dermatitis(canine AD).

Canine AD is shown as dryness of skin, inflammation in some areas, and hair loss. Unfortunately, if your dog has an ear infection you note that he scratches his face and eye severely that worsens the allergy, and longs the recovery period. We can handle allergies very well, you just have to visit your vet and he will determine the cause of the allergy and how to treat it.

Home Remedies for dog allergies

There are many different causes for allergies, and this may be due to:

-Environmental issue such as Pollen or grass

These allergens can trigger a skin reaction.

-Medicines such as pyrethrin are used for flea infections.

-Food: Some ingredients in dog food can cause diarrhea with a skin reaction.

-Dermatitis caused by a flea allergy can be itchy.

What do we do for our dog in case of allergies?

We must be well known about home remedies for dog allergies to reduce pain and suffering for our dog.

They are natural substances to relieve your dog pain  allied with medication prescribed from your vet.


Here are the best home remedies for dog allergies:

1-Apple cider vinegar

You may hear about the uses for this vinegar.

One of these is acting as a soothing agent.

How can we apply it?

-Just dilute it in a spray bottle and spray it on your dog's skin.

-Another way to apply it by using two cups and adding them to the dog's warm bath.


-Affordable and natural.

-Eliminates fleas.

The only disadvantage is that it has a bitter smell.so if you choose the bath way you must rinse your dog well.

2- Vit E, Any fish oils

-Vit E is beneficial oil to human skin also considered one of the best home remedies for dog allergies.

-Empty the capsule in an inflamed area topically or in your dog meal as a vitamin supplement to enhance their immunity.

-Fish oils like sardine, anchovies, mackerel, and herring are very good mixes for reducing allergy.

Home Remedies for dog allergies

3-Oatmeal bath

Oatmeal is a natural moisturizer. It is one of the gentle and safe home remedies for dog allergies.

How to set an oatmeal bath?

Use its fine powder, add it to the water of a bath and allow your dog to lay down in the tub for a good exposure under your supervision, or pour the water with oatmeal over your dog but avoid touching their faces and eyes.


-Tablespoon of yogurt helps in the maintenance of a good immunity that protects your dog from diseases.

-If you decide to add yogurt to your dog meal, take care of lactose intolerance. You have to start with a small amount if your dog tolerates it well you can go on. But if he gets diarrhea, stop this immediately.

-Yogurt must be xylitol, sweetener, and probiotics free.

Home Remedies for dog allergies

5-Epsom salt

-Epsom salt is a magnesium sulfate salt. It is not only a wound healer but also relieves the itchy area due to allergic dermatitis.

How to set an Epsom bath?

You have two choices: either a half cup of Epsom salt dissolves in water and let your dog sit in the water for five minutes twice daily, or wet a washcloth well with a solution and hold it in the inflamed area.

Home Remedies for dog allergies

6-Coconut oil

Coconut oil has good fats that are beneficial for metabolism function and bone health.

How can we apply it?

It can be used topically to calm itchiness. massage your dog's skin with coconut oil to relieve inflamed areas due to licking and biting their skin. coconut oil is one of the easiest applying home remedies for dog allergies.

We can use it as a lotion as a soothing agent for inflammation and sores.

Home Remedies for dog allergies

7-Camomile tea

It is a good choice for inflamed bowel syndrome because of its muscle relaxant effect that prevents spasms when administered orally.

How can we apply?

We use it  topically as follow:

-Boil camomile tea, let it cool then spray on the affected itchy area. It will calm itching immediately.

-It will be so beneficial for irritated paws, let your dog put its feet in a cold tea and you see the result immediately.

-Camomile tea is one of the most effective home remedies for dog allergies.

Our dewtreats for you today are that we all love our dogs madly so we have to have suitable information about home remedies for dog allergies to make our dogs feel better.

By: Dr.Ghada


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