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Healthy hair is the basis for a beautiful style, So we can find  Lanza hair products for over 30 years is considered the pioneer in the hair product industry. 

Lanza brand presents products for hair care that protect the hair from damage, heal and seal the hair.

Lanza hair products are made from the most advanced ingredient technology and are balanced with wildcrafted botanicals.

It depends on wildcrafted botanicals carefully selected from sustainable forests, jungle and woodlands throughout the World. 

Lanza hair products are considered the highest quality and the best-performing products in the beauty industry. 

These products offer a full complement of permanent, demi-permanent and semi-permanent colour options For clients to get the season's trending colours or get back to the original colour simply. 

The Lanza brand sums up its mission in one simple word which is BIG that refers to Believe. Inspire. Grow

BIG: Lanza mission Is a creative community that supports people to believe in themselves, inspire them to dream and grow the entire tribe. 

Lanza brand Is eco-friendly and has never been tested on animals. 

Lanza hair products are classified into collections that simplifies the choice you want such as:

-Healing colour care

-Healing strength 

-Healing nourish 

-Healing smooth 

-Healing moisture 

-Healing volume

Healing Color Care:

It Is used for vibrant and long-lasting colour protection. 

It Is utilizing the same powerful anti-fade protectors flowers naturally derived from flowers. 

Healing color care collection includes:

-Color preserving shampoo

-Color preserving conditioner 

-Silver brightening shampoo 

-De brassing blue conditioner 

-Clarifying shampoo

-Color preserving trauma treatment

-Trauma treatment restorative conditioner

Healing Strength:

It is specific For fragile and damaged hair. 

It Is formulated with a CP anti-ageing complex that prevents breakage of hair and increases the strength of hair. 

Its collection includes:

-Healing strength white tea shampoo 

-Healing strength manuka honey conditioner 

-Healing strength neem plant silk serum 

Lanza hair products

Healing Nourish:

It Is formulated with the Argen Z complex that targets the 7 key areas that prolong hair's growth phase. 

It promotes the growth of thicker, stronger hair while improving the structure of existing hair at the same time. 

Its collection includes:

-Healing nourish stimulating shampoo 

-Healing nourish stimulating conditioner 

-Healing nourish stimulating treatment

Healing Smooth:

It is used for calming curls and controlling frizz without the use of chemicals and leaving hair smooth and silky hair naturally. 

It Is formulated with a coxi sleek complex that increases the flexibility of the hair without breakage. 

Its collection includes:

-Healing smooth glossifying shampoo 

-Healing smooth glossifying conditioner 

-Healing smooth glossifying straightening balm


Lanza hair products

Healing Moisture:

It is formulated with moisture retain complex that provides optimal moisture to dry and coarse hair to leave the hair hydrated, soft and shiny. 

Its collection includes:

-Healing moisture Moi Moi moisturizing mist

-Healing moisture tamanu cream shampoo 

-Healing moisture kukui nut conditioner 

-Healing moisture Moi Moi hair masque

Healing Volume:

It is formulated with a Bamboo Bodifying complex that gives volume and fullness to fine and thin hair. 

Its collection includes:

-Healing volume thickening shampoo 

-Healing volume thickening conditioner 

-Healing volume thickening  treatment spray  

-Healing volume zero weight gel 

-Healing volume root effects 

-Healing volume final effects


Lanza hair products were introduced as one of the first professional hair care products to the beauty industry. 

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By: Dr Islam Mahmoud Saleh 

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