Drugs aren’t the only way for therapy, Also, Meditation is a medication

Is meditation as effective as medication?

Do you ever create your own peaceful world that grows from your soul? this is not a joke. HOW!

Recently, it has been a piece of cake by Meditation.

Meditation is a perfect treatment to purify our spirit, empower our energy, enhance our ability to overcome daily stress, and protect us from stress complications, besides to teach us to control our thoughts and reduce anxiety.

a woman is sitting doing Meditation

One of the important benefits of meditation

is raising our self-awareness just when we need to blow off some meditating steam.

Be attentive “it is meditation time”.

controversy, even in the medical view, meditation reduces serum cortisol level which might lower stress. Also, meditation can be beneficial against insomnia, improve mental health, and control blood pressure.

a woman is raising her hand like she hug the air

Now let's meditate, meditation includes different healing types so if we need to increase our focus power, we are going to focus on meditation.

First type; Focused meditation by getting focus on a single point like;

● Breath vibes.

● Flickering flame.

● Sound of a bell.

The most common school of focused meditation includes: (zen meditation, chakra meditation, and kundalini meditation).

women are exercising

Focused meditation:

is recommended for beginners, so if our mind begins to wander, guide our thoughts back to the present.

a woman is sitting in the jungle doing meditation

Mindfulness meditation:

is the second type of journey.

Mindfulness meditations work with the fluidity of our brain like water, it allows our mind to flow with the environment so it is preferred to meditate alone, to be fully aware of sights, sounds, and smells helping us to let go of things we cannot change.

a young woman is practicing meditation

The third is Spiritual meditation:

In spiritual meditation, we may establish a deep connection with the happiness divine. Don't worry it’s simple just by being ready and sitting in a comfortable position for minutes.

Keep quiet and listen to the world silence around us then formulate a question or recite a prayer at this moment, resulting in calming our mindfulness.

Whereas if we enjoy listening to the sounds around us, you are using a new trial of “Mantra meditation”.

Mantra meditation is the fourth type of meditation:

Mantra is chosen due to its vibration and most people used it to grow focus and gain a high sense of awareness in their daily practice.

Now, we are on a date with the most popular term of meditation by more than 5 million practitioners around the world. Let's celebrate with the godfather M.M Yogi, the author of  Fifth type called Transcendental meditation.

While for whom cannot sit in peace like me, the movement meditation is the perfect way to meditate, the movement meditation is the sixth type depends mainly on fully focusing on our body so we become aware of each valued breath.

YOGA here is the most common form of movement meditation across centuries.

YOGA doesn't make our lives better; it makes us better in daily life.

Practicing yoga provides us with mental and physical health vs daily stress or depression.

How does yoga often influence our body and brain?

Well, YOGA comes in many different styles but the common are stretching and easy meditation.

Behavioral techniques of YOGA help our bodies in many ways such as relieving the lower back pain; it isn’t rocket science.

The evidence says that 80% of Americans attended by chronic lower back pain; although, one study found that just after 6 to 12 sessions; a significant decrease of lower back pain was significantly reported.

YOGA would play a magic therapeutic role in increasing the flexibility of our body. 

Relax our mind and let us use yoga medication on meditation music.

Let us start with this training class. Follow us:

● We will stand in a group and each of us spread his leg on one side

● Then bends our back from the points of pelvic bones in a straight position of back and neck plus putting our hands on the ground.

● Taking this position, then next open our legs in a controlled shift and down our elbows on the ground then count to ten with a deep breath.

Amazing to know that our body’s blood circulation in these practices' position is the best prescription to relax any anxious ideas.

● After counting, we raise our elbows and close our legs slowly with straightening our back then taking the usual position of yoga.

Our dewTreats for you today are that sweet life can be based on our hands just by seeking calm sleep, purifying our soul, controlling our thoughts, and detoxifying our spirits. Feel our master gift from meditation therapy for years.


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