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Nyu women's center is a one-stop-shop clinic where they provide healthcare that treats the whole of you. They are concerned for all your healthcare needs including your primary care, mental health, gynecology, and evidence-based wellness services collaborating on your care.

Nyu Women's Health

Nyu women's health services 

The Women's Health team is dedicated to providing confidential information, all needed examinations, GYN, treatment, and information to anyone with women’s health care, or reproductive concerns.


-Annual GYN visits to review your health history, perform age-appropriate screenings and vaccines, counsel you about sexual and reproductive health relevant to you.


-Pap smears for cervical cancer prevention as indicated by your age and personal history.


-Helping you with birth control, STI testing, and treatment, menstrual problem, vulvovaginal symptoms,  pregnancy assessment, referral, and breast concerns.


-Sexual advice and care related to the Wellness Exchange.


-On-site procedures including IUD/implant insertion and removal, colposcopy, and other procedures are performed at the Manhattan SHC only and in conjunction with providers in Primary Care.


-Vaccination, pregnancy testing, and HIV testing are routinely available to you.


Nyu women's health educational workshops:


Workshops are available throughout the week by appointment. You can make an appointment online or call them and ask for a nurse appointment for the workshop.


The main goal of workshops is to have the most amazing nurses and how they contribute to all aspects of patient care. workshops also discussed the importance of continuing education.  


In their fast updated  field, nurses need to keep up with  every  new strategy about continuing education.

Nyu Women's Health


NYU women's health contacts:

During pandemic COVID-19, NYU women's health asked that Annual GYN visits and routine STI testing be postponed. All other reasons for visits can be in a virtual appointment.


They are welcoming virtual care with an SHC provider via Zoom so you can now schedule a virtual care appointment.

NYU Women's Health Visiting Hours:

Thank you for appreciating the time to visit your loved ones at NYU Langone. To ensure a quiet and safe atmosphere for both  patients and visitors during the coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19), NYU women's health have updated the visiting policies so check please for updates before each visit.


The role that family members and visitors play in a patient’s healing process is very important, so the main goal is to balance the needs of patients with maintaining a safe environment for all. The staff can help patients and their family members communicate through phone calls, skype, and other remote methods.


Visiting hours are between 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Exceptions are made only by their clinical team when a support person is necessary for a patient’s wellbeing, such as for patients who have intellectual disability, cognitive impairment, or developmental delay.


Screening Information for All Visitors:

-All visitors and support people  are screened for COVID-19 symptoms and have their temperature checked People who have a temperature greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit and those who show signs of illness are not permitted to visit


-Wear your mask, wash or sanitize your hands frequently.


-Visitors under the age of 18 and over the age of 69  are not permitted at this time due to the increased risks associated with COVID-19 infections in this age group.


-During the visit If a support person becomes ill or had a problem, he will be asked to leave and replaced by another support person.


-Information including the name, contact information, dates of visits, and the name of the patient they are visiting will be necessary.


-Visitors who do not comply with the rules are not welcomed.



Policies for Surgeries and Same-Day Procedures:

-Adult patients may be accompanied by a support person during the intake process, during the recovery process, and during the discharge process.


-Pediatric patients may be accompanied by two approved visitors may be parents, grandparents, or family care partners.


-Labor and delivery patients are permitted to be accompanied by two support people.




Many services are free for you. Others should be billed to insurance and you may be responsible for a portion of the cost based on your insurance carrier.



There is an all-day valet   parking on the front of the building for those from out of state, who are unfamiliar.

Nyu women's health updates:

NYU women's health center launched a first-of-its-kind noninvasive brain stimulation program to treat symptoms of MS, movement disorders, depression, fatigue, and assist in stroke recovery.

Patients can now receive this new treatment from the comfort of their homes in nearly any state.



NYU women's health organization does not restrict, limit, or deny visitation privileges based on ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, language, national origin, mental or physical ability, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.

You are welcomed anytime from any place all over the world.

By/ Dr. Amira Hefisha

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