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Nyu women's health means you will find all services concerning women easily and without time losing.

First, you should know about Nyu Women's health that it's a part of New York University which is one of the largest private universities in the United state that was established in 1831 and has about19 schools and colleges.


NYU women's health


Why should you visit Nyu Women's Health?

Nyu Women's health provides physical services, psychological, breast health, cardiovascular, dermatology, mental health, endocrinology, gynecology, orthopedic, internal medicine, ear, nose and sore throat, neurology, vascular, urology, gastroenterology, and chest problems.

Besides that, the educational courses, medical research, and training are a great aim for them.

NYU women's health 

Enjoy Services In NYU Women's health, let's start:

Diagnosis program

The first step in any problem is to diagnose it and its causes so that with a great team of physicians by the most modern tools like Endoscopy, two mammography rooms, cardio echo Services, and ultrasound room, the diagnosis will be accurate.

Nyu women's health team deals with you as a human, not only a collection of symptoms.

And this team is unique in consideration of the difference between men and women in a lot of diseases and complaints

In The Department Of Obstetrics And Gynecology

The interest Of women starts preconception through preconception care.


NYU women's health

Preconception care

Advice women before getting pregnant to do multiple tests as

-Screening for blood group and antibodies

-Screening for antibodies of Rubella

-Serology of syphilis 

-Vitamin D

-Midstream urine

Prenatal screening 

Aim to know if prenatal screening including screening tests as prenatal cell-free DNA (blood test)and specific type of ultrasound to give an impact on the possibility of having congenital anomalies.

Diagnostic tests

If the result of screening tests was a high risk of congenital anomalies, diagnostic tests should be done as:

-Chorionic villus sample


-Fetal medicine unit

-Provide detailed anomaly scan for the fetus 

Services in pregnancy

-Follow up antenatal care

-Vaginal delivery

-Trial of vaginal delivery after cesarean delivery

-Nutrition counseling

-Breastfeeding encouragement

-Management of high-risk pregnancies

-Prevention and management of preterm labor

Urogynecology department

For Vaginal prolapse, Rectal Prolapse, urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis, and more, the urogynecology department was specialized.

There's a cooperation between the gynecology department And the urogynecology department.


NYU women's health

Education services

They aim to raise global awareness to educate their patients about their complaints, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, prophylaxis and you can ask any one of the team through their location to save time.

Training And Workshop 

In Nyu Women's health, they aim to make tomorrow's healthcare leaders in global women's health

The Residents will study curriculum in including family planning, contraception, violence against women, women's rights, female genital mutation(in past called circumcision), maternal mortality, and how societal pressure, environmental and biological factors affecting women's health.

The textbook in global women's health named:

Around the Globe for Women’s Health: A Practical Guide for the Healthcare Provider, has been written by Dr. Shirazian, this textbook considers the first global women’s health handbook for medical providers.

Not only education but also multiple workshops as Nurse education workshops include a breast examination, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and multiple topics.

Medical Research

The clinical trial is the road for saving the life of human beings against unknown enemies like viruses, bacteria, and other organisms. These organisms change their mechanism all the time and just researches reach treatment to get rid of it, it changes fighting mechanism and returns to invade our bodies highlighting the importance of researches and clinical trial passes through four phases with gradually increase in the number of participants through phases.

Nyu Women's health research cancer causes, chronic women's diseases, new strategies in treatment, diagnosis, and investigation.


Topics To be researched:

Studies on women with a history of cancer of the breast, how tumors act, fetomaternal medicine, Recurrent miscarriage, pregnancy complications, Doppler studies, and new studies in the treatment of cancer and their risk factors.

Physicians represent researches in Nyu Women's health

-Kevin Marzo, MD

-Allison Reiss, MD

-Nazeeh Hanaa, MD

-Barbara George, MD

-Eva Nicholas, MD

-Martin R.chavez, MD

-Patricia Patricia, MD


NYU women's health

What are the uniques in Nyu Women's health??

1-Program for physical therapy


-Aiming to regain the ability to perform usual activities and improve them

-Joint movement

-Muscles 💪power

-Decrease pain

-Improve circulation

-Strength muscles

-Heart function

-Lung function

2-Sexual assault and building global awareness:

Recovering from this act needs help as the victim feels that his body becomes not his own and needs psychological support.

About 1 in 5 women in the U.S, victim-blame themselves and may have depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

In Nyu Women's health, try to make victim trust Of doctor and himself through Joining a supporting group, learn him breathing exercises and learn him how to deal with the flashback.

3-Mental health services

Medical treatment, hospital administration, supporting group, plan for self-help, and brain stimulation therapy.

4-Gynecological Services

-Family planning as contraception and sterilization

-Sexually transmitted diseases

-Polycystic ovarian syndrome

-Cancer screening

-Menopausal and perimenopausal problems

-Annual screening

-Pelvic floor dysfunction

-Density of bone

-Breast health

Nyu Women's health recommended for women aged 50 to 74years old to have a mammogram every two years

But for women aged 40 to 49years old and above 74 should be referred to their doctor to decide if they need mammography or not.

You shouldn't cancel your health check-up or screening for fear of covid infection as all precautions were taken to be Safe and the waiting list was adjusted.

 When to visit the gynecology department in nyu women's health?

If you develop symptoms such as abnormal uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge with bad odor or itching, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, change in breast shape or pain, loss of urine involuntary, vulvar itching or masses, family planning, and screening tests.


Contact them

Nyu Langone center for Women's health

Address 207 East 84th Street, New York

Email /health.center@nyu.edu


Nyu Women's health Is the best choice for any woman needing advice whatever this advice concerns about. Don't hesitate to contact Nyu Women's health center.


Written by Dr / Ferial Mohamed

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