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Oxbow Animal Health is a global provider of quality exotic animal life-stage foods and supportive care goods. Oxbow provides a comprehensive range of premium quality, high-fiber hay, pellet items, treats, and supplements for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, and adult pet rats that are used and recommended by top exotic animals veterinarians around the world. 

Oxbow's goal is to provide high-quality food and forage items to the niche animal industry. Oxbow does this by sincere respect for animals and their caregivers, nutritional education, a high level of quality excellence, product research and growth, and highly personalized service.

Oxbow Animal Health

Oxbow Animal Health agrees that good health starts with good treatment. They have pledged to engage in small animal health and well-being from the beginning, using a set of values and policies that go beyond nutrition. The Oxbow Way is all about making a real difference in the lives of pets and the people who care about them. 

Oxbow Animal Health

Four fundamental values direct Oxbow Animal Health in this: 

Education, Appreciation, Innovation, and Quality.


Small animal treatment and feeding were not well known in the beginning, and quality nutrition choices were scarce. Oxbow Animal Health partnered with top exotic veterinarians and nutritionists back then to educate pet owners, retailers, and even the knowledgeable veterinary community about the value of species and age-appropriate nutrition for small herbivores.


Oxbow Animal Health is proud to help current and potential animal health practitioners through several long-term educational initiatives, such as workshops, scholarships, and testing. To help shape the landscape of small animal nutrition, it continues to collaborate with top exotic veterinarians and nutritionists. In the academic environment, it is working on groundbreaking studies that will improve animal health and treatment now and in the future.



Oxbow Animal Health works closely with expert growers across its family of farms to ensure that all Oxbow hay meets the high standards that their customers demand and deserve.

The quality assurance process has only just started when hay arrives at Oxbow Farm. Before entering the packaging plant, hay is graded, analyzed, and thoroughly examined. Then, the expert team members sort all of the highest-graded hay by hand, eliminating any less-than-premium portions and placing only the best in the pack.

All the product lines are subjected to the same degree of quality assurance and inspection as Oxbow hay. Both products and ingredients are subjected to extensive testing, and only the best products make it to market. Quality dedication is complete only when the final product meets the approval of pets.


Oxbow Animal Health was the first to introduce Timothy Hay as a dietary staple for small herbivores, as well as the first to produce a Timothy-based small herbivore food and a 100% organic line for small pets. However, its creative spirit does not stop with product development; it can also be seen in its daily work. It manifests itself in the way they make choices and deal with challenges. It's how they improve on what they already have.


Oxbow Animal Health has felt compelled to express its appreciation and support for those who share its shared goal of improving the lives of small animals since the beginning. Every year, it honors a leading industry specialist with its Exotic Mammal Health Award, which is co-hosted with the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians. It helps animal rescues, humane societies, wildlife rehabilitation centers, and many other groups in need by providing grant funding and emergency assistance.


Oxbow Animal Health Products:

Critical Care for Herbivores TM

Oxbow's full grass hay-based "supported feeding" formula for rabbits, guinea pigs, macropods, and other small animals that are unable to eat due to illness or surgery Critical CareTM has helped to lower the mortality rate for critically ill patients.

It comes in Original (Aniseed) or Apple/Banana Natural Flavors, in 141gm and 454gm sizes, “Daily Dose” 36g sachets (14/box), and Fine Grind for use in nasogastric tubes down to 5 french.

Western Timothy Grass Hay

The Exotic Animal Vet's Hay of Choice: High Fibre, Low Calcium Timothy is credited with preventing obesity, maintaining a balanced urinary system, and improving overall health due to its high fiber, low protein, and low calcium content.

Bags of 425g, 1.13 kg, and 4 kg are available.

Oxbow Animal Health

Orchard Grass Hay

Oxbow's Long-Strand Grass Hay is another healthy choice.

Orchard Grass Hay is rich in nutrition, low in protein, and helps the wellbeing of small herbivores by promoting digestion, avoiding obesity, and making mealtime more appealing, much like its Timothy grass.

Available in 425g, 1.13 kg & 4 kg bags.

Botanical Hay

To stimulate your pet's appetite for hay and build an aromatic shift in your pet's environment, combine a rich blend of herbs with Oxbow's fabulous Western Timothy hay (est: 5% herbs, 95% Timothy). Depending on the season, Timothy Grass Hay with three of the following herbs: Chamomile, Lemon Verbena, Hibiscus, Lavender, Rose Hips, Comfrey, Borage, Red Clover Blossoms Chamomile, Lemon Verbena, Hibiscus, Lavender, Rose Hips, Comfrey, Borage, Red Clover Blossoms Chamomile, Lemon Verbena,

Bags of 425g are available.

Hay Cakes™

Oxbow's Hay Cakes are a lightweight, nutrient-dense hay supply that maintains the flavor and aroma of fresh Timothy hay. It is great for people who don't want to deal with the mess of loose hay but still need the long stem particle size for their cat.

Bags of 454 g are available.

Adult Rabbit Food (aka Bunny Basics T™)

Pellets with low calcium, low protein, and 25% fiber to fulfill the dietary needs of mature rabbits (over one year, not gestation, not lactating).

Available in 2.25 kg bags (8 per case)

Oxbow Animal Health

Young Rabbit Food (aka Bunny Basics 15/23™)

15 percent protein and 23% fiber When they need it, a Lucerne hay base provides more energy, protein, and calcium. It can also be fed to elderly rabbits that are having weight issues due to age or disease. When given the option, free-choice grass hay can be fed to pregnant or lactating rabbits.

Available in 2.25 kg bags.

Adult Guinea Pig Food (aka Cavy Cuisine ™)

Pellets made from Timothy grass hay with stabilized vitamin C, intended to meet the nutritional requirements of adult guinea pigs (over 6 months old, not gestating, not lactating). Bags with expiration dates maintain critical vitamin levels.

Available in 2.25 kg bags

Oxbow Animal Health

Young Guinea Pig Food (aka Cavy Performance)

Cavy Performance is formulated to fulfill the nutritional requirements of young, pregnant, and nursing guinea pigs. Guinea pigs need more protein, calcium, and energy during these periods. To meet those needs, lucerne hay, Vitamin C, and other fortified ingredients are mixed.

Papaya Fruit Plus

Tablets Made from the Freshest Papaya & Pineapple.

Papaya Fruit Plus provides assured amounts of the active enzymes papain and bromelain, which are higher than what can be obtained by eating the same amount of natural fruit. Since they're made for small animals, they don't contain simple sugars like sucrose or corn syrup. A delicious and nutritious treat!

Bottles of 90 count are available.

Vitamin C Tablets in a Tasty, Chewable Form

Did you know that the most common nutritional deficiency in guinea pigs is a lack of Vitamin C? It's also the easiest to avoid! Chewable Daily C tablets from Oxbow are a tasty source of stabilized Vitamin C for guinea pigs and other animals who may need it due to stress.

Available in 90 count bottles.

Timothy Treats ™ 

Taste, too, is essential to all at Oxbow. That's why they developed Timothy Treats Simple Rewards. Their treats are made with high-quality, fiber-rich Timothy grass hay and have a new Timothy taste and aroma that animals enjoy.

Available in 40 g zip-top bags.



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