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Ohsu Women's Health is a center founded by Oregon University to provide and support Oregonians women with creative approaches to maintain their health and live a better life.

It’s time to take care of women’s health on various levels like body health, mental health, and psychological health. That's because despite all the rights women have already gained, especially from the last 40 years, still women suffer to live in unstable and unhealthy living conditions.

You can rely on Ohsu women’s Health:

Because they are always beside you offering all the medical health care any woman needs in any age stage, the Ohsu women’s Health center has a powerful and professional team of experts to advise you about any problem you may face, let’s take a quick glance about the services available in the center:

-Complementary and alternative medicine


-Gynecologic cancer

-Gynecology and obstetrics

-High-risk pregnancy care

-Mental health and wellness


-Primary care

-Pregnancy and childbirth

-Urogynecology and reconstructive pelvic surgery

-A-Z list of women's health services

Ohsu Women's Health

Ohsu Women's Health encourages all women to join these valuable training classes:

1- Childbirth and early parenting classes

It is considered the main concept of their mission to provide women with childbirth and early parenting classes.

2- A Toast to Midlife

During this crucial period of this time ”Midlife” all women facing high levels of mode swings & a lot of changes, so you will find a group of members to answer all questions you think about.

3- Global collaboration in Ethiopia

OHSU women’s Health team completed 49 surgical procedures for pelvic organ prolapse in Ethiopia.

4- Breath by breath

Also we try to put a spotlight on a valuable training class provided by OHSU team members, free mindfulness-based stress reduction drop-in classes.


5- Nutrition for Life

For women who survive cancer, OHSU team members provide them with the nutrition information in cooking to help them return their immune system to full capacity, for more information or for registration you can send an email to bryanam@ohsu.edu.

Ohsu Women's Health

Ohsu women’s Health center educational programs:

Ohsu women’s Health center believes in continuous enhancement & development so they are committed to offering unique and various education programs for the health professionals so they can serve the communities where these trainees live and work.

-OHSU School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

-OHSU Fellowship programs in Obstetrics and Gynecology

-OHSU School of Nursing

-OHSU School of Nursing, Nurse-Midwifery Program

Ohsu Women's Health

What does the Ohsu center offer to the patients?

Doing their best efforts to meet the needs of all patients to offer high quality of services as they work on behalf of you to manage your billings and medical insurance, plus take all the required actions during preparing for the patient’s staying and reserved their schedule of appointment to prevent any conflict happens, ending by help patients to choose the proper doctor or specialist their health status needs, and of one important feature they are offering for their clients it’s “MY Chart” this service now available during the pandemic of Coronavirus to reduce the spread of infection, let’s see what you can get:

-Get virtual visits

-Access to your test results online

-Online appointments reservation

-Connect with your doctor

-Getting your prescription or refilling your medications



Our dewtreats for today we introduce some information about OHSU women’s Health center like how is launched this center and what is the mission the OHSU team members believe in, spotlighting on some of the services they offer for women, eventually mention some of the training courses or programs they are offered for medical professionals.

By/ Radwa Hantash


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