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Oxbow Animal Health is a company specialized in the production of foods and supportive care products for small exotic animals. Oxbow Critical Care is a recovery nutrition product line designed for animals with poor nutritional conditions as during illness or surgery. These products are highly recommended by Veterinarians of exotic animals. Oxbow is concerned about small pet animal health and well-being, their nutrition, housing, behavior, and supplies. A care guide download is available by the company. Oxbow is intended for providing a better quality of life for small pet animals and their caregivers guided by four principles which are quality, innovation, education, and appreciation.

Oxbow Animal Health

Oxbow Animal Health products:

Oxbow supplies a wide variety of products targeting the needs of small exotic animals of different species.

Animal categories that benefit of Oxbow product:


-Guinea Pigs





Main lines of products:



-Natural Chews





-Critical Care

-Fortified Food 


-Healthy Treats and Supplements

-Litter / Bedding

-Professional Line


Critical Care products of Oxbow Animal Health:

They are recovery feeding formulas designed especially for animals with poor nutritional conditions as those suffering from an illness or in case of surgery. They are developed particularly to satisfy all the nutritional needs of these pet animals. They are designed with the recommendations of top exotic veterinarians and nutritionists.

Four Oxbow critical care products are available:

Oxbow Animal Health

Critical Care - Carnivore:

A product prepared especially for carnivores with poor nutrition. It contains useful omega fatty acids and easily digestible proteins originated from high-quality egg and poultry sources. This product helps to improve the absorption of nutrients and to regulate energy levels. It has high caloric contents so less volume intake satisfies the daily energy requirements. It is nice for rats and mice.

Oxbow Animal Health

Critical Care - Herbivore:

lt is designed for herbivores with poor nutrition due to disease, or surgery. Its Ingredients involve all the necessary nutrients for a complete diet and also contain high-fiber timothy hay which promotes digestion and improves gut physiology.it contains also useful vitamin C and probiotics. It can be fed easily by tube, syringe, or by spoon. It is good for Chinchilla, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice, Hamsters, and Rabbits.

Critical Care Herbivore - Fine Grind:

It is a more versatile formula of critical care nutrition having the same essential nutritional contents as Critical Care - Herbivore but its particular size is finer to facilitate its flow through nasogastric feeding tubes. This formula is needed in some recovery and emergency cases. And it is ideally used with small and young animal patients. It's good for chinchillas, rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters.


Critical Care - Omnivore:

It's a recovery food formula for omnivores having bad nutritional conditions. It contains a  combination of animal, plant, and insect nutrients that are natural and biologically relevant. In addition, it contains other micronutrients as probiotics, stabilized vitamins, and chelated minerals that work to support the absorption of nutrients and optimize energy levels.

Oxbow Animal Health


Oxbow Animal Health provides a wide variety of products helping small exotic animals and their caregivers to live better. Oxbow Critical Care Products are valuable and beneficial for animals with poor nutritional conditions. The products satisfy all needs of small exotic animals.

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By/ Dr. Hanan Abdou 

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