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Henry Schein animal health is a company that cares for animal health, health-care products distributor is spinning off its animal health business and merging it with vets first choice to form a new company called vets first crop.


The deal will combine Henry Schein animal health veterinary supplies, software for practices, and distribution network with vets’ first choice's prescription in management platforms. 


Americans are investing more in their pets, searching for growth, and they have a threat of amazon's entry into health care looms.


Since Henry Schein opened its pharmacy in Queens, new work in 1932  so their organization has become a fortune 500 company and the largest healthcare provider.

Henry Schein animal health

History of Henry Schein animal health:

-In 1932: 

Henry Schein animal health was founded by Henry and Esther Schein as a storefront pharmacy in Queens. 

-In 1935: 

the company fulfills mail-order prescriptions using flyers.

-In 1940: 

The company introduced private brands dental, medical and veterinary. 

-In 1942:

 The company began the direct sale of penicillin to customers.

-In 1949:

Sales of Henry Schein animal health reached $175,000.

-In 1950: 

Henry Schein shifted business focus from customer to office-based practitioners. 

-In 1959: 

Sales of Henry Schein animal health reached $ 1 million.

-In 1962:

The company introduced the first Henry Schein catalog. 

-In 1969:

Sales of  Henry Schein animal health reached $ 5.7 million.

-In 1971:

Sales of Henry Schein animal health reached $58 million. 

-In 1980:

Jay Schein became chairman and CEO of Henry Schein animal health and became the period of progress and record the growth of the company. 

In 1983:

The company began to touch tone (telephone ordering)

In 1984:

The company became the first in the industry to fully automate the distribution cycle.

In 1985:

The company focused on the veterinary industry and Henry Schein acquired Zahn dental. 

In 1986:

Henry Schein introduced the protex program to educate the dental professional about infections control.

In 1989:

Stanley Bergmann became the chairman and CEO of the company following Jay Henry after his death and the sales of Henry schein animal health became $225 million. 

In 1990:

Henry Schein became an international expansion. 

In 1994:

The company leads the industry with dental practices management software systems, electronic claims processing is offered.

In 1995:

Henry Schein is listed on the Nasdaq marketplace.

In 1996:

The company introduced a unique integrated sales and marketing approach to serving customers (field sales, telesales, direct marketing).

In 1997:

The company becomes the largest health care distributor serving office-based practitioners, which Henry Schein acquires (regional health care, Arcona, meer dental).

In 1999:

Henry Schein acquires (Helland, GIV).

In 2000:

Henry Schein became the only pan - European dental, medical and veterinary distributor. 

In 2001:

The company introduced the digital dental office, privilege customers loyalty program, customer analysis tools.

In 2002:

Henry Schein established Sullivan -Schein University and began a rule as an executive distributor of professional products of ANA'S give kids a smile program. 

In 2003:

Henry Schein acquires (colonial surgical)

In 2004:

Henry Schein acquires (demerits, KRUGG, Barton -Kyker dental supply)

In 2005:

Henry Schein celebrates 10 years as a publicly-traded company, Henry Schein acquires (Ash temple, Halas dental, Shalfon brothers )

In 2006:

Henry Schein became Number one in the industry for social responsibility;

Sales became $5.15 Billion, Henry Schein acquires(

NLS Animal Health, Darby Medical Supply, Island Dental

, Darby Dental Laboratory Supply,

Provet Holding AG (Switzerland))

In 2007:

Henry Schein acquires(W & J Dunlop Ltd, Animal Health Company in the U.K,

The software of Excellence International Ltd, Dental Software Company in the U.K)

In 2008

Sales of Henry schein animal health became $6.4 Billion.

In 2009:

Henry Schein acquires

(Ortho Organizers (Manufacturer and Distributor of a Full Line of Orthodontic Products headquartered in Carlsbad, California), Novikov (Leading distributor of veterinary supplies in the Czech Republic), DNA Anthos Impianti (Is the Italian distribution arm of Cefla Dental, a leading manufacturer of dental equipment), Media (A full-service provider of medical consumables, equipment, and technical services primarily to physicians headquartered in Berlin, Germany)).

In 2010:

Henry Schein and butler animal health foundation butler Schein animal health, then Henry Schein announced an agreement to acquire profit Holding limited then Henry Schein entered fast-growing dental markets in Turkey. 

In 2011:

Henry Schein published its first catalog in China and opens its first distribution center in China, McAllister Software Systems and ImproMed, two leading veterinary software companies, became part of Butler Schein Animal Health, Henry Schein acquires Sogim Grimouille, a full-service dental provider in France

Alpha Scientific, a provider of medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and laboratory products, became part of Henry Schein. 

In 2012:

Named one of Ethisphere Institute's 2012 World's Most Ethical Companies, Ranked In Barron's 500, Henry Schein entered Thailand through Accord Dental.


In 2013:

Henry Schein once again named one of Ethisphere Institute's 2013 World's Most Ethical Companies, Henry Schein Ranking of America's Largest Companies, Henry Schein entered Poland through a definitive agreement with Medivet S.A.

Henry Schein Established Presence In South Africa With An Investment In The Dental Warehouse.


In 2014:

Henry Schein Strengthened Its European Dental AndTechnology Businesses Through Acquisitions of Five Companies From Arceus

Henry Schein Expands Dental Laboratory Distribution Business With Acquisition Of Lincoln Dental Supply, More than 17,000 Team Schein Members.

In 2015:

Henry Schein partners with Canine Companions for Independence, Increase to deliver “Henry Schein Cares-Canine Companions Puppy Raiser Care Packages” to veterinarians whose customers raise Canine Companions puppies.

In 2016 :

Henry Schein is named one of the most ethical companies Institute in 2016 World's Most Ethical Companies. 

In 2017:

Henry Schein Ranks #243 in FORTUNE 500 Ranking of America's Largest Companies.

Henry Schein named one of World's Most Ethical Companies

Team Schein opened Nasdaq in celebration of the 15th annual Give Kids A Smile Programme.

Henry Schein entered the Brazilian animal health market with Investment In Technet.

Henry Schein completed the acquisition of a majority interest In Dental Cremer, Henry Schein won the Bronze Bulldog Media Relations Award for Best Issue, Cause Advocacy Campaign for support of the Give Kids A Smile program.

Stanley Bergman, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Henry Schein, Increase Selected as CEO of the Year by Chief Executive Magazine.


In 2018:

Henry Schein Acquired Majority Interesting In ABASE, A Distributor Of Veterinary Health Care Products In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Henry Schein, Increase Named One Of The 2018 World's Most Ethical Companies By The Ethisphere Institute For The Seventh Time, Henry Schein Commits $250,000 In Health Care Products To America's Dentists Care Foundation In Support Of Free Oral Health Care For People,Henry Schein and Internet Brands Form Joint Venture To Deliver Integrated Technology To Enhance Dental Practice Management, To Spin-Off And Merge Its Animal Health Business With Vets First Choice, Creating An Innovative Approach To Advancing Veterinary Care.

In 2019:

Henry Schein To Expand Its Medical Group With Acquisition Of North American Rescue

Henry Schein Earns Top Marks In 2019 Corporate Equality Index

Henry Schein Completes Spin-Off Of Global Animal Health Business.

In 2020:

Henry Schein Earned Top Marks in 2020 Corporate Equality Index for Fifth Consecutive Year

Henry Schein Opens Nasdaq in Celebration of 18th Annual Give Kids A Smile Program

Henry Schein Formed Joint Venture With Casa Schmidt to Help Dental Professionals in Spain and Portugal, 

Henry Schein Launched COVID-19 Resources Center to Help Medical Professionals 

to get rid of the COVID-19 Pandemic problem.

Henry Schein Named to Fortune Magazine'sChange the World' List, The Dentists Supply Company and Henry Schein Increase form a new entity to better serve members of the organized dentistry area, Henry Schein and FEMA Companies Joined Forces on Mask Donation for U.S. Dental Schools and Programs

Henry Schein Launched the "Wearing is Caring" Campaign

Henry Schein Celebrated 25 Years as a Publicly Traded Company in the world.

In 2021:

Henry Schein Named to Fortune World's Most Admired Company list for 20 consecutive years.

Henry Schein animal health

Henry Schein phone's number:

Henry Schein phone's number is 855.724.3462.

Where is Henry Schein animal health headquarters?

Melville, New York and the United States. 


Which company does Henry Schein own?

The company becomes the largest healthcare distributor serving office-based practitioners. Henry Schein acquires Sullivan Dental Products. Dentrix Dental Systems.


-Henry Schein acquires:

NLS Animal Health.

Darby Medical Supply.

Island Dental.

Darby Dental Laboratory Supply.

Provet Holding AG (Switzerland)

When was covetrus launched?

 Covetrus was launched in 2018.

Employees of covetrus:

Covetrus will employ more than 5000 member teams across approximately 25 countries to deliver integrated solutions to help veterinary practises to improve and enhance the experience of clients, this business will have approximately 100,000 clients across the geographical regions including Australia, North America and Europe.

Covetrus seeking for:

Covetrus is always seeking for creating new brands and anew name that demonstrates their long term commitment for veterinary practice customers to be always the center of their business, they're always seeking for advancing the world of veterinary medicine by empowering their customers with compelling new capabilities and services to drive new health and financial outcomes to ensure their continued success. 


The leadership team of covetrus:

-Christine T.komola.

-Erin powers Brennan.

-Rosella cooke.

-Michael Ellis. 

-David Hinton.

-Georgina wraight.

-Timothy Ludlow.

-James young.

-Francis x.dirksmeier. 


In 1997, Henry Schein acquires Sullivan dental products and systems, it makes Henry Schein is one of among the most important distributor of Dental supplies and equipment, then Henry Schein established the Henry Schein dental business institute in March 2015 to operate and teach owners of dental practices the fundamental of business and how to practice it, the first class to complete the graduate programme in march 2016, then Henry Schein also launched the Henry Schein dentistry programs at Temple University's Maurice H.kornberg school dentistry in 2016.


Who were Henry Schein competitors:

Henry Schein animal health has many competitors, Henry Schein's top competitors include -Align Technology

-EMIS Group

-Cardinal Health -AmerisourceBergen


-Atrion and Patterson Companies.


Who bought Henry Schein animal health?

Henry Schein animal health has sold its animal health business to vets as a first choice veterinary software provider, which has launched again as( covetrous).

Covetrous said that it will use the global scale, technology, and experience of the merged companies to supply veterinary practices with a more comprehensive set of integrated services and technology solutions and services to force their clients' relationships and grow their practice always.


Covetrous launched on Friday when president and chief officer Benjamin Shaw said that today markets a crucial new chapter within the world of medical specialty,  as we launched covetous as a replacement company listed on Nasdaq and it'll become a pacesetter company during this field.


About butler animal health supply :

Butler animal health supply is one of every important nation distributor of companion animal health headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, the company has 7 telecentres and 16 distribution centers the butler animal health supply services over 25000 veterinary clinics all told 50 States and it's distributed over 12000 products from over 445. 



Henry Schein animal health is a company that is interested in distributing products caring for animal health.

 Written by: Dr. Amany Abdallah

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