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Henry Schein Animal Health is an American veterinary distributor of animal health care products worldwide. Henry Schein Animal Health is a highly -qualified source for Veterinary professional products. Henry Schein Animal Health is ranked number one in its industry for social responsibility by Fortune magazine.

henry schein animal health

Six times as of 2017, Henry Schein Animal Health has been recognized as the Most Ethical company in the world by the Ethisphere Institute. Henry Schein Animal Health ® has been committed For almost 90 years to bringing you the largest selection, the highest quality, and the best values in the medical industry. 

Henry Schein Animal Health team's members are highly trained, with exceptional technical and product knowledge.

henry schein animal health

They also offer support as you navigate an ever-changing healthcare landscape by offering innovative solutions to aid your financial, clinical, and operational efficiency. You can contact them to attend to your professional requests.

They created a new brand and new name that demonstrates their long-term commitment for veterinary practice customers to always be at the center of their business. 

In early 2019 Henry Schein Animal Health and Vets First Choice merger became official and became known by a new name, Covetous. 

Shaw heads the Covetous executive team as CEO. Coventry serves about 100,000 customers and employs more than 5,000 people worldwide. 

Coventry is making a major effort to advance veterinary medicine and empowering veterinary healthcare teams across the Health Companion Animals, Large Animals, and equine markets. In Henry Schein Animal Health you can find strong client relationships and successful financial outcomes for veterinary professionals.

Products of Henry Schein Animal Health for dogs and cats are trusted by Your veterinarian. 

Henry Schein Animal Health

Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions:

Training with HSVS is very special as they are highly distinguished in veterinary practice management software solutions. 

Some of the longest-standing veterinary software systems are provided by HSVS including VxWorks and RoboVet in the UK and Europe, VisionVPM and VxWorks in the Asia Pacific as well as ImproMed, and ImproMed Equine and AVImark in North America. 

HSVS provides Specialty products, including cruciate ligament repair systems such as the latest procedure, TTA Rapid. 

In cooperation with professional veterinary surgeons, veterinary Instrumentation develops implants and instruments designed especially for veterinary surgery. 


Henry Schein’s Animal Health Business:

Approximately 68,000 veterinary customers in 14 countries are served by Henry Schein Animal Health. 

In the United States, In addition to Butler Schein Animal Health, its leading companion animal health distribution business. 

The Company is the only distributor in all Europe, also it serves customers in Austria, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Ireland, France, Spain Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.  

Henry Schein serves its veterinary customers in New Zealand and Australia through Provet, its market-leading business in that region.

Besides, Henry Schein Animal Health offers its customers leading practice management software solutions, with approximately 18,000 installed systems worldwide. 

Due to high-quality specialized tools of Veterinary Instrumentation, there are a growing number of veterinarians across Australia, the United States, and Europe.

Henry Schein Animal Health

Henry Schein Animal Health Website

Henry Schein Animal Health Launches Newly Designed Website to Enhance Veterinary Experience Simplified Navigation and New Search Capability Among Site Enhancements.

Henry Schein, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSIC)  announced the launch of the newly redesigned website for its market-leading Henry Schein Animal Health business, 

In MELVILLE, N.Y., April 20, 2017.

WebSite Features of Henry Schein Animal Health:

  • To enhance its veterinary customers' online experience, they make a range of offerings. 

  • Easy and quick access to the solutions, products, and services. 

  • New search capability. 

  • Enhanced educational content. 

  • Simplified navigation. 

  • Greater product information. 

  • Product comparisons and ratings. 

  • Resource center featuring webinars, white papers. 

  • Blogs about animal health, industry trends. 

  • Practice management.

  • Website design is compatible with all mobile devices and tablets. 

  • It is optimized for today's browsers. 

  • They enable customers to speak directly with customer service representatives by the Alive-chat feature. 

Henry Schein Animal Health

Henry Schein Animal Health Catalog. 

  Henry Schein Animal Health, the U.S. animal health business of Henry Schein Inc and the leading companion animal health distributor in the United States. (NASDAQ: HSIC) announced the launch of its veterinary orthopedic instrument catalog. 

An array of over 3,000 high-quality products are included in the comprehensive catalog. 

  • General and orthopedic-specific products from Veterinary Instrumentation. 

  • Information about the latest technology solution, Educational material, and support offered through Henry Schein Animal Health.  

  • Information about the latest technology solutions Including practice management software solutions, such as Advantage+™, Avimark®, ImproMed™, Triple Crown®, and Infinity™. 

  • To help practitioners operate the most efficient practices and provide high-quality care, value-added services are designed. 

  • Inventory management systems, such as Intelligent Inventory® with Closed-Loop Ordering.

  • Useful information about financial services such as; equipment practice, credit card processing, and patient financing are included in catalogs. 

  • As well as information about Equipment Repair and Office Design services. 

  • Information can also be found about Henry Schein Animal Health's online platform for veterinarians offering home delivery of products directly to clients.

Henry Schein Animal Health

Henry Schein Animal Health, U.S:

In the United States, Henry Schein Animal Health, based in Dublin, Ohio, is the leading companion animal health distribution company. 

Its mission is providing the right product at the right place and at the right time.

The Company employs approximately 900 team members, including:

  • 300 field sales representatives. 

  • 200 telesales and customer support representatives. 

  • With 15 strategically located, state-of-the-art distribution facilities 

  • 10 inside sales centers, 

  • A99 percent order-fill ratio and more the Company maintains. 

Henry Schein Animal Health is positioned to offer a selection of the best veterinary products and strategic solutions to equine, companion animal, and large animal practices including:

  • An array of business solutions, including home Delivery 

  • An extensive line of supply products and capital equipment including certified, equipment repair services and pre-owned solutions. 

  • Quality private label products at an affordable value. 

  • Biologicals,diets,diagnostics, nutraceuticals,pharmaceuticals, parasiticide and more. 

  • Technology practice management solutions throughMcAllister™ Software Systems and ImproMed™ Software Systems 

Henry Schein Animal Health

Henry Schein Animal Health Financial Services:

  • Intelligent Inventory® and Cubex Inventory Management 

  • Professional Development Program for Veterinary Students 

  • Petwise® Website Development 

  • Privacy Edge & Security Solutions 

  • Office Supplies through OfficeMax® and Veterinary Wholesale Supplies

  • Pet I.D. Cards and Reminder Cards 

  • Technology practice management 

  • Systems and McAllister™ Software Systems.

  • solutions through ImproMed™ Software. 



Our dew treats for you today are that Henry Schein Animal Health staff is committed to offering services to help veterinarians, provide the best products, the highest level of quality care, and excellent veterinary Instrumentation products, so Henry Schein Animal Health is highly recommended for you. 

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