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Do you know about Rose women's health? It where women can get all health services they need from a very qualified Ob/GYN  doctor ( Anya Rose) and her specialized team using advanced techniques and equipment, enjoy comfortable, safe, precision, good listener doctor, kind team and perfect women health care, so it's the best obstetric and gynecology choice.


Getting medical service by:

1- Dr. Anya Rose, MD

-Board-certified obstetrician / gynecologist.

Dr. Anya helps her community by providing all ob/gy services including pregnancy care, delivery, birth control, infertility, gynecologic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery (da Vinci surgery ), sculpture body contouring, increasing women healthy awareness through rose women's health since 2015.

Dr. Anya Rose works in the Methodist hospital in Arcadia, California, and the Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California. so patients can get extra medical facilities in these places.


2- Jen li, NP

-Nurse practitioner.

She loves her work so works hard to provide great care to patients.


3- Hatty, RN

-Aesthetic nurse.

She is an experienced person in her field, she has worked since 1979.

Rose women's health

Rose women's health medical services:

1- Pregnancy care

-Pregnant women always seek professional medical care.

 In rose women's health Dr. Anya evaluates the pregnancy condition during all pregnancy stages which helps her make a suitable schedule to check mother and baby giving them perfect prenatal care.

Also provide 3D/4D ultrasound imaging to enjoy seeing babies, genetic tests, special care for high-risk pregnancy patients, and postpartum care.


2- Birth control:

-Rose women's health helps women find the suitable type of birth control according to age, medical history, safety, and effectiveness of contraceptive methods.

Reversible birth control like birth control pills, IUDs, contraceptive implants, contraceptive injections is suitable for those who want to get pregnant again.


Rose women's health also provides a permanent birth control method (tubal ligation) laparoscopically.

Temporarily birth control like condom, vaginal ring, the contraceptive sponge is for those that don't want hormonal contraception or permanent contraception.

Dr. Anya chooses the proper type of birth control according to patient's needs, gives patients information and consultation for more safety and effectiveness.

Rose women's health

3- Infertility:

- Rose women's health evaluates patient medical conditions, seeks for infertility reasons such as ( age - polycystic ovary { pco}- damaging of fallopian tubes, hormonal disturbance- endometriosis and other factors.

Once Dr. Anya and her team determine the cause they provide patients with proper treatment like fertility drugs, (IUI) intrauterine semination, hysteroscopic surgery to solve uterus problems.


4- Menopause:

-Every woman experience menopause between 40 -50 age as hormones levels decrease so Rose women's health helps women minimize the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, depression, anxiety, learns them how to treat their body and feelings in this hard period, provides them with medical consultation and treatment to live better.


5- Women health annual exam:

-Dr. Anya and her qualified team provide an annual exam for women of any age to reassure women about their gynecologic health which includes a pelvic exam, breast exam, and a pap smear.

Patients can get answers from Dr. Anya about anything regarding their medical condition.

More tests are required if the doctor notices any abnormal thing to detect the medical problem.  

This annual exam helps discover breast cancer in an early stage.


6- Sexually transmitted disease testing (STD):

-Sexual transmitted diseases are caused by bacterial, parasitic, and viral infection include:



Hepatitis B

Genital herpes




Human papillomavirus (HPV)

Dr. Anya determines sexually transmitted disease testing according to patient symptoms such as ( genital pain, pain during intercourse, abnormal genital discharge, fever, genital itching or burning, pelvic pain, genital area changes including sores, bumps, and others ) and her diagnosis.

Sexually transmitted disease testing is done in blood, urine, swab tests, or tissue samples which is very easy, fast, and not invasive tests.

Every woman needs sexually transmitted disease testing according to her sex life and her healthy lifestyle, also pregnant women needs to check for STD for the safety of her and their baby,

Rose women's health provides women with proper diagnosis and proper treatment which may include ( antiviral or antibiotics) in a very secure and friendly manner.


7- Human papillomavirus (HPV) testing :

-Human papillomavirus has many types one of them is associated with the genital area Hpv is characterized by the presence of warts in the genital area which if untreated well, will cause cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, and vulva or anus cancer.


Rose women's health provides treatment for human papillomavirus (HPV) by removing warts surgically but this treatment is temporary so it provides a vaccine for genital human papillomavirus (HPV) , this vaccine is suitable for girls in 11-12 years old and women in 26 years old.

Rose women's health

8- Botox and fillers:

-Women everywhere like to be more beautiful and have a youthful appearance so rose women's health provides botox and fillers to a specialized and qualified team to be happy with your new look.


Botox and filler (Juvederm) are cosmetic injections that decrease the appearance of wrinkles and aging lines.

Botox is a muscle facial relaxant that prevents muscles of the face from contracting to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and aging lines. It's very effective in the eyebrow area.



Juvederm is a gel-like format containing hyaluronic acid and other substances which decrease wrinkles and fine aging lines and give volume to the injected area.

Botox and fillers effect last from 3 months to 2 years.

Both Botox and Juvederm are FDA-approved, safe, fast, and non-invasive techniques.


9- SculpSure laser treatment:

-Rose women's health provides sculpsure laser treatment to reduce fat cells, giving patients wonderful body shape in noninvasive techniques.


10- Gynecologic surgery:

-Dr. Anya in rose women's health uses laparoscopes in surgery which make small incisions in the patient's body to reduce surgery risk and time of recovery. She also provides da Vinci surgery which is a robotic technique that uses small instruments which are better than hands, safer, and fast.



289 west Huntington Dr. Ste 305 arcadia, ca 91007, California


Rose women's health is obstetric and gynecology where women can get all the health services they dream of by a trusted, qualified, specialized, friendly team.

Written By/ Dr.Walaa Hassan Ebrahim


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