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Rose Women's Health it's a brief medical organization in Arcadia which concern with women's health and comfort women all over the world and provide a lot of medical services like screening,  pregnancy care,  birth control, and infertility.



It was founded by Dr. Anya Rose, who works on its group of well-experienced and trained teams.

Rose Women's Health

Rose Women's Health work team:

They are a group of gynecologists who have long years of experience treating patients so they can provide you with good care. Women get care and treatment in a good and comfortable manner. 


Rose Women's Health medical surgery and services:


It provides patients with the newest and advanced technology in treatment as a robot uses the data and information for you to help you to decide which forms of birth control are good for your needs and lifestyle.

Rose Women's Health

Services offered by rose women's health center:

In rose's center, they offered a group of services that care with women all over the world by a group of well-experienced doctors  


These services including a group of things that concern women like:


-In Rose Women's Health center they will provide you with the most viable solution and treatment for your infertility in a comfortable environment. 

-Dr. Rose is experienced with providing infertility evaluation to determine the problems. 

- When she determines an issue she can provide you with options of treatment. 

- When there is infertility due to an undefined medical cause Dr. Rose can diagnose this condition and help you to receive the treatment you need.

Rose women's health


Menopause is a natural process that occurs in women who are in a declining reproductive process, they enter it when their reproductive hormones decrease.

It begins for women during their 40s or 50s.

Rose Women's health center is the best. Dr. Rose is available to help you and gives information about menopause and helps to pass this period with a good and comfortable method by evaluating your hormone levels and reproductive organs to determine your menopause stage.

They give you treatment to relieve uncomfortable symptoms by hormone therapy, antidepressant, or vaginal estrogen.



(3)Annual good women exam

An annual women's exam is a good way to save your reproductive health. In Rose Women's Health center they examine pelvic and breast annually. 

By getting an annual women's exam at Dr. Rose's center you are talking about the best preventive measure for your reproductive health. During the exam, they are checking for any abnormal signs. And Dr. Rose asks you about your concerns about your reproductive health. The best thing about an annual exam is making a good and trusting relationship with your doctor. 

If Dr. Rose detects something abnormal during the examination, She will make more exams by receiving another appointment. More exams are better to detect health issues. Regular annual exams are a good manner for early detection of illness that needs treatment. 


(4)Birth control 

It's one of many services offered in Rose Women's Health Center. In the rose center group of well-experienced doctors provide patients with information about the various types of birth control available. 

Types of birth control available:

-Birth control differs from one woman to another so Dr. Rose offers different types of birth control programs.  This includes control pills, IUSD, contraceptive implants, and contraceptive injections. 

-Each program has varying levels of effectiveness and commitment to using as:

•Birth control pills must be taken every day.

•IUSD requires no maintenance on your part.

•Some types of birth control last for years as copper Iud while others must be readministered quarterly as depo injection.

So you can get the personalized birth control advice you need. 


Forms of birth control programs in Rose women's health center: 

Offer premenstrual birth control in the form of female sterilization, also known as tubal ligation, this type of birth control can be done laparoscopically by Dr. Rose. 


For women who have children or don't plan to have children this method of birth control has a 99% effective rate, in the very rare instance that fallopian tubes regenerate women could become pregnant even with permanent birth control, for this reason, an annual well examination should be maintenance this helps your doctor to notify any indicators. 


(5)Minimally invasive surgery

In the rose center, they are specializing in minimally invasive gynecologic procedures including da Vinci surgery, obstetrics, and gynecology patients at the center may see Dr. Rose for both robotic and laparoscopic surgery.


Types of minimal surgery in rose women's health center:

They provide severe minimally invasive surgeries for females with varying conditions. 

Laparoscopic surgery it's brief which describes

minimally invasive surgery in general. 


Conditions when Dr. Rose treats with minimally invasive surgery:

For a variety of gynecological procedures including hysterectomies, and treating conditions like heavy bleeding, pelvic pain, endometriosis, and incontinence. 

Rose women's health


Dr. Rose has over 10 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology and offers extensive services to patients. In Rose's center, they provide patients with services like prenatal care, genetic testing, or high-risk care. 


Types of services in the center:

-It offers extensive pregnancy care services for women in every stage of pregnancy. 

-They certified OB/GYN provide routine vaginal or cesarean delivery. 

-They start from prenatal care to ensure the development of a fetus. 

-Dr. Rose is with you in all stages of pregnancy providing you with information and monitoring mother and baby. 

-High-risk pregnancy help in rose's center

Doctors care for women who have high-risk pregnancies as having twins or multiple pregnancies. 

-They give them additional care, they give you the most advanced treatments for labor.


(7)HPV testing

Hpv is a brief description of human papillomavirus infection. There are 100 types of virus, genital HPV spread by sexual contact, and others by infection. 

Treatment of HPV in rose women's health center.

They provide vaccines for the prevention of genital strain of Hpv, which is associated with cervical cancer or genital warts. 

The vaccine is recommended for young girls at 11:12 years and old as 26 years. In rose's center, they may use medication or surgical procedures to remove warts caused by HPV. 

Rose Women's Health

(8)Botox and fillers 


Both are a treatment for lines in the skin that takes years off your face, botox injections relax your facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age lines. They applied to Dr. Rose's center by using an ultra-fine needle to inject botox and Juvederm into the troubled area. 

Botox and Juvederm are safe if applied in a good way, it lasts between  3 months to 2years with consistent treatment.


For contact:


Open all the week from 7:00 to 16:00

except for Saturday and Sunday.


If you are looking for an experienced and long OB /GYN call and book an appointment online to meet Dr. Rose and her experienced team at Rose women's health center. 

By/ Dr. Esraa Farahat


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