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Santa Cruz animal health is a pioneer company that provides animal health products for horses, livestock animals, and some pets, contact them on live chat now.

Santa Cruz Animal Health is a huge company that provides many products and services for animals such as horses, cattle, sheep, goats, swine, poultry, dogs, and cats. It's considered the pioneer in the development and distribution of trusted, high-quality, affordable animal health care products.


Also, they offer critical care and medications as antibiotics, antifungals, reproduction, and neonatal products, insecticides, dewormers, diagnostic supplies, and vaccinations. 

You can order their services via the telephone, live chat, fax, mail, e-mail, or web site. Animal specialists represent their customer service and you can contact them through their live chat too. 

Also, Payment terms are net 30 days with 1.5% interest, and Products are generally shipped within 24 hours.

Santa Cruz animal health

Santa Cruz animal health coupon code:

Santa Cruz animal health offers many coupon codes that can be used to get a great sale, the sale starts with 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% also 25% off and it can reach 50% or 60% off according to the code and the offer. 

You can get the codes by writing a review about one of their products then you will receive an email with the code but only (5 coupon codes) are used per order. And there are some terms for these coupons as 

  • The coupon code is only for one-time use.

  • The coupon has no expiration date.

  • A coupon code must be given when an order is placed.

  • No cash value.

Santa Cruz animal health

Santa Cruz animal health free shipping:

They also provide many offers for shipping but it depends on the shipping conditions as some products need very specific conditions and the discount depends on the shipping method for example:


  •    Ships via FedEx Ground

This method is used for items that are less sensitive to temperature such as lab and animal health products. 

Add at least $75 worth of Animal Health items to get free Ground shipping and this only for non-dangerous items. 


  • Ships via FedEx Express (ambient)

This method is done Overnight at ambient temperature for prescription items Monday through Thursday. 

Get at least $245 worth of Animal Health Prescription Items for free Express Ambient shipping.


  • Ships via FedEx Express (Blue Ice)

This method is used overnight for the shipping of vaccines and some prescriptions.

Get at least $295 worth of Animal Health Items to enjoy free shipping.


  • Ships via FedEx Express (dry ice)

No discount available for this method. 

Santa Cruz animal health Dallas and Weatherford tx:

  1. Dallas tx. line  

Dallas retail store offers a huge line of animal products.

  • Location:  10410 Finnell Street Dallas, TX 75220.

  • Free calls: (1-800-457-3801)

  • Work hours: (8:00)a.m. -(6:00)p.m.

If you went during work time just ring the doorbell.


  1. Weatherford tx. line

Weatherford retail store provides products for equine, livestock, and companion animals.

  • Location: 612 FM 1885 West Weatherford, TX 76088.

  • Free calls: (1-800-457-3801)

  • Fax num: 940-682-2004

  • Work hours 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Santa Cruz animal health


Santa Cruz animal health is a huge company with many lines that provides animal care products and they cover almost all kinds of animals with many services like medications and vaccinations.


By/ Yaaqoub Mohammad 




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