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Santa Cruz Animal Health quickly became a leader in the distribution and development of veterinary and animal healthcare products and biotechnology. The company offers a wide range of products to care for charitable animals, livestock, and associated animals. The animal health production line includes a comprehensive, high-quality, and affordable line of UltraCruz animal health supplements for horses, cattle, and goats.
This is an exciting new product line developed by a team of experts and used daily by the San Juan farm. Vaccinations, antibiotics, antifungals, critical care, reproduction, and neonatal products are also available, as well as prescription veterinary medicines for a wide range of clinical applications.

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Santa Cruz Animal Health

Santa Cruz animal health store:

Animal health care products including: 

-Equine Products

-Cattle Products

-Sheep Products

-Goat Products

-Swine Products

-Poultry Products

-Dog Products

-Cat Products

Santa Cruz Animal Health

Pharmacy Products:

Santa Cruz Animal Health Pharmacy has a variety of fully licensed types and offers competitive prices, exceptional service, and brand-name medicines that trust you and your veterinarian. They offer antibiotics, antifungals, fluids, vitamins, electrolyte support products, gastrointestinal support products, bowel care products, deworming, pain management, anti-inflammatory products, reproduction, newborn products, sedatives, sedatives, and wound care products.


Lab Supplies:

Santa Cruz County provides a wide range of products available to support proteome research. Their brand includes UltraCruz® of common laboratory supplies products used in both production and research. The UltraCruz line ® includes items such as membranes, gloves, and pH strips as well as a comprehensive line of plastic pots including multiple well plates, centrifuge tubes, cones, and dishes. Santa Cruz Biotech ExactaCruz® line consists of industry-standard products that provide the exact measurements needed for production and research experiments including a wide range of pipettors, serological tubes and controllers, absorbent tips, and more.

Santa Cruz Animal Health

Santa Cruz Animal Health Gift cards:

Santa Cruz Animal Health has 2 types of gift cards that can be used when buying on our website, in our retail stores, or by phone. Don't share your gift card number. This number must be protected as with the credit card number.


Santa Cruz Animal Health $25 Gift Card:

Available for purchase at Santa Cruz Animal Health

For use on the website, phone orders, and also in Stores.

Available as a Physical Card or Digital eCard And it Never Expires


UltraCruz® Gift Card:

UltraCruz® Gift Cards are not available for purchase and are distributed as prizes or won through raffles at horse shows and other events in which Santa Cruz Animal Health participates. The amounts on UltraCruz® Gift Cards may vary per event. It’s a great opportunity for you or a colleague to try out UltraCruz® products.


1- Card is good towards the purchase of UltraCruz® products only.

2- For use on our website, phone orders, and in Santa Cruz Animal Health Stores

3- Available as a Physical Card

4- Not available for purchase

5- Never Expires


How to Redeem/recover Gift Cards?


You can redeem your gift card online in two different ways:

1) Recover while going out underpayment information, 


2) Add a gift card to your account for future use under payment methods.



When you're ready to leave at a retail store, let your customer service representative know you have a gift card you want to apply for. Provide a 10-digit code on the back of your card.


-By phone

If you are requesting by phone, let the customer service representative know that you have a gift card you want to apply for. Provide a 10-digit code on the back of your card.

Note: If you are already in the payment process, any gift card balances you have in your account will be automatically available to choose from in the payment/gift card information section.


-Cash value

Gift cards have no cash value and are valid only on purchases made directly through Santa Cruz Animal Health either by the telephone system, online ordering, or at a Santa Cruz animal health retailer. See locations.



Requests can be placed by phone, fax, email, or website. All requests must indicate the customer's phone number, full billing address, full shipping address, catalog numbers, product names, required quantity, and price. Confirmation of telephone requests by fax, mail, or email "CONFIRMATION-NOT DUPLICATE" should be marked. In general, confirming phone orders is not necessary. All sales are final.



Add at least $75 animal health items to your shopping cart to qualify for free ground shipping on these items. Only non-dangerous good animal health items that have been marked as shipping land will apply towards a minimum of $75 for free land shipping. The discount will automatically apply to your total order when you pay.

* Excludes any items that have not been marked as shipping land, items that are not animal health products, or shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.


-Product warranty

Santa Cruz Animal Health is committed to providing the highest quality and service. Any product that does not meet the performance standards referred to in the company's product publications will be replaced at no charge.



Products are generally shipped within 24 hours of admission. Shipping fees are priced at the time the order is accepted. Most products are shipped at ambient temperature. Some products require wet or dry ice. Additional charges for packaging or special delivery requested by the customer will be billed. Unless otherwise stated, F.C.A. products are shipped origin, prepaid shipping, and added to the invoice. Ask a customer service representative for details.


Santa Cruz animal health Customer Services:

Our Animal Health Department employs qualified animal science specialists who are closely involved at all stages of product development. We will do our utmost to help you resolve any questions you may have and welcome any suggestions on how to better meet your needs.


Santa Cruz Health is one of the leading companies in the distribution and development of veterinary and animal healthcare products and biotechnology. The company offers a wide range of products to care for charitable animals, livestock, and associated animals. You can order these products in-store, by phone, and online.

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