Short Hair Cuts For Girls; The Top Six Styles For Your Young Girl

Short hair cuts for girls are preferable by mothers, especially in school days. Working moms choose short hair cuts for girls to manage their time and effort which is consumed in brushing and care.

We offer you a new stylish look this year for you and your girl; choose your favorite.

a hair care of a young girl on the salon


1-Pixie haircut

It is a stylish haircut for modern girls; it doesn’t need much care or brushing. This hairstyle is convenient to most face shapes and hair types. It can be also one of hair styles for black girls.

a japanese girl with short pixie hair

All you need are to define the appropriate pixie type that suits you. The pixie haircut is one of the fantastic short hair cuts for girls which makes their hair looks thicker and younger; pixie also gives hairs more volume.



It is a crazy hairstyle; most women around the world are a fan of it. You can keep your bob hair healthy with the minimalist effort. Choose your favorite style that suits your face shape.

a white girl with bob hair style

In this haircut, the hair is cut straight around the head and above the shoulders. The bob haircut is one of the Short hair cuts for girls that has various types:

·       A-line

The hair in the back is shorter than in the front. The hairs don’t have layers.

A mom with bob hair style and a girl eating cake


·       Concave

Another way of A-line bob haircut.

Japanese girl with typical bob hair cut


·       Graduated or Stacked

It’s a bob haircut but with stacked layers in the back.


·       Inverted

It is a graduated bob haircut but with a style that flips under the jaw.

a girl is standing by side and her hair is cut on bob style


·       Asymmetrical

In this haircut; the hair in the front is longer on one side than the other side. The hair may be graduated, stacked, or even non-layered. 

A young girl with curly asymmetric short hair


·       Typical bob

It is a typical bob haircut; the hair is the same length on all sides. The face also may be framed by the hair under the chin.

a chinese young hair with short hair cut standing in front of a tree


·       The LOB

It is a long bob haircut. It is a trendy haircut for the last years and Nowadays. It is one of the kids hair style braids.

a girl with yellow hair sitting on the table

It is also can be one of hair styles for black girls; this girl with the lob hair cut and two front braids looks very pretty.

a black girl with two braids on front hair and raised back hair


·       Layered

It is a typical bob haircut but with many layers.

a blond hair of white girl



It is a layered hairstyle and one of the best Short hair cuts for girls; in which the hair is cut to different lengths to be feathered on the top and sides more than fringes.

A white girl with bangs front hair and graduayed hair in back



In the bang’s hairstyle; the hair falls over the front of the scalp to cover the forehead. The hair usually is above the eyebrows, but it can be extended to various lengths.

a japanese girl with bangs hair

This hairstyle with kids hair style braids or loose pigtails will be perfect for your girl on school days.

a young girl with yellow hair and bangs style



a white girl with a layered hair


It is a hairstyle that gives an illusion of volume for short hair and an illusion of length for long hair. The hair in the top is cut shorter than the bottom hair. It is one of the long and short hair cuts for girls.


6- Mohawk

We don’t prefer Hair cut mohawk as one of the Short hair cuts for girls; it is a more convenient haircut for boys. Hair cut mohawk is extensively annotated in this article.


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