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Keep your pets family happy, safe and healthy with state farm pet insurance. It's the best health care quality for the best price, and one of the most comprehensive pet insurance, So you will be more comfortable and when your pets need medical attention, the last thing you should worry about is cost. 

State Farm Pet Insurance coverage 90% from Veterinary costs, and give you many price plans so you can choose between them.

With state farm pet insurance when our pets need medical attention, the last thing we should worry about is cost.

Why should you consider pet medical insurance?

Of course you can budget for many of your pets need,But pets like us can get sick and need special medical care, it may be expensive and for take time,that can make you feeling tension and uncomfortable about your pet health,The medical insurance solve these problems,Specially state farm pet insurance it's give you what you want and more. 

State Farm Pet Insurance

What state farm pet insurance is covered ?

1- Diagnostic tests:

Diagnostic tests are very important to help Veterinary to determine what your pet illness,

like clinical chemistry, hematology, toxicology..etc. 

2- Surgeries:

Pets surgery is very common and important and it's  mostly expensive but stat farm pet insurance gives you good deals on surgery. 

Pets need surgery such as spaying , neutering , dental surgery and cataract surgery .

3- Hospital stays:

Sometimes pets need hospital care, don't worry about that, state farm pet insurance coverage hospital stay .


4- Medications and prescriptions: 

 No matter if your pets need medication, the insurance covers 90% of the cost .


5- Veterinary supplements:

Pets like humans sometimes need supplements, it's very important for pets' health and doesn't have the same oversight as drugs and is safer.

6- Prosthetic devices and carts:

Prosthetic devices cost around 1200$, But don't worry about your lovely pet if he had an accident and need it , Because state farm pet insurance covers Prosthetic devices and carts 

7- Breed-specific conditions (hereditary and congenital), including but not limited to:

A- Elbow and hip dysplasia: 

Elbow dysplasia is a very painful condition and it needs lifelong treatment and daily management, so the treatment costs a lot of  money, for these reasons state farm pet insurance covers these conditions to help pet owners treat their pets .

B- Diabetes .

C- Cherry eye.

D- Thyroid disease.



For sure you consider your pet an important member of your family , you love him and need special health care for him , State farm pet insurance  understands that and gives you the best Healthcare and service for the pets , So keep calm and enjoy your time with your pet just by subscription with State farm pet insurance.

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By : Dr. walaa Abu Mansour 


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