American Crew Hair Products | The Best 8 Products To Use

American Crew hair products are not only just hair products but it is also a landmark in the history of men's grooming. It’s created specifically for men and the stylists they trust. Every frame in American crew hair products history reflects their commitment to their professional stylist and barber as we share in their quest to empower men through quality grooming products and practice.

In 1994, a stylist called David Raccuglia said that men should take care of their hair as women, so he produces American crew hair products


Are American crew hair products made in the USA?

People might be surprised to learn that the all-American Crew Cab model is made in Mexico.


Are American crew hair products natural? 

American Crew hair products consist of natural and organic ingredients so it is very good for inflamed and dry skin. 


American crew hair products include:


American Crew boost powder:

It can be used alone if you want to have a natural finish to your hairstyle or with other american crew hair products as it gives the hair an anti-gravity hold and matte finish. 

American Crew Classic Light:

Hold Texture Lotion:

It gives your hair the texture without the super hold and without making your hair stiff. It gives light control for your hair and an effortless style. 

American Crew defining paste:

It makes your hair look thicker and fuller. It is considered to be one of the most popular American Crew styling products for men as it delivers hold and texture and is also filled with moisturizing properties. The formula for this product also gives it a stronghold.

American Crew forming cream:

This cream adds body and fullness to the hair and acts as a foaming agent to make it easier to create the different hairstyles you want. It does not leave any residues so you shouldn't worry about dandruff. IN addition to it comes with a movable hold so you may have your hair under control. 

American Crew control foam:

This styling foam gives your hair the most control over your mane. It creates a bit of shine for hair and maintains hold at the same time. Foam is the ideal choice of american crew hair products and styling products as it holds and controls the hair for long periods. 

American Crew Molding Clay:

The American Crew Molding Clay comes to the rescue from the shape of the t is not beautiful. This is the perfect solution if you want to keep your hair well-behaved during the day, without extra shine. It gives the right amount of hold and shine. It also comes with a subtle and natural fragrance you’ll love. Thus, your hair will have a good smell all day. 

American Crew superglue:

This product comes with a super-strong hold and high shine gel formula. It is effective for giving more definition and luster to the hair. With the classic and signature fragrance, it gives your hair that lovely smell too.

Heavy Hold pomade crew:

It is the best american Crew styling product to use if you want perfectly slicked-back hair. It gives the hair a heavy hold and high shine because it has a new high hold formula.



American crew hair products are perfect products for men and it is suitable for any age. Every product is specifically formulated with vitamins, antioxidants, and moisturizing agents to replenish, and skin and hair, with energy and vitality. 


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Written By/ Dr. Samar Essa

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