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American crew hair products is a men's grooming brand that sells hair styling products. It has won awards over the years like the 2015 Look Great Award by Men’s Fitness.

But, the brand has also given awards for their yearly All-Star Challenge where stylists and customers compete for the best hair looks achieved using American Crew hair products, you must read here before buying.


Who has created the American crew's hair products?

American crew was born in New York City in1994 and he could create products that meet the needs of all men.

American Crew has a wide assortment of grooming products tailored to every need. Their collection includes tools for shaving, hair styling, skincare, and colognes. 

Who owns American Crew?

American Crew was founded by David Raccuglia. The brand is now owned by its parent company, Colomer Beauty Brands. 


Is American Crew all natural? 

Not all of their products are made of natural ingredients.

American Crew’s products claim to improve your hair and scalp’s overall health. 


Does American Crew have alcohol? 

Some American Crew products claim that they do not have alcohol.


Examples for American Crew hair products:

American Crew Pomade:

This is wax that can be applied directly to curly or straight hair as it's a water-based formula.

The pomade wax can also be used to achieve that short blowout style or to help keep those wayward curls in place.

It also contains Lanolin, a substance that makes all that meticulous styling appear effortless while providing a touch of classic shine. 

American Crew Fiber:

Unless you love the look of thinning hair, the Fiber styling formula by American Crew promises to deliver volume and radiance.

It consists of Lanolin, Cetyl Palmitate, Ceteareth, and Beeswax so it can ensure lift, smoothness, and protection to the hair.

American Crew Forming Cream:

Made out of a water-based substance, this product contains a blend of Lanolin Wax, Sucrose, PVP Copolymer, and Glycerin.

American Crew Forming Cream can be easily applied to dry or damp hair and is great to use when you just need a bit of lift.

American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo: 

Contains Surfactants, Panthenol, Rosemary, Thyme Extracts, and more, this cleanser works to ensure a moisture balance while ridding your locks of debris and excess oil.

It keeps your hair touchably conditioned and soft and 

Suitable for all hair types.


What is American Crew’s Shipping Policy?

They offer free ground shipping on all orders.

Standard orders are usually delivered within 7 business days.

Unfortunately, American Crew does not offer international shipping. 


What is American Crew’s Return Policy?

Customers have 30 days to return their orders for a refund. 

American Crew does not cover return shipping costs.


Where to Buy American Crew?

Customers can purchase the brand’s complete line of products (including the classic American Crew hair gel by visiting 


Is American Crew hair products worth It?

Yes, they are worth it Based on the amount of positive feedback found online.

The company is dedicated to creating male grooming products that are simple but successful. 


How to Contact American Crew ?

You can contact the company through:

Phone: 1-866-646-5330 (Monday to Friday from 10 AM–7 PM EST)


Using the Live Chat function on their website.



American Crew hair products are a brand that was created for men's hair and have positive comments by many customers.

They have a lot of advantages.

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Written by:Dr. Asmaa Ragab

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