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Women's health specialists provide the highest quality care for you, in the centre, the physicians and midwives are highly trained to provide the best service.

Before talking about women's health specialists let's take some information about the doctor's specialties in women's health.


What is a doctor who specializes in women's health?

Women's health services need many different specialties to make complementary teamwork to cover all conditions that are related to women's health, for example

1- Gynecologist: a doctor who specializes in female reproductive organs disorders.

2- Obstetrician: a doctor is highly trained in pregnancy cases and childbirth, obstetricians are gynecologists also. 

3- Surgeons who are specialized in breast 

4- Radiologist 

5- Perinatologist

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More information about women's health specialists :

Women's health specialists is a center that interests in women's health care, the office provides a wide range of services to cover all issues that are related to women's health, women's health specialists give care to all stages of women's lives from adulthood to menopause and postmenopause, the services include pregnancy, fertility, urinary incontinence, birth control, malignancy, menstrual problems and more.


The office of women's health specialists has three branches:

1-Jensen beach is the main office, you will find it at 3498 Northwest Federal Highway, Jensen Beach, FL 34957

2- Traditional office at 10771 SW Trade Street, Port St. Lucie, FL 34987

3- West Office at 501 NW Lake Whitney Pl #106, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

Web site: women's health specialists

Call: 772 219-1080

Fax: 772 219-1070

The offices work from Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM.

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Some services of women's health specialists:

The health care providers are highly qualified and trained to apply the newest protocols and guidelines and use advanced technology to provide the perfect service.

1- Pelvic health:

The pelvic in women may be susceptible to abnormal changes like pelvic organ prolapse, it is common especially after pregnancy and birth.

According to statistics, 20%of all women in the United States is suffered from pelvic floor prolapse, the common symptom is a heavy sensation in the lower abdomen and that increases during exercise and sexual intercourse, all this is due to the weakness of muscles in the pelvic region, there are other symptoms like discomfort and pain in the pelvis and urinary incontinence.

In women's health specialists, the health care provider diagnoses by:

1- Asking the patient about the severity, duration of symptoms

2- Physical examination

3- Biological tests like urine analysis

4- Radiological tests like CT scans. 

There are three techniques that women's health specialists follow for treatment:

1- Increasing tonicity of muscles by exercises

2- Increase eating foods that are rich in fibre to diminish constipation to decrease the pressure in pelvic

3- Surgery to improve the strength of muscles

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2- Intrauterine device (IUD's):

It is the most effective method of contraceptives, the intrauterine device is small and it has a T shape that is inserted in the uterine cavity, it is effective for 5 to 10 years depending on the type, there are 2 types:

1- Copper type 

2- The hormonal type which contains progesterone hormone

According to your case and your medical history, the physicians in women's health specialists will select the most appropriate for you.

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3- Removing fibroids tissue:

Uterine fibroid is a stranger mass that grows in the uterine wall, but don't worry the uterine fibroids are not malignant tumours.

Symptoms of fibroids depend on size, shape and location, the symptoms include:

1- Severe pain in the pelvic area 

2- Abnormal bleeding ( heavy menstrual bleeding is a common symptom in the presence of fibroids )

3- A burning sensation in the bladder 

4- Pain during sexual intercourse

In the past, the treatment of this case was a hysterectomy, and now the FDA approved a new technology that can remove the fibroids in a short time, without general anesthesia or cutting on your skin, it's a Hologic myosure tissue removal system.

In women's health specialists, gynecologists use the Hologic myosure system, they apply this procedure by:

1- Entrance a small camera to the uterus via the vagina 

2- Take images that help the location of the mass 

3- Then the doctor inserts a tool to remove the fibroid 

4- After removing the tissue, the doctor checks all the uterus to ensure that all mass is removed.

The procedure will take 30 minutes and you will go back to normal life after 1 or 2 days.

 4- Endometrial ablation :

It's a small, simple and outpatient surgery, endometrial ablation means removing the lining of the uterus, in general, this surgery is applied to women who have heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding and don't respond to medical treatments, it's appropriate for patients who have:

1- Anemia due to loss of blood

2- Bleeding between the periods

3- The period continues for more than 8 days.

Take in mind, the endometrial ablation is not a contraceptive method, but it isn't applied to women who want to be pregnant in future.

Before the surgery, the office follows a protocol that includes:

1- Pregnancy test

2- Removing IUD if you have one

3- Test for endometrial cancer

After that, the physician will select the appropriate technique depending on your preference and condition.

Type of techniques:

1- Freezing 

2- Heated balloon

3- Radiofrequency

4- Microwave

5- Electrosurgical

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5- Hysterectomy :

In other words, the removal of the uterus is a common surgery, sometimes the woman has to remove the uterus due to problems like bleeding, pain, malignancy of the uterus or endometriosis.

Methods of hysterectomy:

The physicians can remove  the uterus through the vagina or abdominal incision 

Three categories of hysterectomy:

1- Supracervical Hysterectomy

2- Total hysterectomy

3- Radical hysterectomy 

What is Da Vinci hysterectomy?

It is an advanced technology that can remove the uterus through a small cut, it utilizes a robot that acts as the hands of a doctor, it has a lot of benefits for example:

1- Less pain 

2- Take a short time to recover

3- Left a small scar 

4- More accurate

And now women's health specialists use this advanced technology.


Women's health specialists offer many other services for example urinary incontinence, interstitial cystitis, urodynamic testing.


By: Dr. Aya Osama


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